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space1 2021-04-17 21:37

Help using Net Bridge to play online!
Hello all,

I hope this is the right thread I don't really post much, but I have a question if someone can help me solve my unique problem so I can join with my friends here.

I am trying to use my cellphone internet access point to play, but my company blocks normal tethering so I use a program called Net Bridge for Android which requires to use proxy IP address and port number 9099 to access online for bypassing tethering restrictions.

So far I had to use Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections Tab>LAN Setting to be able to access online. But only problem is that only directs browser traffic through but not other applications.

So I did my due diligence and found that Proxify allows me to log on to the game and find the servers but now when I attempt to join a server it gives an error "You have failed to connect. Please check your connection."

I would truly be grateful if someone with more networking knowledge with android phone can download both Net Bridge and Proxify 30 days free trial and figure out what I am doing wrong and help me join the community back again.

Thanks again.

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