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03 Feb 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Sangin - nearly ready for testing...
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Posted 2020-03-30 at 22:27 by Dr Rank

Ok, so just a very quick update, for anyone not following the last blog post, which I've been periodically updating, the map is ALMOST ready for testing. So what's left?

The core work on the map is all done.

I've created a list of tasks for other members of the team to support me finishing it off, that include:
  • Coding new gamemode variants/additions (more to come on that once it's all up and running)

  • Fixing up some objects (hopefully some improvements to the look of the fields, and other overgrowth objects, lighting wise), tweaking some draw distances, LOD switch distance etc.

  • A couple of new textures (fields and bridge)

  • A few other coding tasks
At some I'll lightmap it in 3DS MAX but I'll want to be sure I've put in all the final objects and any errors testers might find are fixed before that as it'll be a big task.

I'll update again once testing really begins. Shouldn't be too long...

I'll post some images of the compounds once the lightmaps are done on them; they look a bit strange at the moment with them all being lit inside.


Barring any errors or tweaks I feel like making during testing, the compounds are now done! I've managed, with help from the team, to get the normal fields, hedgerows etc. to draw the full view distance:

Another one:

And another:

1 shot showing the inside of a compound. Like I say, the compound buildings look odd being bright inside, they'll look a lot better once they're lightmapped and have proper shadows:

Surrounding terrain

Here’s a shot showing the improvements I’ve made to the transitions into the surrounding terrain. You’re normally restricted to just using LOD overgrowth which can look really nasty close up and break the immersion. Managed to find a way around that:

Another Update:

Having the first major gameplay test this Saturday (6th June), hopefully enough of the team will be available to give a proper impression of what the gameplay might be like. Not using the new spawn mechanic for this one, more of a standard INS set up but with the Taliban having more vehicles to use, spread out across the map rather than in a traditional vehicle hub in the main base. Probably put too many vehicles in for them, but I’d rather there be too many than not enough when testing.

Not actually going to write a whole new blog, the main thing learnt from the test was that the new Taliban spawn system definitely needs to be experimented with as normal insurgency style spawning will, as suspected, just make it too difficult/annoying for the Taliban forces. Also CAS is probably going to be overpowered without either handheld or vehicle AA, although that may change a little with the new spawn system. Fast air might be an option still. but will need lots of testing. The team isn't big enough for a proper test so I'll be looking to do a BETA weekend or two in the not too distant future.
Updated 2020-06-08 at 13:30 by Dr Rank (Gameplay testing on 6th June)
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