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25 Sep 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Guess the vehicle - The Return [Updated]
Posted in: Other
Posted 2011-01-17 at 21:49 by Hauteclocque

The one who finds the vehicle gets a special French gift :P

Team members (including nasty MODs with MA abilities) are excluded of course...

I'll post the credits and more pics with the passengers when you've found it.

Update :
Seems Animal is the only winner, he edited his first post where he was saying it was a VAB (I had deleted the one with the good answer before)

Here is your gift !

What were you thinking about...

Here are pics of the interior (don't ask me why all the soldiers are the same and US Marines...they are the standard soldiers loaded in the editor )

Credits :
Model : [R-DEV]Cheeseman
UVmaps : [R-DEV]ohnomelon
Texture : [R-DEV]Cheeseman, [R-DEV]SashaSK8
Export : [R-DEV]Hauteclocque
Coding : [R-DEV]J.F.Leusch69
Static animations : [R-DEV]Hauteclocque
Updated 2011-01-18 at 16:37 by Hauteclocque
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Total Comments: 49
  1. Old Comment
    AnimalMother.'s Avatar
    it's a stryker i win

    and i'm not a team member, don't even have a PR sig
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 22:11 by AnimalMother. AnimalMother. is offline
    Updated 2011-01-17 at 22:30 by AnimalMother.
  2. Old Comment
    Hauteclocque's Avatar
    Nope :P

    Not French stuff (and the VAB interior pics have already been posted in our subforum !!! )

    And you're a team member !
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 22:13 by Hauteclocque Hauteclocque is offline
    Updated 2011-01-17 at 22:21 by Hauteclocque
  3. Old Comment
    Silly_Savage's Avatar

    Posted 2011-01-17 at 22:27 by Silly_Savage Silly_Savage is offline
  4. Old Comment
    AnimalMother.'s Avatar

    I won...
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 22:29 by AnimalMother. AnimalMother. is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Hauteclocque's Avatar
    We'll say Animal won, but he is still in the team :P

    The next one who doesn't belong to the team will win the prize with him
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 22:31 by Hauteclocque Hauteclocque is offline
    Updated 2011-01-17 at 22:41 by Hauteclocque
  6. Old Comment
    AnimalMother.'s Avatar
    seems fair enough, as long as the baguette is really long
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 22:40 by AnimalMother. AnimalMother. is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Amok@ndy's Avatar
    hahaha animal I lold
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 23:01 by Amok@ndy Amok@ndy is offline
  8. Old Comment
    It its a French version of Stryker its Strykereaueaux then.

    I dont know. All i know is that all vehicles should get interiors, its becoming a standard. :D
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 23:10 by Arnoldio Arnoldio is offline
  9. Old Comment
    Shovel's Avatar
    It's the inside of the magic schoolbus. Duh.
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 23:28 by Shovel Shovel is offline
  10. Old Comment
    Charliesierra-RCR's Avatar
    its either...
    a) Stryker
    B) LAV III pre LORIT
    C) M113
    D) Piranhna... or
    E) VBCI for the french treat
    Posted 2011-01-17 at 23:38 by Charliesierra-RCR Charliesierra-RCR is offline
    Updated 2011-01-18 at 00:16 by Charliesierra-RCR

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