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30 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Forum: PR Changelogs 2020-10-07, 16:48
Replies: 47
Views: 11,800
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: PR:BF2 v1.6.3.0 Changelog

This sounds a lot like a problem that the Devs have no way of solving, so why complain here? Do you want the Devs to force servers to play maps that don't run often? Do you want Devs to somehow force...
Forum: Project Reality News 2020-09-27, 00:07
Replies: 38
Views: 9,018
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Project Reality v1.6.3 Update details & Devcast

On the next update

Really looking forward to this update, Alon is working miracles here. No Type 21 Frigate though, that makes me sad.
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2020-08-24, 00:54
Replies: 4
Views: 2,376
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Combat engineer cant repair VAB ( french armored personnel carrier)

The VAB is an APC, not a light vehicle (think Humvees, Land Rovers, etc.), so the repair kit can't be used on it.
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2020-08-15, 06:38
Replies: 2
Views: 1,717
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: i got banned from free candy van for no reason

My dude, will you stop creating multiple accounts to complain that you have been banned from FCV? It's the third thread someone makes about this in a short timespan and I doubt it's a coincidence.
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2020-08-05, 00:00
Replies: 10
Views: 1,587
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: does the african union faction exist, or did exist?

I've been playing since 2012 and have never seen an African Union faction, and I don't think there ever was one before that. That wiki isn't official anyways, so take everything from it with a grain...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2020-07-06, 22:58
Replies: 5
Views: 1,975
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Will the OG-7V frag warhead be added to PR?

What is the problem with getting them in? I was really looking forward for the airburst one.
Forum: Project Reality News 2020-04-01, 20:32
Replies: 144
Views: 48,265
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.6 Announced!

I don't understand some people's skepticism. If they just wanted to tell that 1.6 is coming eventually, what would that be for? Don't we already know that? If that was the case they could have done...
Forum: PR:BF2 Community Modding 2020-01-13, 12:20
Replies: 19
Views: 1,716
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: BF2Editor closes after mod selected

A Windows 10 update back in 2018 broke the editor for a bunch of people, the thread was this one ( Arab mentioned this fix:

Though I never...
Forum: Project Reality News 2019-07-04, 15:36
Replies: 168
Views: 92,786
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: PR:BF2 v1.6/WW2 Status Update March 2019

I don't think they do. Why would they want to release something that they spent years to get done? I would just delete it once it's finished, wouldn't want any of that hard work to yield any results.
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2019-05-13, 15:25
Replies: 2,022
Views: 141,771
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Game of Thrones (TV Series) [SPOILERS]

Finally Dany remembered that her dragon can burn stuff, it also seems that they ran out of those heat seeking bolts they used to kill Rhaegal*.

Also, the Red Keep is right there, they have no...
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2019-05-07, 03:27
Replies: 2,022
Views: 141,771
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Game of Thrones (TV Series) [SPOILERS]

I wouldn't be pissed if she'd lost the dragon and most of her army in a battle for Dragonstone, have the castle garrisoned by Lannister forces with ballistae, at least those would be harder to spot...
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2019-05-06, 16:58
Replies: 2,022
Views: 141,771
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Game of Thrones (TV Series) [SPOILERS]

This show, smh.

Dragon gets hit by one bolt, keeps flying in a straight line, gets hit by a second bolt, continues doing the same, gets killed by a third bolt. Meanwhile Dany continues flying in a...
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2019-04-30, 01:12
Replies: 2,022
Views: 141,771
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Game of Thrones (TV Series) [SPOILERS]

I understand why they had to wrap up the whole NK stuff as the season is very short, still disappointed with how quick it all ended.

Also, this was the Deus ex machina episode. "Oh shit, Brienne...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2019-03-06, 23:36
Replies: 89
Views: 16,308
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: What happened to the playerbase?

Promoting by an youtuber isn't simple, PR has nothing to offer to those youtubers so why would they do it? When an youtuber covers a game it's either because it's a very big game and they would lose...
Forum: Project Reality News 2019-03-02, 19:01
Replies: 168
Views: 92,786
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: PR:BF2 v1.6/WW2 Status Update March 2019

These are great news, looking forward to being able to check those goodies in game.

By the way, some Dev blogs seem to be broken to me, including the one regarding the new Mi-8 models.
Forum: PR Highlights 2019-03-01, 02:23
Replies: 14
[Vehicle] Flying Kitties!
Views: 10,863
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Flying Kitties!

Are the Argentinians going to get a ship as well, or did you just put the missiles on the HAS.2 variant to show that they can fit those if the Argentinians do get a ship in the future?

Forum: PR:BF2 Bugs 2019-02-08, 13:15
Replies: 1
Views: 850
Posted By SShadowFox
[v1.5.5.2] IEDs disappearing

IEDs disappearing a few seconds after being planted.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Select Combat Engineer kit (Hamas or Taliban) or the pick-up IED kit for INS.
2. Place any manually activated IED
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2019-02-07, 14:09
Replies: 89
Views: 16,308
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: What happened to the playerbase?

Haven't you heard that AAA game corporations are evil and don't want to allow small communities such as ours to have a bit of fun.

Seriously, a good marketing campaign involving some large YT...
Forum: PR:BF2 Community Factions 2019-01-09, 12:24
Replies: 33
Views: 7,951
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: MEC alternative weapons loadout

The way this works is that it's going to happen unless they confirm it isn't. So for all intents and purposes, the SAA faction is still coming eventually.
Forum: PR:WWII General Discussion 2018-11-10, 16:49
Replies: 8
Views: 2,433
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: WW2 pt2

Intel I got is that they plan to release it on June 6th, 2044. In celebration of 100 years from D-Day.
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2018-10-15, 22:44
Replies: 23
Views: 3,785
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Removed maps

I believe Dien Duong used Fools Road's heightmap. I think it was removed because it was really buggy. There was a tunnel system in the northern part of the map where you could easily clip through the...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2018-10-04, 00:53
Replies: 41
Views: 6,800
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Favorite Weapon

Pretty much any AR-15 based weapon that can fire full auto, as they have a great firing rate and very little recoil. The TAR-21 and X-95 are also great based on the same points.
Forum: Community Maps 2018-09-07, 20:19
Replies: 16
Views: 5,740
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: [Map] Aulnay de Saintonge (2KM) (WIP)

The same thing was said about WW1 and look how long it took to end.
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2018-08-17, 17:29
Replies: 30
Views: 20,202
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Reality mod for Battlefield 3 is a go!

I wasn't following BF2 Revive by the time they shut down, but the e-mail that EA sent them was in regards to their distribution of the BF2 client and use of official BF2 logos and artwork, EA wanted...
Forum: PR:BF2 Community Modding 2018-08-13, 04:14
Replies: 13
Views: 2,838
Posted By SShadowFox
Re: Editor Crash

I formatted my computer and made a fresh Windows 10 install, now the editor is running with no issues so far, so it must have been some Windows 10 update from the past few months that broke the...
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