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17 Aug 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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    Posted 08-12-2018 at 11:52 AM by XSHADOWGX XSHADOWGX is offline
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    C7NLDAG36 Animation Update Devblog

    it looks pretty but thats the problem, reloads in real life are functional without unnecessary movement and you dont want to let your weapon swing around all over the place.
    Posted 08-10-2018 at 05:49 PM by FLAP_BRBGOING2MOON FLAP_BRBGOING2MOON is offline
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    WeeGeez's Avatar

    C7NLDAG36 Animation Update Devblog

    Very cool work $$$$$
    Posted 07-31-2018 at 09:45 AM by WeeGeez WeeGeez is offline
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    C7NLDAG36 Animation Update Devblog

    Sweet! I love animations. So good to see there is somebody good working on this again
    Posted 07-26-2018 at 02:14 PM by mries mries is offline
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    Posted 07-26-2018 at 08:22 AM by w0lf3k w0lf3k is offline
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    arjan's Avatar

    C7NLDAG36 Animation Update Devblog

    Nice animation on the UGL.

    Point of critique:
    I would be in trouble if i would load my service C7 swaying and pointing it up in the air like that.

    Old animation of loading and doing a weapon check is more SOP like.
    Posted 07-26-2018 at 06:56 AM by arjan arjan is offline
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    PatrickLA_CA's Avatar

    C7NLDAG36 Animation Update Devblog

    Nice, it's awesome you recorded the process. It might help inspire some more people to try
    Posted 07-25-2018 at 10:42 AM by PatrickLA_CA PatrickLA_CA is offline
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    Posted 07-21-2018 at 07:35 PM by WeeGeez WeeGeez is offline
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    InchPincherToo's Avatar

    QJY-88 - New Chinese MG. Animation Devblog

    You guys have done a great work on this one, fits real fine for Chinese MG kit. Really loved it <3

    Keep up the great work devs-!
    Posted 07-19-2018 at 11:59 PM by InchPincherToo InchPincherToo is offline
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    Posted 07-19-2018 at 10:43 PM by QuickLoad QuickLoad is offline

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