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Forum: Military Technology 2013-11-07, 18:49
Replies: 13
Views: 4,866
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: PLA's long range UAV

Well all i can see in the photo is something that is probly a copied / very similar to a GlobalHawk.
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-09-13, 17:20
Replies: 7
Views: 2,294
Posted By Hotrod525
Will Taclight made it ingame?

with the recent development of the flare, is the taclight next step in the game? -This is not a suggestion- Just wondering.. :P
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-08-18, 11:53
Replies: 31
Views: 6,646
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: What do you prefer to play in PR: Armor,Infantry,Airforce?

i gave up on anything that fly, out of coop, for the only reason that NO MATTER what happen, at the second you lose the asset, everyone is hating on you and all sort of shit happen.

Cause yes of...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-08-12, 21:20
Replies: 85
Views: 14,014
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Petition for DICE

he mean make them a couple thousands richer... xD
Forum: PR:BF2 Suggestions 2013-08-06, 20:23
Replies: 234
Views: 44,454
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Mine teamkill system

i answer "It's no one's fault - no one should be punished." cause it is actualy no one fault, once the mine is set, its only a matter of time :p
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-08-01, 15:15
Replies: 157
Views: 84,334
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

you know whats funny, is that i'm a veteran of P.R. (started on 0.3) and ill probly need to re-learn most of my thing, as with new release all the time, you guyz probly recall how THERMAL change the...
Forum: Military Technology 2013-07-03, 18:58
Replies: 19
Views: 6,692
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Hearing Protection

i either wear PELTOR or nothing at all... shooting a M242 with no earplug (only vehicle headset ) ruin my ears... xD
Forum: Military Technology 2013-06-30, 16:46
Replies: 190
Views: 59,387
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers

I love you're humour, ambishing a ship in the ocean hahahahaha!
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-06-30, 11:00
Replies: 8
Views: 1,328
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Whats the point ?

My point is; why is it open ? when it clearly should have been done "closed", give 300 guyz a "beta key" (just like previous version have an unlock key) rather than throw this to us and making alot...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-06-30, 10:50
Replies: 8
Views: 1,328
Posted By Hotrod525
Whats the point ?

So whats the point of making an open beta with such a limited amount of playable server ? i mean, why the hell you release it to public when 99.99% of people are unable to play at all. You should...
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2013-04-27, 11:52
Replies: 2,982
Views: 320,430
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Wargame European Escalation (PC Game)

you guyz should do this on WALB
Forum: Project Reality News 2013-04-10, 18:13
Replies: 291
Views: 68,300
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Project Reality Devcast #3

We still dont know if we gonna get targeting pod or radar =\ :-|

I realy want radar like depicted in Combined Arms ( if its possible to do so )
Forum: Military Technology 2013-04-04, 19:10
Replies: 113
Views: 27,955
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: New Ru Army Infantry Equipment

KRISS is not issued anywhere in the world AFAIK. Having a 60 rounds mags is just add twice the ammo weight on the gun, wich make me beleive that it is harder to shoot from crouch to standing...
Forum: PR Highlights 2013-03-25, 02:21
Replies: 103
Views: 35,892
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Zhi-9 & Panther Helicopter Series

nice cant wait to fly it :D
Forum: Military Technology 2013-03-24, 15:41
Replies: 13
Views: 3,370
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: First MH-60R w/ RHEP delivered to fleet

Well in the end its a FLIR with a IR pointer linked to a MFCD and 8 AGM-114... i mean there is nothing to develop, they just have to "fit it in"
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2013-03-21, 16:56
Replies: 1,487
Views: 148,366
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Battlefield 4 (PS4/Xbox720/PC Game)

The real question is, will Battlefield 4, kill even more Battlefield 2 than Battlefield 3 did ?
Forum: Military Technology 2013-03-21, 09:36
Replies: 30
Views: 8,104
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Iowa National Guard Built Their Own Predator-Style Ammo Packs

IF i recall correctly, they are not the first to have do so ! I think they're is a scandinavian army that field that or something realy similar too... saw that a long time ago i just cant recall the...
Forum: Military Technology 2013-03-15, 16:38
Replies: 4
Views: 2,004
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: DAGR Hellfire-rockets

Yeah small "smart" bomb are great tool for COIN ops, but in a full scale conflict, armed forces around the world will still need BIG punch missile like Hellfire, or even greater like a Maverick.
Forum: PR:BF2 Suggestions 2013-03-14, 19:30
Replies: 55
Views: 11,350
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Can PR stay a game ?

Little Bird have been replace by OH-58D Kiowa since only the 160th SAR use little bird, and as far as i know, AH-64D is still ingame for US Army.
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-02-28, 23:49
Replies: 50
Views: 8,557
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: PR 1.0 standalone ?!

That post is about 4 years old... and we havent got any news since.
Forum: PR Highlights 2013-02-24, 12:38
Replies: 51
Views: 18,783
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: PR Movie Awards 2013 Nominees

Soldiers from Lordas got my vote !
Forum: Military Technology 2013-02-14, 19:52
Replies: 4
Views: 2,131
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: First tests for french Tiger HAD with Hellfire missiles

Hellfire are great missile afteralll :P
Forum: Military Technology 2013-02-06, 01:20
Replies: 37
Views: 8,610
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Qaher 313. Iran presents its first Stealth Fighter prototype

Fear of what ? Iran ? Are you kiddin ?

Yeah this look as serious as this. (

Having oil is a thing, trying to do...
Forum: Military Technology 2013-01-30, 16:45
Replies: 53
Views: 26,067
Posted By Hotrod525
Re: Type 26 'Global Combat Ship' [Royal Navy frigate]

I guess he mean IR-Laser guided. (cause technicly, the laser used to paint is IR)
Forum: Military Technology 2013-01-27, 15:10
Replies: 53
Views: 26,067
Posted By Hotrod525
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