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Default Re: Headtracking and us_ahe_uh1nrockets - why not possible?

Well, I did not want to wait and tried to solve the problem by myself then.
I tested the uh1d for headtracking and it worked.
So I opened the us_ahe_uh1nrockets.tweak file (in the object folder-vehicles.server) and I marked (and copied) the whole part that has to do with the multifiring component and definition of all rocket launchers etc. (the whole part is at one piece, I think it ends when the engine component starts as the next section...).
Then I opened the ger_the_uh1d.tweak file.
I paced it / implemented the copied part inbetween the weapon-HUD stuff here and the copilot stuff.
Still I had to copy and pace the 2 lines that announce the rocket launchers in the upper part of the tweak-file.

Then I deleted the whole FLARE-section of the ger_the_uh1d.tweak file.
Why did I do this?-→Because the FLARE-section had also a multifiring component, so I avoided a possible conflict.
(so I also had to additionally delete the 2 lines in the upper part of the tweak-file, that announce the FLARE launchers...)
I also deleted the whole part that is dealing with the POVs.

This was it.

Now I will go ahead and implement the ger__the_uh1d in any map (level) that I want and what I will hopefully get is a us_ahe_uh1nrockets with which I can fly, shoot - and let_s see, if I can do headtracking as well...
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