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Default PSD Convoy

PSD Convoy
Taking a page out of the Contractors book

Contents -1.1 Introduction
1.2 The X
1.3 The Principle
1.4 PSD Vehicles and their Roles
1.5 Who goes where?
- Contact Behind
- Contact Left/Right
1.6 Other things to consider
1.7 Conclusion

1.1 Introduction
I’ve always been fascinated with Private Military Contractors (as my name suggests) and there are some tactics and formations that they use in their everyday work that you can use as well. The following is a short article that i have put together to allow people to broaden how they use convoys and how they can better their chances as a mobilized force while maintaining order, no one likes to see a full on rout as soon as a vehicle is engaged.

Any questions or comments are always welcome; I hope you enjoy this article. I apologise in advance for the poor diagrams.

1.2 The X
"The X" is a term used by PSD teams regarding the initial contact area, if you are driving down a road and you're attacked the X would be that initial zone, the zone which you’re taking the most fire. Getting out of the X is easier said than done and PSD teams in real life train non stop for that moment when they may find themselves in a situation where they must put that training into practice to protect their principle. The easiest way to attempt to get out of the X is through driving as fast as you can in a direction anywhere but where the enemy is, I have seen many players on vanilla BF2 as well as PR attempt this, but it rarely works.

1.3 Principle
The Principle is the main person or object that you have been tasked on providing security for, this can be anything from a medic, a squad leader or even your teams commander, these three roles and classes are the most important aspects of any team playing Project Reality and because of this there needs to be a well trained and well educated force to protect them.

1.4 PSD Vehicles and their Roles
On to the juicy stuff. There are 4 main types of PSD vehicles, these work together to perform the function of protecting the principle effectively and minimizing the amount of damage that can be dealt in a single ambush by hostile forces on the convoy itself.

The first vehicle is the lead vehicle, everyone has seen a convoy and everyone knows that the lead vehicle is there to seek out enemy targets, engage them and keep enough fire on them to allow the whole convoy to get out of the X. What many people don’t know is that the lead vehicle is one of the least important vehicles within the convoy, most ambushes on convoys happen in the middle or the rear of the convoy, the lead vehicles then have to do a U turn to take out the threat, this takes time and hostile forces use this little time they have to put as much fire as they can on the target itself. The lead vehicle is also there to guide the convoy, in some respects that makes it the most important but personally I don’t believe that.

The second vehicle in any convoy should be the Principle Vehicle. This vehicle can be anything from an engineer jeep to a main battle tank, it is important to the people protecting it which means it is valuable to the war effort. The principle vehicles role is to just go with the flow really, the principle vehicle should take its directions from the lead vehicle or the leader of the convoy itself, moving where it is told, stopping when its told etc.

The third vehicle is the Counter Assault Team (CAT) Vehicle or the Maneuver Vehicle is the most important vehicle in the convoy, usually something fast such as the FAV or the Humvee its sole purpose is to put down as much fire on the enemy as possible, moving into position to absorb any rounds fired at the principle and if the need arises, to engage hostile targets at a closer distance, it is the only vehicle in the convoy that should be fully laden with soldiers.

The last vehicle in the convoy is the Rear Vehicle, or Tail End Charlie. It is one of the more important vehicles in the convoy and is there to both engage hostile targets and to provide rear cover to the convoy, absorbing any rounds fired towards the convoy from the rear while the CAT vehicle gets into position.

1.5 Who goes where?
When putting a convoy together there is no point putting the principle car at the back, the CAT vehicle at the front and having the Lead and Rear vehicles halfway down the road at the local Starbucks.

Below is a small diagram of what the convoy should look like as it moves out.

The red vehicle is the rear vehicle, tucked in behind the CAT vehicle in green. The blue vehicle is the main principle car and is tucked in behind the purple point vehicle. The arrow indicates the direction of travel.

The following diagrams show the movements that the convoy must make to ensure the safety of the principal, from contact front, left, right and behind.

Contact Front
Having a contact appear in front of the convoy is one of the hardest things to counter, especially if exposed to high caliber fire. You need to be able to think quickly and react to the threat, the most logical thing to do is for the lead vehicle to tell the other vehicles which direction they will be turning, left or right, then the cars must be ready to get into the contact left or right formations as soon as they have come out of the turn to put fire down upon the enemy.

Contact Behind
Having a contact behind the convoy is a lot easier to deal with; the CAT vehicle peels back (by moving to the right and then slowing down to come level with the rear vehicle) and provides additional fire support onto the enemy behind.

Contact Right and Contact Left
Having a Contact Right/Left requires the CAT vehicle to move into position as soon as fire starts coming down on the convoy, its imperative to ensure the safety of the principle. The CAT vehicle must move to the right/left of the principle car to ensure that no fire is brought down upon the principle vehicle, after the CAT vehicle the rear vehicle then moves into the space that the CAT vehicle was taking up. The gunners on the other three vehicles can swing right/left and put fire down on the enemy until the whole convoy is off the X.

1.6 Other Things to Consider
Before setting out in a convoy you must always make a mental checklist –
Do I have drivers and gunners for each vehicle?
Is my principle a commander, in which case ill have to form an all round defense when he/she wants to set down razor wire and such?
Is my CAT vehicle driver up to the job?
Are we likely to come up against heavy armour, in which case it may be an idea to let the CAT vehicle peel off with a Heavy AT?

1.7 Conclusion
Using a PSD mindset when conducting some battlefield roles can be very rewarding. I have tried to use a similar convoy tactic with my squad in our former PR server with great effect, and I hope that you all have a rewarding gaming experience through using it.

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