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22 Jan 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default [MAP] Operation Soberania(4KM)[WIP]

Planned Forces:

Chile vs Argentina


Operación Soberanía (Operation Sovereignty) was a planned Argentine military invasion of Chile that started on 22 December 1978 due to the Beagle conflict dispute. The invasion was halted after a few hours since the operation began and Argentine forces retreated from the conflict zone without a fight.

The plan of the operation itself remains classified to this day but thanks to interviews and some leaks, several things are known about the operation:

The Argentines planned amphibious landings to seize the islands southwards of the Beagle Channel, along with massive land-based attacks

1.- at 20:00 on 22 December 1978 a task force of the Argentine Navy and the Argentine Marines ( Batallón N° 5 ) would seize the islands Horn, Freycinet, Hershell, Deceit and Wollaston.

2.- at 22:00 on 22 December 1978 the Argentine task force (with Naval Infantry Battalions N° 3 and N° 4) would seize Picton, Nueva and Lennox islands and secure the east mouth of the Beagle Channel for the navy.

3.- at 24:00 on 22 December 1978 the invasion of continental Chile would begin. The Fifth Army Corps would seize Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, the largest two cities of the Chilean Magallanes Region.

4.- at daylight 23 December 1978 the Argentine Air Force would begin attacks against Chilean Air Force.

5.- Later, Third Army Corps under the command of Luciano Benjamín Menéndez would start an offensive through the Andean passes to seize Santiago, Valparaíso and the Los Lagos Region."

So technically all of the maps planned are happening during Operation Soberania, but the map that will bear the name of the operation itself will be the one from step 3 of the operation, in the Strait of Magellan as this is where the first major clash between tanks, aircraft and infantry were bound to happen.

During Operacion Soberanía, Argentina had over double the tanks that Chile had and several dozen more planes (including their own carrier, the ARA 25 De Mayo) which had Chilean air strips set as their targets so they could gain air superiority by destroying the Chilean Air Force on the ground. To represent this im planning to give Chile 1 or 2 less tanks than the Argies and the Chilean CAS bomber will be placed in an airfield outside DOD, making it destructable before take off. Of course, for obvious balancing reasons the multirole Chilean jets will be in a protected base; and to fight against armor Chile will recieve a Jeep equipped with an M-40 Recoiless Rifle. This would be the standard layer and im planning to make a less historical layer to get a straight forward balanced 4KM map experience. All of this is subject to change.

Assets: fighter and bomber aircraft, transport helicopters, tanks, light armored APCs, Half-tracks, transport trucks, 1 logi truck per team (maybe), transport boats, attack boats and logi boats.

The armor will clash on the northern side of the map, with the southern side relegated to the infantry with the support of the halftracks and other light vehicles but there will always be at least 1 flag that is in the northern part of the map so armor isnt left out. the terrain on the north has alot of ups and downs so there should be plenty of cover for infantry even in the open plateaus, in the south side in the central mountains there are a bunch of little valleys for infantry close quarter fighting and a forest is currently being added in the area. The most exposed part of the map is the central flags where the magellan strait is smallest, so things like the houses, trucks, small hills, and the wrecked cargo ship were added to provide more cover and make a sort of an artificial bridge between both sides of the strait so that way not only you can come from the south or north, you can also come from west and east on boat or get in the cargo ship.

So far the only layer that i currently have has the following assets per team:

2 x boats
1 x LCVP
1 x LCVP Logistics
2 x Barcelo Class Torpedo Boat (Swiftboat as PH)
1 x M15A2 jeep with MG
2 x transport M15A2 jeep
1 x jeep + M40 recoiless rifle (SPG Techie as PH)
3 x UNIMOG 426 tranport trucks (M-35 as PH)
2 x M-3 halftracks
1 x M113 APC
2 x M-41 Walker Bulldog tanks (M48A1 as PH)
1 x UH-1D transport heli
1 x H-34 transport heli
2 x F-5 Tiger jets (F-16 as PH)
1 x Hawker Hunter FGA. Mk 71 Fighter Bomber (Skyraider as PH)

2 x boats
1 x LCVP
1 x LCVP Logistics
2 x Higgins 78 ft PT Boat (Swiftboat as PH)
2 x volkswagen t1 transport
3 x M-35 tranport trucks
2 x M-3 halftracks
1 x LVTP-7
3 x M4 Sherman Repotenciado tanks (M4a3 as PH)
1 x UH-1D transport heli
1 x CH-47 Chinook transport heli
1 x A-4C jet
1 x A-4Q jet
1 x Mirage III jet

The map takes place in several 70´s argentine and chilean towns, you might recognize a familiar airport that managed to get into the map . The Magellan strait is also a major bridge between the pacific and atlantic ocean in south america so thats why you will be seeing a couple of cargo ships passing through.

Other pictures:

WIP video:

Thanks for reading
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Default Re: [MAP] Operation Soberania(4KM)[WIP]

Main stuff to keep working on the map:

-Add Overgrowth
-Fix Undergrowth colour (it looks black in game)
-Fix Rio Grande Air Base Runway and overrall make it look better (check video)
-make Chilean outside map Air base
-Edit the outside map terrain
-Add Lightmaps
-Fix the water (after the light maps)

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