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Jigsaw 2009-02-05 15:14

PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread
Ok so I did a search and found a previously locked thread on this but it just seems right to have a thread dedicated to SLs who accept a great level of responsibility in PR. Im sure we have all experienced both good and bad SLs, here we can celebrate those who do it right!

A good SL is essential to a great round of PR. Be it by having good strategies, knowing where to go, helping newbies learn the game; any of these traits are worth celebrating as it makes your experience in PR better, and improves the game for us all.

In addition with many new players coming to PR this thread can serve to help them know which squad to join to get the very best out of this mod.

Only POSITIVE recommendations will be accepted. Anything negative will be removed.
Do not recommend yourself! You can say "well, we did this well together". Self recommendations will be deleted.

Please keep it to this format:

Player name:

Player nationality (optional):


Map and side:

Act of heroism/good conduct:

This thread is for SLs only, for general squad members please use this thread.
For Commanders please use this thread.

Screenshots are allowed.

List of Recommended Squad Leaders:

A. Wickens
Royal Marines Joe
7rcon2 Scopeseye
Juniper M40
Cpt* CrashNemesisII
.:iGi:.Rudd_Medicman (again cos so bloody many people have recommended him)
UKWF MrSh@vid
Mardy bum
UKWF Ex-3oDu[S]
|TG| berlancic
UKWF Sunash
UKWF Smiley
[RS] Pants_Marshall
=ABC= Joe_Pineapples

Jigsaw 2009-02-05 15:14

Re: PR SL Recommendation Thread
Just a few to start us off :)

.:iGi:.Rudd_Medicman - Understands a firefight like no1 I have ever met, knows exactly where his squad should be placed and is able to dictate their movements with a minimum of fuss. Above all gets the people under his command playing at their absolute best.

PR|NATO|Levesley - Controlled and disciplined, able to keep his head when all around are losing theirs.

[TG]Chubben - Great infantry leader, knows where his squad need to be and how to get them there. Understands a firefight and able to manage the movements of his squad even during the height of battle.

.:iGi:.Isooth - Superb armour SL, knows the capabilities of the tanks under his command and is able to organise them in such a way that they always have the upper hand in a tank on tank engagement.

PR|NATO|Wicca - Not many people are as freely able to embrace both pubbies and clan/tourney mates as easily as Wicca. Is always willing to teach new players a thing or two about the game, yet is never afraid to yell at any1 for doing something wrong. But above all is one of the most friendly SLs around.

[T&T]Vilhelm123 - Excellent SL, welcoming to all and clearly knows how to play the game to the best of not just his ability but of every1 in the squad. Very active on VOIP letting every1 know where they should be and what they should be doing, and always willing to help new guys.

ShiningBuddha 2009-02-06 20:03

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread
Just quoting myself from the other thread because I put Squadleaders in there.

Originally Posted by ShiningBuddha (Post 921874)
Been in some squads with awesome squad-leaders, although my memory for names is horrific so I may get names slightly wrong:

-JoeThePro, great leading abilities, he made the best of a couple of bad situations in Muttrah city and was gernerally good at giving us precise orders and keeping the squad in order while still having fun.

-[TG-31st]TMAN, had great tactics and strategies, under his leadership our squad kicked ass on Fool's Road.

-iGi rudd-Medicman(can never remember this name properly)- another good SL, had lots of fun in his squad.

Colonelcool125 2009-02-08 06:06

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread
^Ditto on joethepro. He is one of the only squad leaders to actually take me up on my offer of APC support.

My recommendations:

Clovisgrunty-Proper infantry squad leader, very good at leading a group of guys.

OneArmWally-Same as Clovis, but gets bonus points for doing it all with one arm.

CptSuave-Another solid squad leader, and a good guy to pub with.

Eddiereyes-Gets people to do things, and to do them well. That's the mark of a good SL to me.

Cheomesh-Yet another one of those people that just seem to have a knack for leading a squad properly.

Thermiss-Is awesome. Even though he called me a faggot. :)

dbzao-Always enjoyable to play with him.

fuzzhead-A master of coordinating the whole team to assault all at once. This is fun.

MaxSalvatore 2009-02-08 21:11

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

Originally Posted by Colonelcool125 (Post 928702)
OneArmWally-Same as Clovis, but gets bonus points for doing it all with one arm.

Certainly. :D

Rezza(Ultra$hot)-Great leader,good tactician,proud of being his medic :D

MaxBooZe 2009-02-08 21:19

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread
Raic / [PR]CATA|Raic - Good overall tactician, very good in building (sand)castles, and makes the strangest ideas work out.

LtSoucy 2009-02-10 11:17

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread
|G&C|Technoelie-Seasoned SL since 0.5, can lead both armor and in squads well and is a great NCO if you need a fireteam leader.

McBumLuv 2009-02-11 02:27

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread
fuzzhead and Colonelcool. Had two great games with both of them, and mumble wins in all cases :p

Colonelcool125 2009-02-11 02:42

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

Originally Posted by McLuv (Post 931404)
mumble wins in all cases :p

Damn straight!

Smuke 2009-02-21 20:26

Re: PR Squad Leader Recommendation Thread
[DM]Feurewaffen - Great guy to work with, Hes also quite a laugh.

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