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$ilent$niper123 2013-01-24 22:12

Really slow Framerate and Loading time
Hey, I was playing bf2 and it runs totally fine on high gfx and everything, but when I installed Project Reality and started playing, I put it on medium and the framerate is really really slow for some reason and the loading time takes like 5 - 10 minutes. My PC Specs are:
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 5000+ 2.74ghz 2gb RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 8200. Help. Help. Help. Please :(

LITOralis.nMd 2013-01-25 02:59

Re: Really slow Framerate and Loading time
EDIT: I am not sure your integrated NVIDIA GeForce 8200 can work for PR. That is a very low end GPU and I'm not sure you'll get any significant FPS boost by following the steps below. You need to turn off AA, lower graphics settings, and maybe lower resolution.


for some reason and the loading time takes like 5 - 10 minutes.
Let's fix this first, it's easier.
Defrag the hard drive that has PR installed. The PR installers tend to fragment the large compressed .zip files that have to be loaded in the loading screen.

In general PR requires much better PC specs than BF2, the PR developers are pushing the limits of the BF2 engine. Only have 2GB of RAM is a serious issue. Here are some tips for optimizing your system for all games...,


As for increasing your fps, we have some common solutions,
delete the shaders cache in your c:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache folder
1. defrag your hard drive. the PR and addons installers tend to get fragmented, which slows down read/writes and slows down fps.
2A. Download and install IOBit Gamebooster3. has a decent video tutorial on using this program:

2B. Read through these guides:
Windows 8 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs ─
Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs -
Windows 8, 7 , Vista, and XP Tweakguides from

3. Download Bitsum ProcessLasso Free. Make sure you download the correct version, Free 32 bit or Free 64 bit,
-- Start PR, alt tab to desktop, open ProcessLAsso window, right click on PR.exe, TR.exe, BF2.exe, PRMumble.exe and pnkbstra.exe and pnkbstrB.exe and give them default priority status of High, set the Tr PR and BF2 to gaming mode, and give them high or higher access to RAM.
4. Determine which OS you have, and if it is 32 bit or 64 bit. Once you are 100% certain you know , follow this guide for your OS:

5. Check your Page File, if set to a sliding value, I suggest
deleting pagefile.
resetting pagefile manually to a single minimum/maximum.
Here is the raw information to determine your correct pagefile:
And here is a video tutorial to figure out your correct pagefile size:

then optionally:
manually setting it to a single minimum/maximum, and getting a defrag progam that will move the pagefile to the beginning of your hard drive. A free option:FAQ Special files - How do I defragment "C:\pagefile.sys" (the swapfile)?

Your video card can be overclocked slightly, which could add 3 to 10 fps, I can not find a newer guide since your GPU is from 2007, but RivaTuner, NTune, and several other programs can overclock your GPU,
Please be careful and read enough information to understand what you are doing before overclocking your CPU and/or GPU!,1916-3.html,1.html

Step 1. fixes any hard drive issues.
Step 2. shut downs unneeded background processes freeing up RAM and system resources.
Step 3. Gives the BF2 and PR and PRmumble and punkbuster programs High priority for RAM and system resources.
Step 4. Gives the BF2 and PR.exe programs the ability to use individually over 2GB of RAM when needed, and reduces the amount of RAM being reserved (wasted) by the OS.
Step 5. Create fixed size Pagefile and defragmenting it.

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