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24 Mar 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Project Reality Server License
Project Reality Server License

Due to some unfortunate intentions of some server administrators since older releases of this modification, the Reality Studios development team no longer freely distributes licenses to run Project Reality: Battlefield 2 Mod servers. The Project Reality gaming community is a small community. Multiplayer games are made and broken by the quality of the servers and the dedication of the administrators of those servers. Simply put, we are looking for quality, not quantity. We want PR Server Administrators to be a part of our gaming community and at the very least we want to be able to keep Server Administrators in the loop about updates and changes to Project Reality server code.

Additionally, the Reality Studios Team has decided that we will not support server side modifications of Project Reality for public servers. On a password protected, LAN server, or in a Single Player environment, you are free to configure PR any way you like. But, on public multiplayer servers we require Project Reality to run the way the development team, with a huge amount of input from our gaming community, have designed the game to run.

There is no fee for a Project Reality: Battlefield 2 server license, though the software being free no longer automatically grants a license.

Application Process

Project Reality licenses can only be obtained by completing the application process in which your server must be approved by the Reality Studios staff. If you are granted a license, your server(s) will be closely monitored and any breach of the Project Reality License Agreement may result in your server being banned from running a Project Reality server.


In order to apply for a Project Reality Server License, you must meet all of the requirements listed below. Submitting multiple applications may result in your application being denied, so please only submit one application and be patient while we review it.

A Project Reality Server License requires that server administrators meet the following requirements:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must agree and understand the Project Reality Server License Agreement.
  • Must submit a completed Server License Application. All information will be verified before the application is approved.
  • Must keep all user and server information up to date. We closely monitor this information and will periodically check that servers meet all requirements outlined in the server license agreement. Licenses will be deleted without warning if, for example, servers are listed as being offline.

License Details
  • User Server License
    User Licenses are for individual users, clans, and other small organizations who wish to host public and/or private (passworded) Project Reality Servers. By default, a single User License is allowed to add up to 3 game servers(with the ability to request more) and 3 license moderators. These servers must be internet facing (i.e. respond to server queries), and hosted at a data-centre. We do not issue licenses for home hosted or LAN-only servers. It needs a static IP The recommended server specifications are Ubuntu 12.04 64bit or a recent Windows Server configuration. Newer versions of Linux are not supported.

License Moderators

Before applying, make sure you are the main administrator of the server that will be running Project Reality. If your application is accepted, you will be able to add a limited number of 'Moderators' to your license through the Server License CP. These moderators will be granted access to the Server Administration forums. Moderators can not access downloads and will not be able to download the actual Project Reality: Battlefield 2 Modification server files.

Server Moderators must agree and understand the Project Reality License Agreement before they are confirmed as moderators. You will be responsible for the actions of the server moderators you add, so make certain you only add moderators whom you thoroughly trust and know will abide by the license agreement. They are responsible for keeping their user information up to date as their information will also be periodically checked by Project Reality staff for accuracy.

To submit a Project Reality Server License Application,
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