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07 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2016-02-03, 06:45   #151
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

I bought the game "Squad"
But I'm playing "Project Reality"
I voluntarily move on "Squad"
But now steeper "Project Reality"
Going on their own is a measure of the quality.

I am Sorry bad english
Yours faithfully player Zet.

Squad is a tactical first-person shooter video game being developed by Offworld Industries. It is set to be self-published through Steam and is a spiritual successor to the multi-award winning Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. Squad is available on Steam Early Access starting December 15, 2015.the
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Old 2016-02-03, 06:50   #152
PR Server License Administrator

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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

squad sux
pr rulez!

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Old 2016-02-03, 07:26   #153

bloopsauce's Avatar
Smile Re: PR Master Server Down

any updates on the servers?

11:30PM PST

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Old 2016-02-03, 07:27   #154

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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Originally Posted by bloopsauce View Post
any updates on the servers?

11:30PM PST

They're dead
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Old 2016-02-03, 07:33   #155

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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

finally forums back online....
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Old 2016-02-03, 07:55   #156
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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Finally, forum online again, that were some though days.

In other news,
I am really wondering what the financial report and balance sheet is of the cost and income of PR.
especially after this news about Slick and AM paying for the servers alone.

I myself have been leading a student society for a year with a cashflow a bit lower than half a million and the responsibility for that is huge, all that money is only for that society and nothing else. members decide what and how it is spend.

I think with PR it is the same, Devs and maybe contributors should have insight on the incomes and expenditures and have a yearly financial report (if that is not already the case). And a global (not fully detailed) year report should be available to active PR members.
It is not meant that anybody is making some sort of profits out of PR but also that anybody lose significant money on PR when money is available.

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Old 2016-02-03, 08:15   #157

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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Shit...well that was nerve racking lol



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Old 2016-02-03, 08:16   #158

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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Hopefully the Devs that have been paying the servers setup a PayPal. More than willing to donate, this game/community poops on everything else.
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Old 2016-02-03, 08:37   #159
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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

I feared that 2Slick4u shutdown the website, because he got unmasked in this thread, when everyone noticed that he is getting all the cash month for month for "maintaining" this website. I mean, a Server for a website costs you like 12$ a year, what is happening with all that money?

I feel a bit offended by that information, given that I spent money every now and then just for this website and nothing else?

Veni, Vidi, Pwnz0rz. - I came, I saw, I pwnd
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Old 2016-02-03, 08:40   #160

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Default Re: PR Master Server Down

I accidentally stumbled onto PR the other day and got hooked right away just to suffer like this 2 weeks after. I tried playing with bots but their just.... bots. Anyway, took some time to learn the game more during the offline status. Hope it gets back online soon.
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