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PolishKruk 2015-07-29 16:48

Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs
You more experienced players have no right to comment about the job a certain SL is doing.

I am tired of seeing only four squads made with 30 seconds til launch. When I do see that you can bet your ass I am going to make a squad and at least TRY to get 8 guys to hit the ground running in the same direction. You are most likely going to join my squad. But since you didn't want to man up and be an SL yourself don't bitch about my orders.

Now that being said, I know I'm still learning. Please give me advice, even if I don't use it it's good info for next time. I particularly hate leading a squad on a map I haven't played before. So be patient, offer advice and constructive criticism. I'm a big boy and can learn from my mistakes but you being an asshole doesn't help.

Sidenote: I can't control the other 8 squads on the team. If they want to dick around and do absolutely nothing and not communicate with me then there is nothing I can do about that. What I can do is try to get my squad into the best tactical position considering the strategic situation. We might get shot, we might even get blown up buy grenades or light armor, we might even bleed a few tickets but by god you are going to fucking fight or I will shoot you myself! Is that clear?

Rant over, sorry but some guys are total asshats. Time to get real familiar with the kick button.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that some of the people I have labeled as "Veterans" are possibly not but just believe they know more about the game than I do so they think that makes them better. These people are commonly referred to as "Assholes" and come in all shapes and sizes. I am sorry if I have offended the longtime players of this wonderful game. I love this game and just want to be a competent SL to help people enjoy what PR has to offer.

Wing Walker 2015-07-29 19:10

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs

Originally Posted by PolishKruk (Post 2088379)
But since you didn't want to man up and be an SL yourself don't bitch about my orders.

I'll second that.

Don't get too stressed, and defiantly give your self a break before you come on the forums and rant. A lot of times people just sound like a douche bag when they do that.

:arrow:I experienced your situation the other night.

I had a new SL, I think on PRTA. He made it known he had never played before and he wants to learn SL.

At that point everyone in the squad began to loose confidence in the guy, and I'm sure, like me, they started looking at the other squads for an open slot.

Though only few that were not full didn't look promising for any level of team work, so I stayed, with the itch to jump out the whole time, a few guys left, and one kept offering to take over SL. BTW even when they are nice about it, back seat squadleaders break down the actual Squad Leaders ability to lead.

I'll explain my frustration here, which may be similar to other guys who have been with PR a while:
1. 9 times out of 10 a wavering squad leader means a shitty experience.
2. I had just spent several rounds on multiple servers dealing with maps and factions I didn't care for.
3. I knew at least 3 of us in the squad could lead it better than a brand spank'n new guy.
4. The map was an awesome match up, and I was excited to play it, until the SL said he was new.
5. Those of us who have been here a while know what PR can be, and hate it when we see it abused, or not realized by other players.

Anyway, then the game started.

The new SL had no idea how to do basic functions of the SL, so we spent a lot of time dicking around in a useless area because he had a preoccupation with trying to lay a fob, even though I pointed out other fobs in the area.

Personally, I really had to try to hold my tongue the whole time as the entire strategic situation was falling apart for the team. And the SL kept saying things like, "what do you want to do", but then wouldn't really listen, which was a little frustrating, I think latter on I was a little more stern with my "suggestions".

Anyway, the squad spent most of the time out of the fight, out of making any strategic efforts or gains the whole time. Which, if you are a PRvet, you are looking at the map every 2 seconds eating your own key board by the mid point of the match trying not to be a dick.

After this abysmal round, and going through the agony of this guys terrible leadership, I joined up with his squad in the next round because the guy showed more commitment to the Squad and team work than I've seen with even some PRvets.

And I think most of the other guys did too.

And the SL, I believe his in game name was something like "Nash" and another dude rejoined him also his name was something like "RetUSMC", he was an older guy who seemed to think the Sniper guys were really kick ass :D (I wasn't the Sniper)

In the next round "Nash" was a totally squared away hard charging animal mother of a Squad Leader and we defiantly got in the shit on that map.

PolishKruk 2015-07-30 00:32

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs
Oh man that had to be rough. I'm not that new though. Good to hear he got better. That's my primary focus when I am SL, keep the game fun for my squad. Sometimes its hard to do and still support the team towards victory with my current level of knowledge in PR.

Would you believe that I slept between that round and making this thread? I'm just saying have patience. There are a lot of us new guys still learning the finer details. We are also learning to be squad leaders at the same time since PR seems to have a critical lack of them at the moment. We will get there. Just remember, my 50 hours in the past three weeks pales in comparison to your years of experience so helpful advice is always welcome, just be friendly. If being calm is too hard for you then I will reiterate, "man up and lead a squad yourself."

I am aware there are exceptions. Just like everyone else I am sick of people that either don't have mics or refuse to use them and sometimes people are just that stupid. But dammit we can endure!

RAWSwampFox 2015-07-30 01:49

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs
Good Evening,

I SL quite often and use the same squad names. Heck, I'm thinking of copyrighting them. :-P

The fun factor is high in my book. I hate micromanaging military do it my way or the highway SL's. If you have ever been in my squad, you know that I trust you if you say you can handle a special kit. I also demand no engagement unless necessary. I mean, look at the video below and start at 7:25. The dude runs through the German lines, talks to the friendlies on the other side and runs back through again.

Most people are so hyper focused that they don't even see you most of the time.

My thing is don't engage unless it is necessary when pushing on an objective. When you get to an objective, stay quiet for a bit (still not engaging) to see if the flag starts going your way. If it doesn't, start creeping around to find the enemy.

Another thing that I strongly insist on is the "perimeter" of the flag radius. So many folks go straight to the flag because under BF2, the closer you were to the flag the faster you cap'ed it. I don't think that this is true under PR but I might be wrong. I've defended many objectives by just "being there" and never firing a shot.

Steeps 2015-07-30 12:17

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs
Don't be afraid to kick people from your squad if they are arrogant or annoying you.

Psyko 2015-07-30 14:15

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs

Originally Posted by Steeps (Post 2088506)
Don't be afraid to kick people from your squad if they are arrogant or annoying you.


Also the people who are bitching are probably not "veterans" more like playing one version earlier than 1.3 and think they are great. I play for 8 years, i dont bitch about new SLs, i kinda bitch when i see AN ENTIRE TEAM OF NEW GUYS, but thats different. Also the other dudes i play with who have been playing just as long are the same. they dont care about individual SLs who are new, but a whole team of headless chickens getting steamrolled by a stacked team of clans who been playing for a decade is both sad and hilarious. But more importantly, brief.

And hey, sorry to be a douche but if you are a boy and you are young enough to sound like a girl, you shouldnt be a squad leader, your pre teen voice stimulates ALL the wrong responses. :lol:

Arc_Shielder 2015-07-30 15:10

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs
It's definitely not an easy role to take when playing with randoms. I have had great rounds and sometimes it felt like a nightmare. The latter can be that quite cringe worthy if you are concerned in the fun factor of the squad. I've noticed more often than not that defensive flags are left abandoned and for me that's a sign that the team is badly organized from the get go. To join the offensive is not going to do any good, so 9 times out of 10 I find myself sticking to the defensive flag. When minutes pass by and there is no action, it can be a struggle to keep your squad entertained when they insist that it's a waste of time to defend or "this is boring" countless times. You can explain to them why it's important strategically or even make jokes/conversation to kill time, but in the end it doesn't matter. I've seen players abandoning my squad for thinking I'm doing a bad role for putting the team's interest first. Some players don't take into the account the bigger picture and would rather enjoy some action instead. I do kick them but by the time they leave the squad the damage is done as I have to wait for new players to find their way to us.

This still happens sometimes when playing with friends, but I've learned from my mistakes with randoms and recently I've started typing DEF SQUAD or DEFENSE in the squad's title so that players know what my squad is all about in that round. There are some elements that are out of your control when playing with randoms. For the most part it's ok, but on the few times you felt that it was all a waste of your time, try not to overthink too much about what went wrong.

RAWSwampFox 2015-07-30 16:37

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs
Good Morning,

I ditto what Shielder is saying. On one round of Asad Kahl when the palace (SE corner of map) was an objective, my whole squad laid down in the wheat fields to the west of it within flag radius. The rest of the team fought over the other objectives but we never lost the palace objective. The enemy was running all around the palace compound searching for us but never found us. In the end, they were complaining about the flag being glitched because they couldn't move it. While we laid there the whole round, some of us smoked, ate pizza, drank coffee, took care of biological functions, and otherwise had a very relaxing round. If my memory serves me correctly, we got top squad. Now, be aware that I was pummeled in chat about not "moving" up to assault but in the end, some of those less vocal saw the benefit.

Cossack 2015-07-30 16:37

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs
My problem is I expect too much from my squad... Need to calm down and do not try pulling off something bold.

ComedyInK 2015-07-30 17:30

Re: Dear veterans, quitchyerbitchun about newb SLs

Originally Posted by Cossack (Post 2088537)
My problem is I expect too much from my squad... Need to calm down and do not try pulling off something bold.

i kno dat fell mayne.

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