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Disagree, headshots are already pretty valuable because of the one hit incapacitation. Even with the current model, if you find an unaware enemy standing still close to you, pretty much everyone will go for a headshot so the guy can't turn around and spray you after the first shot. Especially if you don't have a fully automatic weapon available.
Yes, that's why I think it would be best to give both headshots and body shots instant incapactitation ability (for assault rifles).

Originally Posted by DogACTUAL View Post
Will headshots become more valuable and will they be used more often in some situations? Yes, but in most engagements where the enemy is shooting back or is far away, you will not take a long moment to aim for a headshot because either he will hit you first in center mass or you will miss him from far away and make him aware of your presence.
Imagine a situation: you have a deployed AR(or anything else with no recoil and high rate of fire) overwatching an alley. You see an enemy running through that alley, straight at you. What a soldier IRL (as well in PR with vanilla state of damage) would have done is just cut him down with a burst.

What would happen if headshot were instakill: the AR will try to go for a headshot instead for a center of mass, because the shooter knows it is better thing to do - infilicting a sure casualty. This is neither realistic nor good for gameplay.
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