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Default Removal of helicopter carried Anti-Air missiles

This suggestion may not be completely realistic but in my opinion will help quite a lot with gameplay and attack chopper combat. By removing the AA missles it will mean that there is now more skill than ever involved in fighting off another chopper and winning, or running. With the current system of anti-air missle armed attack choppers the fight most of the time ends after a few seconds and 2 quickly fired aa missles flying through the air. It offers no chance for the chopper being attacked to run to friendlies or fight back because the chances of surving those missles are very low and its not hard at all to fly around get lock and shoot.

If the missles were removed, the basics of of air to air fighting would still be true and the aircraft in the better position would still have the advantage. Height would be an even greater advantage, with speed you could run or distract long enough to have a fighting chance and there would be required skill and communication between the pilot and gunner that rarely happens now because of the effectiveness of AA missles.

This suggestion would require more skill and I think a lot funner from the ground and air perspective. Whats more fun to watch or be part of? Two choppers fighting all over the sky with hydras and guns going everywhere and the choppers running to their ground troops for help, or the first chopper to spot the other firing 2 missles and the fight is done.

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