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27 May 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Sangin - its been too long...
Posted in: Mapping
Posted 2014-04-12 at 11:40 by [R-DEV]Dr Rank

Apologies for the lack of any updates in a while, I had to wait a long time while Rhino worked his socks off to get through an enormous amount of work getting the compound statics going, but I've been able to start putting some basics down for a little while now and thought I'd share some of the progress, and a little playtesting snapshot. There's still a lot more work to do; I've only finished 14 out of around 80 odd compound sections on the map. But I'm still at it, and so is Rhino in terms of making statics etc for it and other afghan maps (most of the statics you'll see in Sangin will have been made by him!) Bare in mind what this video shows is still WIP; you may notice that the compound building sections don't even draw at range yet! Plus I'm planning on there being no handheld AA for the Taliban, although we'll have to see how that goes in testing...

And yes, my aiming is terrible

For anyone interested here is a crude visual representation of how far I've got with roughly laying down the compounds, using an old minimap that show's none of the new compounds in place yet (the areas in red have been done):

Once this has been done I'll need to go back through and add lots of detail, vary all the building types, add building interior and exterior objects, rough up the terrain and yeah, add even more detail. Then I've got to redo the FOB, add other details like cables, swapping out the grassfields for other field types, re-texture the whole map, possibly do some more optimisation, then gamemodes, testing, more testing, even more testing, lightmaps, finish the ambient sounds etc etc etc. So still a long way to go, but it is getting closer...

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop a little, as its been a while

EDIT: Extra pic

Updated 2014-04-18 at 11:04 by [R-DEV]Dr Rank
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Total Comments: 20
  1. Old Comment
    Arc_Shielder's Avatar
    This is going to be great.
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 12:19 by Arc_Shielder Arc_Shielder is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Smegburt_funkledink's Avatar
    Not enough trees!
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 12:46 by Smegburt_funkledink Smegburt_funkledink is offline
  3. Old Comment
    This looks amazing.

    Idk if you've decided which blufor team it would be yet but you should consider doing what it's like on kokan and kashan and have multiple blufor factions to make the map vary even more.

    More specifically British and US Army lol
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 12:46 by TBoy205 TBoy205 is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Would love to see Germans and Canadians on this map
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 14:02 by (SWE)HASSETHEONE (SWE)HASSETHEONE is offline
  5. Old Comment
    simeon5541's Avatar
    I am sorry because of my lack of information,but is this going to be another Brit map,
    or this is for Dutch or Polish Forces ?
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 14:20 by simeon5541 simeon5541 is offline
  6. Old Comment
    Dr Rank's Avatar
    Primarily British, with two different eras of kit. I am considering adding the US Marines in a layer too as they took over from the British there in 2010.
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 14:31 by Dr Rank Dr Rank is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Rhino's Avatar
    Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Dr Rank View Comment
    Primarily British, with two different eras of kit. I am considering adding the US Marines in a layer too as they took over from the British there in 2010.
    Ye what Ranky said. The big problem like with other maps is having different voices in different layers, which is why you only see different factions on maps like Kashan with the US Army on one layer, USMC on another and the Canadians on another, as they all use the "American English" voices, and why you don't see any mix of Americans and British currently between different layers, as the British use "British English".

    But we are going to look into many different options for doing this as the USMC have played a big role in this region as well as the British and while we may not be able to get round the voices problem though just "different layers", there are other possibilities which in this case we may consider but we are some time off from crossing this bridge yet, first we need to get the map done
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 15:38 by Rhino Rhino is offline
    Updated 2014-04-12 at 15:59 by [R-DEV]Rhino
  8. Old Comment
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 17:01 by Headless86 Headless86 is offline
  9. Old Comment
    CareBear's Avatar
    why not show the glory of allah's bazzar inside the compound!!
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 17:23 by CareBear CareBear is offline
  10. Old Comment
    Posted 2014-04-12 at 17:26 by [uBp]Irish [uBp]Irish is offline

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