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Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2021-01-26, 22:45
Replies: 29
Views: 2,422
Posted By mati140
Re: The future of Project Reality

Dude, Squad is on UE4, there are no engine limitations in regards to gameplay, you can code literally whatever you want. Ace Combat 7 is on this engine, doesn't have a line of code in common with any...
Forum: PR:BF2 Tales from the Front 2021-01-26, 22:32
Replies: 7
Views: 4,450
Posted By mati140
Re: PR kidnapping, how many times have we been in this situation?

The purpose of logi is not to taxi people.
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2021-01-24, 20:54
Replies: 97
Views: 23,280
Posted By mati140
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2018-02-05, 17:45
Replies: 8
Views: 2,914
Posted By mati140
Re: bf 2 freelook

It doesn't seem to work anymore in 1.5. Not sure why, it doesn't pick up any input, whether it's head tracking or mouse movement. RIP
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2017-06-15, 12:34
Replies: 641
Views: 275,377
Posted By mati140
Re: PR Graphic Enhancement Mod

What about Mumble?
Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2017-01-27, 01:16
Replies: 1
Views: 1,143
Posted By mati140
Simulating lag on local server

So... as we all know the controls sometimes get laggy/stuttery when flying helicopters online in PR. When you fly locally though, this problem is not as pronounced making it hard to train against it...
Forum: PR:BF2 Bugs 2017-01-10, 00:21
Replies: 1
Views: 2,876
Posted By mati140
[minor] Russian jet HUD ADI roll inverted


This one is odd... Roll indication on ADI in Russian jets is inverted. When rolling e.g. left the aircraft symbol should roll left too, as opposed to the NATO aircraft, where the...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2013-09-13, 19:26
Replies: 29
Views: 5,737
Posted By mati140
Re: Are range markings on ACOG accurate?

That sucks hard... Thanks to the existance of PR more people buy BF2. Which means moneys. It is really painful to see what EA has become during Riccitiello's "reign". If it was ArmA, BIS would, after...
Forum: PR:BF2 Support 2013-08-04, 21:47
Replies: 4
Views: 1,593
Posted By mati140
Re: Special Forces Expansion pack benefits?

Doesn't it get force-installed with v1.5 patch anyway?
Forum: Project Reality News 2013-08-02, 15:38
Replies: 239
Views: 106,069
Posted By mati140
Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.0 Released!

Got it, thanks, didn't know 7z opens iso lol

Yea, I played PR until 0.95, I do have BF2
Forum: Project Reality News 2013-08-02, 15:21
Replies: 239
Views: 106,069
Posted By mati140
Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.0 Released!

Seriously, what to do with that iso file? :? I don't have 6GB DVD and the last time I tried installing Deamon tools it messed up my computer. Is there any other magic trick? If not, is there any...
Forum: Project Reality News 2013-08-02, 15:14
Replies: 239
Views: 106,069
Posted By mati140
Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.0 Released!

Where are the instructions on how to install from iso file? The link to download instructions on both release and preload threads leads to download page and the link on download page... back to...
Forum: PR:BF2 Support 2012-10-22, 15:44
Replies: 11
Views: 2,716
Posted By mati140
Re: CTD after Falklands

This worked, but now they crash when leacing game - pressing disconect causes ctd
Forum: PR:BF2 Tales from the Front 2012-04-30, 23:12
Replies: 591
Views: 189,520
Posted By mati140
Re: [List] PR Memes!!!

You should have used Trollestia for this one (you know, Bee-yetch'n'stuff)
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2012-04-23, 17:18
Replies: 183
Views: 25,410
Posted By mati140
Re: SIGN UP: Operation Rusty Bayonet

My in-game name: mati140
Team preference (US/PLA/reserves): US
1st Role preference (PL/SL/FTL/Pilot/Grunt): Grunt
2nd Role preference (PL/SL/FTL/Pilot/Grunt): Pilot
Forum: PR:BF2 Bugs 2012-04-21, 14:05
Replies: 5
Views: 1,439
Posted By mati140
Re: [0.973] Kokan Skirm flag 0m visible

Skyrim flag?

Forum: Off-Topic Discussion 2012-04-03, 17:58
Replies: 957
Views: 85,108
Posted By mati140
Re: Finally! A drawing thread!

I was affraid of fining ponies in this thread since I entered it... especially RD

What's next? Sonic Rainboom/Rainnuke renders in PR? Oops, I shouldn't have suggested that...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2011-12-23, 11:31
Replies: 64
Views: 7,753
Posted By mati140
Re: What's happening? (Locked PR forum sections)

Strange... for me PR: ArmA2 forums are up and running, only PR: BF2 Feedback section disappeared. I'm also an random user...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2011-11-23, 15:24
Replies: 59
Views: 11,803
Posted By mati140
Re: PR 128 testing status?

If so much money is needed then I wouldn't mind if they made some official, monthly payments, go on - but first make the 256p stable. If I had to pay for it like for MMO - then make it real MMO...
Forum: PR Highlights 2011-09-02, 19:52
Replies: 27
Views: 12,912
Posted By mati140
Forum: PR:BF2 Support 2011-08-25, 14:29
Replies: 21
Views: 10,796
Posted By mati140
Re: 32bit OS Possible Fix for crash after loading map or mid game crash

EDIT: It seems that ram per process had increased but I still crash after loading map, right after clicking 'Select Squad'

Funny thing is that crashes only happen when joining servers, while...
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2011-08-15, 17:22
Replies: 34
Views: 7,238
Posted By mati140
Re: What's a good cheap joystick?

I use Saitek AV8R - it's cheap and it's good + it has a bonus throtle, which is really helpful in other sims such as LOMAC
Forum: PR:BF2 General Discussion 2011-08-11, 13:59
Replies: 30
Views: 5,273
Posted By mati140
Re: Epipen, base revive health

Patching criticaly wounded and then reviving him is actually even more realistic bc IRL you have to stop bleeding first and then start CPR - otherwise victim will bleed to death during resuscitation....
Forum: PR:BF2 Suggestions 2011-06-21, 15:33
Replies: 53
Views: 8,219
Posted By mati140
Re: Map Audit Project: Boosted Player Count (BPC) Layers

Reomove bombs from fighters then - they would be only for escort. I like this idea, having a wingman would be much more realistic and immersive then flying solo.

Also add more flares and, for God...
Forum: PR:BF2 Suggestions 2011-05-28, 16:42
Replies: 89
Views: 8,648
Posted By mati140
Re: Commander, Squadleader Kit requests

What about solving kit stealing problem this way:
1. If someone has limited kit and he exits squad/gets kicked from the squad he dies and his kit is re-requestable.
2. If someone picks up limited...
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