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Default Re: Remove the New Hydra rocket deviation

Originally Posted by rudy_eila View Post
Hello Guys,
I used to be a very good attack huey pilot, I used to last for the whole round nad get more than 30 kills and I used to kill a lot of enemy APCs in Muttrah.
But now after adding the new deviation system, It is impossible to kill in apc with your 14 hydra in one strafe.
I have asked everyone flying an attack huey that I saw so far about it and they said that they arent impressed, neither I am
So please can you remove it in 0.9????
PS: I searched for something similiar to this topic but found nothing.

Provide sources that this is not realistic.

The DEVs are not going to put something back just because you cant hit anything. The hydras are very effective if used right.

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