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Default PR ComFac Xfire Group

Recently I create an Xfire group for all community faction developers. The purpose of this group is to help the community faction teams work together better, and to share human resources more. Currently some of the factions are without key modders and are struggling, by using this xfire group they will hopefully be able to communicate with other faction dev's and get the help that they need.

By bringing the comfac teams closer together we hope to get more content completed in a much shorter space of time, thus getting the factions into pr a lot quicker. The group will allow us to pool our resources, and get stuff done without having to go to the pr dev team for help every 2 seconds (these are community factions, not pr dev factions )

This group is solely for approved community faction dev's. It is by invitation only. I ask that every community faction dev gets behind this group and joins. If you are not on xfire and are a community faction dev, get xfire! It is essential!

To get an invite for the group, post your details in this thread using the application layout below:

Pr forum Name:
Xfire username:
Comfac Team:
Also i ask that once you are in the group, you change your nickname in the roster to be your PR Forum name.

PS: I will check credentials of each applicant with the corresponding comfac lead, so please only apply if you are legitimately part of a comfac team.

Cheers guys, lets start the 2010 community modding year now

PR Community Faction Team - "Getting Sh*t Done..."
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