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DeltaFart 2008-04-01 12:50

PR Loading Screen Tip Suggestion Thread
Ok guys, I searched for this, but found no relevant threads, so I figure I'll start this off. This is a suggestion thread for new tips to add to the loading screen.
Rules are:
1)Make them PR relevant. No tips for C&C or vBF2.
2)Make them something useful. No, if you're a new guy, don't use tanks.
3)Keep them clean. Don't say if you are on the miniguns, don't fucking shoot them when you have no fucking reason to.
4)Search through the thread before you post a new idea for a tip, to keep duplicatation down.

I can't think of any tips right now, I haven't played in a bit.

Scot 2008-04-01 13:37

If you are new, don't try for the limited kits too soon, keep with what is easy!

Cyrax-Sektor 2008-04-01 15:12

-Not all infantry can spot hostiles. Officers, Squad Leaders and Snipers looking through their scope can manual spot. Civilians of the Insurgents can manual spot looking through their binoculars as well.

-Helicopters and jets qualify as 'Vehicles' when spotting them whilst infantry.

-In vehicles, you have a GPS system and can automatically spot targets. Use this to your advantage.

-Alt-F4 quits the game!

-Alt-Tab will switch you to your desktop or other open window. While waiting in-game, you can read up on the manual, and if anything serious is happening in-game, and your allies have VoIP, you will be informed. VoIP transmits in the main menu and outside of the game.

-Two supply boxes can be used to build a firebase/bunker. Use support trucks and/or transport helicopters to drop these boxes with the right-mouse button (default).

-If you have something in your hand that will make a big boom, be careful of teammates and yourself. It's best to respect explosives and give them plenty of room.

-Don't hop into a vehicle and speed off alone when others are waiting for a ride. Sometimes teamwork is common courtesy.

-If you have nothing to do, sitting at your main will not help your team unless you're waiting for an asset you can use properly.

-Take the extra time to retrieve abandoned vehicles. If you can, bring another soldier with you so you can bring two cars or more. I'm sure your teammates will appreciate the ride. Don't, however, drive off with the support truck, your team may need it for construction.

BroCop 2008-04-01 15:23

- Always take cover during firefights or whilst sneaking behind enemy lines. It will increase your chance of staying alive in the field.

- Also while placing a Rally Point make sure that ist well hidden/protected. (this ones an addition to the "You need 2 more squad members to make a RP")

- Dont make unnecessary risks to revive someone. It will only make you lose an extra ticket. (a Medic tip)

DeltaFart 2008-04-02 01:09

*bump* wanna keep this up near top, this oculd be useful

Oldirti 2008-04-02 01:29

-When killed, try to give detailed directions, to direct the medic toward you, His job is hard enough without you saying "I'm over here idiot!"

Cyrax-Sektor 2008-04-02 19:46

-Smoke is only useful if used properly. Popping smoke on ally positions will warn the enemy. It will also give hostiles a cloak to move in and strike.

-Bring up the large map with the 'M' key (default). It will inform you of ally positions and markers. You can still walk with the map up as infantry, but don't walk into a tree.

-Be wary in areas of construction, or thousands of years later, historians will dig up your body under that sandbag and lol.

-Listen for radio chatter. If there are no ally rally points, firebases, bunkers or spawnpoints nearby, you may have discovered a hostile spawn that should be taken out.

-'V' (default) allows Squad Leaders to communicate with their Commander, who can do the same. Commanders can also choose which Squad Leaders he can talk to in his Commander screen by selecting the Squad. Hold Shift and click to choose more than one SL.

-When a medic is healing you, be sure to cover him and yourself. Ask the same of allies when you're medic and applying medical attention.

-Spare your field dressing for another member of your squad, especially a Squad Leader or anyone with a special kit (Anti-Tank, Sniper, Anti-Air, etc.). There will come a time when you can both rearm your field dressings.

ŠøÏÐÌ£® 2008-04-02 23:46

Go Train on PR's Practice server's before EVER flying a Jet.

Camlost 2008-04-03 17:54

- Remember that while putting up smoke-screens might be a good temporary cover, they will also reveal your position to nearby hostiles!

gclark03 2008-04-04 20:17

Ask questions first, shoot later.

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