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Default Headtracking and us_ahe_uh1nrockets - why not possible?

Hi guys

sorry to bother you,
would anyone of you have any idea why headtracking with BF2Freelook (together with Freetrack and a Wii Remote) is not possible for the us_ahe_uh1nrockets (armed huey)?
All other helicopters work fine....
I tried multiple times to use Freetrack&BF2Freelook with this type of helicopter - it simply does not work (the other helicopters do work without problems, same map, same game). No head tracking with the huey though...
Any idea what might be different with this type of helicopter?
I checked the .tweak file in the objects (vehicle-) folder but everything looks normal compared to other helicopter .tweak files...

If you do not have any idea, do you know someone who might have a clue about this?
I am also a little bit experienced in modding (thanks to raw homicidal, modding tutorial) but I am clueless in this issue...
Best regards
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