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Default Re: PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Foreign Affair - 18:00 PRT, 22nd OCTOBER 2017

Event is now using a modified damage system, check it out here:

Originally Posted by bolevole View Post
Asking for second time, can we have recordings of both sides?
I can only guarantee filming on the side Deviro is on, as he is official PRTA mediaman. If someone can do the other side is out of my hands. I know some people record (Shinyredbullets) but they are not on regularly. I can only do so much.

Originally Posted by Lugi View Post
How about snipers being disabled?
One seems fitting. With my damagemod (link above) they are not instakill (except headshot, which is instakill in any case), so you have a chance at longer range. This time both factions also have scopes, so that will also put snipers at a disadvantage.

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