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G15 config
Hi guys,

So my girl bought me a G15 gaming keyboard for x-mas cos I asked for one, thought I really needed one and that I was gonna be the the l33t with it.
So seriously I haven't even used one of the G keys, nor did I reconfig the keys. Their still the same as they where on my old keyboard.

Now I want to get out of that board as much as I can, but I don't know how to config it. Any of you set it up any specific way? A screenshot of your controlls setting in BF2-PR would be really nice!

tnx in advance

arthuro12 2007-05-15 15:25

lol ik wil ook zo'n vriendin :P 2007-05-15 15:34

totdat ze terug komt van de stad, overladen met tassen, nieuwe coupe en die onschuldige blik in haar ogen... met jouw pinpas in haar handen

translation: arthuro12 replied "Lol I wanna have a girl like that" then replied "yeah untill she comes back from shopping, loaded with bags, new hairdue and that innocent look on her face, holding your credit card

El_Vikingo 2007-05-15 15:43

Using a G15 on PR is hacking!!!!!

Ammo counts?! bullets and mags?!?!

How much life you have?!?!!

OMG! 2007-05-15 15:52

Key to be honoust... my girl is cheap and gave me the g11 (without the screen) so all I need is some config help


.:iGi:. Eggenberg4Ever 2007-05-15 18:21

Works for me: I play medic usually so 6 is bound to G6 for my paddles.

Jeeves 2007-05-16 00:30

I have a g15 and the only thing I use the G keys for is to open programs in windows. I love having a key for notepad and calc.

El_Vikingo I didnt even know you could do that :-) I always just have my lcdstudio running system specs on it (load, temps, net ussage, etc)

Jimmy_Smack 2007-05-16 01:18

You my friend have an awsome girlfriend. 2007-05-16 05:22

Okay tnx guys, i'll go and reconfig my little board.

Tnx for the input

Dylan 2007-05-16 05:25

I had a tarantula keyboard until I spilled soda all over it...

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