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#AM#Badtofu 2009-07-15 13:09

PR.EXE problem
I just installed the pr 0.86 pr core and levels and i cant launch it. gives me the pr.exe has ecountered a problem and needs to close.

is there a fix for this or am i doing somthing wrong:evil:

Twisted Helix 2009-07-15 14:31

Re: PR.EXE problem
Dong something wrong most probably. 1000s are playing it fine.

M.Banys 2009-07-15 18:25

Re: PR.EXE problem
do you have patched your battlefield to 1.50???? bf must be 1.41...
If no, do you install other mods, some can modify your original bf files.
1. unisntall bf2, pr 860
2. install bf2
3.patch it to 1.41(sometimes, you musn't patch)
4. install pr 860 with levels.

And last, look for viruses in your PC

p.s sorry for my english...

#AM#Badtofu 2009-07-15 19:47

Re: PR.EXE problem
my bf2 is patched to 1.41 and pr is the only mod i have downloaded for bf2

i just reformated my pc so i dont have any viruses and i am sure i downloaded and patched everything right

HeXeY 2009-07-15 22:05

Re: PR.EXE problem
Vista? Running it as an administrator?

dewmonster 2009-07-17 12:54

Re: PR.EXE problem
I had the same problem. If you've just recently reinstalled BF2, make sure you've created or retrieved your account.
If that's not it, you may not have the correct patch.

Twisted Helix 2009-07-17 15:05

Re: PR.EXE problem
Have a look in the PR support threads. There are about 4 or 5 threads in there with people with similar problems, and quite a few solutions. Do a search for pr.exe or .NET .

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