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InchPincherToo 2018-08-15 23:59

Some small mistakes and bugs
Just a quick post here, maybe the Devs should check this one (if i'm not wrong):

- French Army Officer ALT kit have wrong model on 1P Fixed Bayonet (these noticed by the gun sights was Holo Sight, when you changed it to Fixed Bayonet, it is gone and i assume this is just an Iron Sight model that were mistakenly putted in there)

- Is Polish Combat Engineer kit exist? When i tried it couple of times on Coop, it's not shown up below me when i do one (like it wasn't there after i requested it, bug maybe?)

Most of these are seen in Coop, i don't know about the rest in Deployment. This also bug from long time ago when v.1.5.0 released i think...

I'll be posting up some more here, if i found another one. Thank you if you guys responded- ;)

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