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12 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Closed Thread
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Old 2016-01-30, 22:32   #21
PR Server License Administrator
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

No problem am, we all love you anyway :333
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Old 2016-01-30, 22:36   #22
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Thought it was just me
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Old 2016-01-30, 22:36   #23

Originally Posted by TheAndrew1987 View Post
why dont you use donation money to pay for servers?

Because the only dev that has access to the money coming out from donations is 2slick4u. And he haven't been active for quite some time. At least that's what I understand.
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Old 2016-01-30, 22:39   #24
Supporting Member

sweedensniiperr's Avatar
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Yeah...I knew the donations was just for the website but...

I guess it would be good to have a seperate one for the servers, or just a common one? "Share the load?"

If I'd have to choose it would be PR instead of forums every day of the week.

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Old 2016-01-30, 22:45   #25

Rabbit's Avatar
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

LOL passive aggressive as fuck.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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Old 2016-01-30, 22:48   #26
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Dude_Nukem's Avatar
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Originally Posted by [R-CON]Curry View Post
Give us your PP already! :P
This ^^

The dude: Yeah, well, you know.. that's just like, uh.. your opinion man.
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Old 2016-01-30, 22:49   #27
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

My server owner recommends - should give them a look at! That or 'soyoustart', which is what we're currently using (Soyoustart is a branch of ovh, and they've been nothing but absolute helpful when our server starts going crazy).
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Old 2016-01-30, 23:04   #28
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Damn, donations going to an inactive user, very sketchy, and a project manager who is struggling to keep the servers alive. Am I seeing the end of PR? I currently hope not and urge that something is done about this.
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Old 2016-01-30, 23:05   #29
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Nugiman's Avatar
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

was donating a bit of money every now and then, thought its for the website & servers as well.

please give us a way to donate money for the servers, there is no reason at all that you pay it from your own pocket. this community consists of 1000 of players, why should only 1 pay?

Veni, Vidi, Pwnz0rz. - I came, I saw, I pwnd
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Old 2016-01-30, 23:06   #30
Default Re: PR Master Server Down

Its crazy to see how the DEV's look at PR like their little baby, Ancient Man is doing a crazy job here.

I have no idea what is the cost to keep a Master Server alive but he been paying it alone for quite a while. He been providing freely this service for like 400 hundred mens that play this game everyday with great fidelity ! Haha, that's as much epic as a nerd can get

PS: I feel like I need to say again that PR is the best online FPS ever created in this world

PPS: And by far !!!

PPPS: Long live PR !!!

PpppS: I meant to use nerd in a good way
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