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23 Jul 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)

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Project Reality v0.85
Posted in: Features
Posted 2009-02-16 at 14:06 by Jaymz

[CENTER][B][U][SIZE="4"]Project Reality v0.85 Feature List[/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[SIZE="4"][B][U]General Gameplay[/U][/B][/SIZE]

- Updated Weapon Deviation for all weapons, hand held and stationary/mounted, has been completely overhauled to be more realistic. This includes the speed and techniques used for reloading, sighting in and deploying the weapons. Weapons are more accurate but still retain great advantages for firing in a stationary position.
- Updated limited kit request system - kits can now be requested from Faction-Specific Supply Crates and friendly APCs. Kit request removed from Forward Outposts and Rallypoints
- Added new logistics system, with 2 man trucks supplying crates that are necessary to build Forward Outposts as well as request kits. These trucks also deploy repair stations for vehicle repairs.
- Added and improved new 1st person weapon animations for nearly all handheld weapons.
- Decreased kit allocation times, infantry kits now take 5 minutes to return to the request pool after disappearing from the game world.
- Increased automatic rifleman max kits on a team from 3 to 6.
- Increased soldier sprint times and distances. Soldiers can now sprint continuously for 30 seconds, taking 90 seconds to regain all stamina back.
- Decreased transition time from prone to crouch stance
- Increased wounded time to 3 minutes.
- Added new ticket penalty system for destroying vehicles (jeeps/trucks -2 tickets, transport helicopter/apc/recon -5 tickets, tank/ifv/jets/attack helicopters -10 tickets)
- Updated Vehicle repair system - vehicles can now repair and reload at the new Vehicle Depot located at the main base. Vehicles can also get repaisr from repair stations. Wrench no longer repairs vehicles.
- Removed Jeep spawning from Forward Outposts
- Updated Wrench to now remove landmines, tripflares and grenade traps.
- Updated the overheating system on HMG's, cool down timer is now much longer for all .50 caliber weapons.
- Updated Scoring system, score for a player who has 2 punished teamkills will get his score reset to 0 (retaining all negative teamwork score).
- Added new incendiary grenade, which primary role is destroying enemy deployable assets such as Forward Outposts, HMGs, AA, foxholes and razorwire, as well as unmanned trucks and jeeps.

[SIZE="4"][B][U]Game Modes[/U][/B][/SIZE]

[B]Assault & Secure v3 (AAS)[/B]
- Updated maps to use the new random AAS mode (randomly selects the CPs at start of round): Battle for Qinling, Fools Road, Kozelsk, Operation Barracuda, Qwai River

[B]Insurgency (INS)[/B]
- Updated insurgent spawn timers, wounded insurgents can now be revived by epipen
- Updated ammo cache weapon spawns, on Iraqi Insurgent maps ammo caches spawn 1 Al-Quds RPK, 1 PKM and 1 RPG-7
- Added kit request ability to ammo caches on Insurgency maps with the Taliban faction
- Added rallypoint system for Taliban faction
- Added insurgent spawn points on all unrevealed ammo caches. When an ammo cache gets revealed the spawn point is deleted after 2 minutes
- Updated Intelligence Points System. Intel does not accumulate when all 3 caches are revealed.
- Updated Civilian ROE system: civilian player is flagged for 1 minute when equipping the medic bag and epipen, during this time the BLUFOR will not receive penalty for killing civilian player
- Updated ammo cache armor, cannot be destroyed by small arms and takes many grenades to destroy now, primary way to destroy ammo cache now will be with incendiary grenade

[B]Command and Control (CNC)[/B]
- Removed Main Base flag captures
- Added new ticket bleed system: build all 4 of your forward outposts, and destroy all 4 of the enemy forward outposts, and the enemy will start a rapid ticket bleed

[B]Skirmish (SKM)[/B]
- Increased capture radius for most skirmish layers
- Added Supply Crates at most CP's for kit requests
- Updated many maps to include more CP's for skirmish
- Updated ticket bleed on many skirmish layers

[B]Counter-Attack (CA)[/B]
- Removed Counter-Attack game mode from v0.85, will return in the future, bundled together with the new "Scenario" game mode

- Added Asad Khal (MEC vs UK)
- Added Fallujah West (USMC vs INS)
- Added Karbala (USA vs INS)
- Added Kozelsk (RUS vs CHE)
- Updated Korengal Valley with new areas and 3 distinctive game modes (USA vs TAL)
- Updated Operation Archer with new statics, textures and lighting (USMC vs TAL)
- Updated all maps for gameplay, ticket and vehicle adjustments

- Added Bayonets for Russian AK, Chechen AK, UK L85
- Added new Trip Flare (All factions)
- Added Artillery IED (Iraqi Insurgent)
- Added Grenade Trap (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
- Added Proximity IED (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
- Added Incendiary Grenades (All Conventional Factions)
- Added PF-98 Heavy Anti-tank (PLA)
- Added RPG-7 Tandem Warhead as a temporary placeholder (Russians)
- Added Al-Quds RPK (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
- Added AKS-74u (Russians, Insurgents, Chechen, Taliban)
- Added AK-47/AKM (Insurgent, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
- Added AK-74M Scoped, Ironsight and UGL (Russians)
- Added AK-74 Scoped, Ironsight, UGL (Insurgents, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
- Added M16A4 w/ M68 (USMC)
- Added new buckshot and slugshot weapons for Insurgent class
- Updated shotgun firing and reload sounds and animations
- Updated G3A3 CQB Rear Apiture Sights (MEC)
- Updated M4/M16 series with new 3D Aimpoint (USA, USMC)
- Updated Eryx Scope (MEC)
- Updated Smoke Grenade skins
- Updated landmines, max deployable 20 with 20 minute decay timer after death
- Updated all assault rifle animations to look more "urgent", and averaged out the reload times to about 6-7 seconds
- Updated all light machine gun deviation to be more accurate but take longer to gain that accuracy
- Updated all light machine gun animations
- Updated AT mine deployment animation which is aprox. 5 seconds long
- Decreased field dressing deploy/reload time
- Decreased Assault Rifle scope zoom in time to 0.75 seconds

- Added Lynx AH-7 Transport Helicopter(British)
- Added BTR-60 APC (Russian and MEC)
- Added T-72 Tank (MEC)
- Added Gaskin Anti-Air Vehicle (MEC)
- Added Humvee Avenger Anti-Air Vehicle (USA)
- Added Logistic Trucks (All Conventional Factions)
- Added new HUD's for all Attack Helicopters
- Added new HUD's for all Russian vehicles
- Updated dirtbike with new driving mechanics and leaning ability using the mouse
- Updated Un-armed Jeeps to include more passenger seats (All Conventional Factions)
- Updated all vehicle wreck models and textures to be more realistic
- Improved and completely overhauled the BMP-3 APC weapon systems (MEC)
- Improved Huey Transport Helicopter maneuvering and flight physics (USMC)
- Fixed the HUD's for all APC passengers
- Increased explosive range of APC HE rounds (3m to 6m)
- Decreased blast radius of suicide bomb car blast

[SIZE="4"][B][U]Deployable Assets[/U][/B][/SIZE]
- Added new improved Razor Wire deployable
- Added new Foxhole deployable position
- Added new improved HMG deployable position
- Added new improved AA deployable position
- Updated the HMG deployable ironsights to be more helpful

[SIZE="4"][B][U]Equipment and Team Assets[/U][/B][/SIZE]
- Added new team specific large supply crates
- Updated the new large supply crates so that they are now team locked. Players can only rearm and request kits from your own teams crates, crates are marked with the faction flag to indicate ownership. Cannot rearm or request off enemy crates.
- Added new Vehicle Depot to all main bases for vehicle and infantry rearming, repairs and healing
- Added new deployable repair station, deployed from logistics trucks, this station slowly repairs vehicles in a 20 meter radius, each logistics truck can deploy 1 repair station

- Added new Taliban Faction for all maps based in Afghanistan
- Added new Russian Faction
- Updated Iraqi Insurgent Faction with new models and kit loadouts
- Updated Chechen Rebel Faction with new kit loadouts
- Updated All Factions to include new faces, each faction now has 4 distinct faces

- Added new class: Rifleman Specialist, spawnable infantry kit with shotgun and grapple hook
- Added incendiary grenade to all conventional army infantry kits (officer and medic included)
- Updated Combat Engineer, now a limited kit (max 2 per team) with C4 and landmines
- Updated Civilian Collaborator, now with Medic Bag and Epipen
- Removed Ghille Suit from all Snipers
- Removed Spec-Ops Kit
- Removed weapons from pilot kit
- Added GLTD to sniper kits (All conventional factions)
- Added shovel to Cell Leader kits (Iraqi Insurgent and Taliban)

[SIZE="4"][B][U]Icons and Map Display[/U][/B][/SIZE]
- Added new kit icons for all kits
- Added new Squad Leader Command icons: Attack, Defend, Observe, Build
- Added new icons for Command Post and Vehicle Depot
- Added all new kit icons on the kit dropbags (so kits on the ground will now have accurate kit icons)
- Removed ammo counter background
- Removed icons above nametags with "3d map" on
- Removed direction arrows on minimap soldiers
- Updated CP name coloring on the map so they are easier to read
- Updated the red screen overlay when bleeding, to tone down the blood texture a bit
- Updated many vehicle icons to have their own unique icon (TOW humvee, logistics trucks, unarmed jeeps, etc)
- Updated compass transparency and outline to be a lighter grey, but more visible
- Updated position of VOIP, heal and ammo icons to be bottom right instead of middle of screen

- Added many new weapon and vehicle sounds
- Update to the BF2 EAX audio system
- Updates and improvements to the PR Distant sound system
- Added new military-style radio filtering for the Q and T commo rose commands
- Added new loading music for some of the new maps
- Added new win/lose music for the Russians
- Added new British Commander Voices
- Added new voip activate/deactivate sounds when speaking to Commander "V".
- Added 1/2 second of silence to the start of air asset lock warnings. This means that AA missiles should be headed your way before you get the warning.
- Increased volume and distance of engines and tracks on most Jeeps, APCs, Tanks as well as civilian vehicles
- Updated coaxial reloads so they are now on the left or right channel only
- Updated APC firing sounds to be louder and more realistic
- Removed "running low on reinforcements" bf2 voices
- Fixed ZIS3 AT Cannon reload sound

- Added new muzzle flash effects
- Added new helicopter rotor wash effect
- Added many new explosion effects
- Added new bullet impact effects

[SIZE="4"][B][U]Misc Changes and Bug Fixes[/U][/B][/SIZE]
- Updated Main Menu screens
- Fixed a bunch of statics that were not properly drawing at long range
- Fixed training mode so it no longer appears in server browser with the list of public internet servers (must go into training tab to join these servers)
- Fixed the soldier dead bodies, they will no longer fade out / look transparent (still disappear after 3 minutes)
- Added carrier protection so AA missles can no longer destroy helicopters on the deck of the carriers.
- Added (not by choice :P ) new consequences for picking up enemy weapons. Now if you pickup an enemy kit, you will also pick up their helmet, mag pouches and gear.
- Removed dirtbike passenger ability to fire weapons (no more drive-by IEDs)
- Updated Re-allocation rules for Officer kit to allow Squad Leaders whom may have lost their kit to easily obtain a new one
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, must be set at least 300m away from another FO.
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, must be set at least 300m (600m on 4km maps) away from your Command Post.
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, can be deployed by a squad leader with the Officer or Engineer kit.
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, FO will lose their spawn point if 3+ enemies get close to it. After killing the enemy, the spawn point will reappear in a minute or two.

[CENTER][B]Plus many many many more changes - check the full v0.85 changelog[/B][/CENTER]


HUD: Updated grenadier kit icon added to chuc's icons folder (chuc)
HUD: Tweaked black on the compass to be a gentler 75% grey (chuc)
HUD: Toned down red screen overlay in the hit bleed texture (chuc)
HUD: Fixed 3d hud markers not using new repair and destroy markers (chuc)
HUD: Repair order icon changed to a shovel (atlas needs to be updated) (chuc)
HUD: Mine order icon changed to an eye (atlas needs to be updated) (chuc)
HUD: Added hud icon for 9m117 (jaymz)
HUD: Added new hud for bmp-3 at missile (falkun)
HUD: Updated atlas with new crewman and lat icons (still need someone else to put in new hat, recon, and insurgent variant icons) (chuc)
HUD: Added new kit icons (chuc)
HUD: Tweaked attack icon from a sword to a crosshair (chuc)
HUD: Added combat engineer to kit request list in place of the specops. (dbzao)
HUD: Fixed atlas file (don't forget to add the .tai file and also check for missing files). (dbzao)
HUD: Removed ammo counter background (ancientman)
HUD: Removed icons above nametags on 3d map (ancientman)
HUD: Updated hat, lat, crewman and engineer icons (chuc)
HUD: Blacked in the pupil on the eye for the mine (eyes here) command (chuc)
HUD: Added new automatic rifleman icon (chuc)
HUD: Added and tweaked some vehicle minimap icons (chuc)
HUD: Updated old linebacker hud for stormer (removed cannon text) (falkun)
HUD: Reordered kit request list to put the engineer next to the other infantry kits. (dbzao)
HUD: Added new logistics truck minimap icons (chuc)
HUD: Added new light apc icon, for the stryker and btr60 (named mediumapc) (chuc)
HUD: Attempted to make the death scoreboard icon the same as the 'question mark' scoreboard icon so you can't tell via scoreboard who is dead on the opposing side (chuc)

MATERIALS: Fixed 14.5mm damage vs trucks/jeeps (jaymz)

WEAPIONS: Fixed effects for the zpu4 (rhino)

ASSETS: Added some wip models to the repo for safe keeping. (rhino)
ASSETS: Added new lynx and z9 model updates from fk. (rhino)
ASSETS: New kit icons added to chuc's icons folder (chuc)
ASSETS: Chechnya (chinsurgent) and taliban (taliban) flag icons and pictures added in chuc's folder (chuc)
ASSETS: Created russian command post (fuzzhead)
ASSETS: Set fixed bunkers to have tons of hit points (jaymz)

LOCALIZATION: Fixed small grammatical error (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Added ru localization (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: Updated menu to v0.851 (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated for main menu (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: Added specialist rifleman and cleaned old references (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Fixed some menu hud kit name references (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated cp names for fools road and assault on mestia to involve russians. (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Small update to prtips (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated some russian/chechen rebel menu hud lines (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Small tweak in text in the menu / barracks (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Small update to kashan desert cp names, small update to tips (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated squad leader commands with target, observe and build (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated squad orders naming (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: Fixed taliban name on spawn screen (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Tweaked some cp names (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated kit request messages (fuzzhead)

PYTHON: Removed hash checks as it was too laggy. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed training mode with tk off on public internet servers. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed sending hud events to players on connect in attempt to avoid connection problems. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed issue with insurgent hideouts limitation of 2 instead of 4. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added code to delete uavs every 10s that may have spawned. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed issue with area attacks timers. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated kit request for russians and taliban. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed engineer kit request limitations. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to not count intel points if all active caches are already revealed. also increased to 180 seconds the interval that it takes for the attacking team to receive the information about a revealed objective. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed kit request from main base flags. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Allowed kit request of all kits from apcs (except pilots). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed support trucks only drivable by crewmans. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed engineer kit restriction from the support jeeps. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated the list of apcs for kit request locations for the new factions. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated the spawning distance of the sl markers to 15m from 60m. (dbzao)

MENU: Fixed bug with ctd's at res's below 1024x768 (ancientman)
MENU: Added ru flags (menu and ingame) (ancientman)
MENU: Added ru atlas files (ancientman)
MENU: Updated credits (ancientman)
MENU: Updated main menu for 0.85 (ancientman)
MENU: Changed minimap cp font colour (ancientman)
MENU: Removed direction arrows on minimap soldiers (someone will have to add this to the atlas) (ancientman)
MENU: Resorted the sl and commander right-click menu (ancientman)
MENU: Changed the sl t-commorose to have different orders (ancientman)
MENU: Removed counter-attack from menu (ancientman)

MENU: Removed "divide squad" option from commander screen (ancientman)
MENU: New and relocated action icons (ancientman)
MENU: Updated main menu (ancientman)
MENU: Updated main menu again (ancientman)

TEXTURES: Made pr_wreck textures completely white (chuc)

VEHICLES: Added awesome humvee interior reskins from tupla_s (chuc)
VEHICLES: T72m1 added (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Basic damage coding for t72m1 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: T72m1 coding from falkun (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Further updates to t72m1 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed tank flash effect from t72m1 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Lowered deviation on styker 50cal (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed penetration from bradley tow (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set tow hmmwv to use a different weapon template with less damage (now 2 to take out a tank, 1 for an apc) (jaymz)
VEHICLES: New mec texture for t72m1 from matrox (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Made minor colour and spec map tweaks to the brdm2 and t62 woodland skins (chuc)
VEHICLES: Mec vehicles attempted colour match to t72 colour palette (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed the fact that the bmp3 had half the hitpoints of any other apc (no wonder it blew up in one shot chuc....) (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Tunguska, gaz69 and mec truck textures colour matched (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added at-10 missiles to bmp3 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Re-standardized mbt reload & switch delay times. 6 seconds reload/switch for blufor manual loaders. 8 seconds reload/switch for opfor auto loaders. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Changed material of bmp-3 from tank(28 ) to apc(27). (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed t-72 cupola camera (multiple views) (falkun)
VEHICLES: Set deviation on mbt shells to almost none. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed at missile crashing game issue (falkun)
VEHICLES: Standardized reload time of hellfire missiles to 5 seconds. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Attempts to fix range finder issues on several vehicles (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Attempt to make at10 projectile leave from barrel of bmp3 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set 9m117 missiles on bmp3 to fire from the barrel. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added new lynx files to the repo. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Added new lynx files to the repo. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Attempt to fix lock tone not playing on stormer (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed lock distance on stormer missiles (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updates to the hmmwv avenger (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed the ramp from the merlin to try solve lag. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set at10 missile count to eight. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed type95 aav cannons. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set type95 autocannons damage to reflect that of the m6 linebacker (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set bmp3 30mm rof to 500rpm (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Wz-551 cannon rof set to 300rpm. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set bmp3 cannon to overheat after ten consecutive rounds. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added btr-60 (mec) (falkun)
VEHICLES: Removed at warning for stormer (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set attack helicopter cannon rounds to ceom from the barrel. not the camera. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set hmmwv avenger 50cal to shoot from barrel. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set proper damage and rof's on kpvt 14.7mm mg. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set 16 second reload timer on hmmwv avenger missiles. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Boosted damage of btr-60 cannon (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set hmmwv tow to use it's own tow variant with a longer reload time. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set reload time of 9m117 missiles to 16 seconds. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed hmmwv avenger 50cal firing rate (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Btr-60 engine tweaks (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Huey engine tweaks (need testing pilots) (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed molotovs killing people inside armour (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set wz551 rof to 200rpm (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added the un version of the merlin and added the un version textures of the suv_vip to the repo. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Added mechwarrior 3p animations (chuc)
VEHICLES: Updated avenger cockpit gunner to use new mechwarrior 3p animation (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added correct supply drop to ru support truck. (falkun)
VEHICLES: Updated bmp-3 gunner's hud to display hei round info (falkun)
VEHICLES: Updated ru vehicles tunguska, bmp-3, btr-90, t-90 (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed merlin causing ctd (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added bow mg's to bmp3 (it's aliiiiive!) (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added the export max scene of the btr 60 to the repo for chuc from trahn. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Updated ru brdm-2 (falkun)
VEHICLES: Set brdm's to use proper projectiles with updated damage. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Attempt to fix bmp-3 bow mg accuracy issues. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated with flan's dirtbike code (fuzzhead)
VEHICLES: Lav-25 armor now penetrable by 14.5mm rounds (brdm-2, btr-60) (falkun)
VEHICLES: Reverted change to lav-25 (it already is falkun) (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set stryker, lav25 and btr-60 to have lighter armour than other apc's. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Lowered scimitar hitpoints (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed up some materials and hitpoints on jets (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added bmp3 gunner reticle from geze (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Increased avenger m3p mg rof to 1,000rpm (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Add brdm-2 (gaskin) (falkun)
VEHICLES: All apcs are now able to drop four small ammo boxes (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added co-driver to brdm-2 spandrel (falkun)
VEHICLES: Removed auto-repair ability from bmp-3 bow machineguns (falkun)
VEHICLES: Removed weapons from side ports for btr-60 (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added rear-view mirrors to us and russian support trucks (falkun)
VEHICLES: Set gaskin to draw at long range (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated btr-60 and brdm-2 huds to display ammo counters for supply boxes (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed btr-60 passenger icons; engine (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added bow machine guns to ru bmp-3 (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added periscopes to all brdm-2 variants; added (jeep) supply boxes to all brdm-2 variants sans gaskin model (falkun)
VEHICLES: Brand spanking new btr60 skin added (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added mec marking to the btr60 (chuc)
VEHICLES: Ammunition and overheating tweaks to hmmwv avenger (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added mec flag and removed some strange insignia on various trucks and support jeeps (chuc)
VEHICLES: Updated a lot of vehicle icons to be standardised (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed wrong orientation mec flag on the btr60 (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added enclosed crows humvee (falkun)
VEHICLES: Created separate gunner and driver positions for stormer hvm (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added logistics variant of opfor truck for testing (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Logistics truck added for all conventional factions. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Made texture reference preparations for the truck logistics variants (chuc)
VEHICLES: Gave proper locking distance to chinese aav (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed several unnecessary duplicates of the cr2 challenger cupola mg. (egor)
VEHICLES: Tweaked deviation on bmp3 maingun rounds (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Matched humvee and abrams wreck texture with the normal colour texture to move away from the totally charred black wreck (chuc)
VEHICLES: Changed all vehicles to use existing colour texture rather than black wreck texture for wreck models (see dev forum post for more information) (chuc)
VEHICLES: Set btr-60 to use old btr-90 horn (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added proper us logistics truck (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set c4 suicide car bomb to use xlarge explosion effect (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed the improper us logistics truck (fuzzhead)
VEHICLES: Set hmmwv crows unit to render at long range (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set us logistics truck to use separate logistic truck textures and mesh (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed brdm2 crashing due to incorrect texture reference path (chuc)

BUILDS: Reorganised scripts for tidiness and sanity... (egor)

STATICS: Added a bunch of new statics to the repo including the new truck trailer, small version of the vbf2 brick wall and the fw terrain cover. (rhino)
STATICS: Removed repair and supply ability from commander posts (falkun)
STATICS: Added lightmap samples for the afghan north statics from crf (rhino)
STATICS: Removed some unneeded statics. (rhino)
STATICS: Updated target static with cull radius of 6 to see if it will draw further. (fuzzhead)
STATICS: Added a bunch of militia statics and other new statics as well as textures required for west fallujah. (rhino)
STATICS: Increased cull distance on the target and made the mat on it wood thin. (rhino)
STATICS: Set dragonteeth to draw at long range (jaymz)
STATICS: Added missing texture for fallujah's terrain cover. (rhino)

GENERAL: Vehicles added a new version of the lynx model to the repo. (rhino)
GENERAL: Added numerous ru assets (jaymz)
GENERAL: Reverted last (jaymz)
GENERAL: Added build scripts (latest untested version...) and installer assets. (egor)
GENERAL: Vehicles added a new version of the lynx model to the repo. (rhino)
GENERAL: Vehicles added a new version of the lynx model to the repo. (rhino)
GENERAL: Vehicles added a new version of the lynx's textures to the repo. (rhino)
GENERAL: Fixed typo in at 3p animations, was causing ctd. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixing the btr-60 (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed btr-60 blowing up (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed a big problem with wrt the molotov fix (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed ctd regarding russian brdm2 (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed ctd with bmp3 gunner (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed ctd with brdm2 (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed messageless ctd wrt gaskin (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed possible cause of ctd's on all russian maps (jaymz)

WEAPONS: Fixed pf89 zoom crouch floatiness (woot in before the release) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Improved qbz95 series reloads (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shortened dressing deploy time to 2.6 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shortened delay to throw for c4, slams, claymores and ammo bags (chuc)
WEAPONS: Made weapon reloads for assault rifles more "urgent", and averaging their reload times to about 6-7 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed the double playing of animations for smoke grenades, signal grenades, frag grenades and field dressings. (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Increased max in world to 10 for: mines, claymores, tripflares, ied's, c4 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Increased tripflare and ammo bag time in world after death to 10 minutes (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Increased time to live for grapple to 10 minutes (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Upped fire delay to 1 second to have the full epipen stab animation play (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced grenade deploy times to 2 seconds from 2.5 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed binoculars/gtld zoom in delay to 0.6 seconds, will be the new rifle zoom in time as well (chuc)
WEAPONS: Brought ak-47, ak47/gp25, ak-101 and bizon sights closer to the viewer (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shortened bizon reload time from 6.8 to 5.5 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Redid ar15 series reload animations (except for the l119a1, which is badass) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new tripflare model from tupla with animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Moved sks ironsight closer to the camera (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced head sway on sks deploy (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed sks ejecting two shells per shot (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed field of view delay for binoculars, gtld and the m40a3 as a test, specifically because it looks cool for 2 zoom levels (will implement for all 2 level zoom sniper rifles) (chuc)
WEAPONS: As a test, reduced m16a4 acog zoom in delay to 0.75 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed c4 being toggled when there's no ammo for it left (chuc)
WEAPONS: Toned down camera bone movement on various weapons and item deploys (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added camera sway when moving zoomed in on the m16a4 as a test (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted binoculars having the 'voop' zoom effect (chuc)
WEAPONS: Toned down shovel deploy camera bone movement (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reanimated deploys and some fire animations for grenades, shotguns, ammobag, medikits and the wrench (chuc)
WEAPONS: M2 slam 1p reanimation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Bumped grenade deploy time up to 2.25 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Smoke grenade textures edited, signal smoke grenade now has a green band around the top and bottom rings, and is coloured the same as a regular smoke grenade (chuc)
WEAPONS: C4 explosives 1p reanimate (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ied to use old .809 c4 animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shovel deploy animation edit (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed beretta and baghira not having proper stand animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set enfields to use 7.62x51mm rounds. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed ppsh doing the bolt animation after firing (chuc)
WEAPONS: Resynced l119a1 reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced all scoped rifle and ironsight mgs zoom in times to 0.75 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lowered weapon origin for all marksmen rifles so the scope isn't taking up so much screen real estate (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added camera movement while scoped in for all scoped weapons. its a severly toned down level compared to the hat (chuc)
WEAPONS: Resynced qbb, m14 and svd reload sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Arabic field dressing text rewritten to be a better translation of the english text (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sniper rifle deployed state separation started, m40a3 deployed added (chuc)
WEAPONS: All deployed variants of the sniper rifles have been added (sv98, m24, ssgp1, l115a1) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added artillery ied from eod_security-2252 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added camera bone to various sniper rifle animations and artillery ied (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new reload animations for the g3 series (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted sniper rifles to .809 values and animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: M68 aimpoint turned 3d (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited g3 series deploy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Adapted ak47 and ak47 gp25 deploy animations from the ak74 series (chuc)
WEAPONS: Minor tweaks to rpg26 deploy animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Brought at-4 sight slightly closer to the eye and finally made the rear apeture align with the front post (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shortened pf-89 zoom in time to 0.75 to match scoped rifles and other lats (chuc)
WEAPONS: Accidentally forgot to commit the new texture for the m68 aimpoint (chuc)
WEAPONS: Slight tweak to the qbz iron zoom fire animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked l85a2 series reload and fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Resynced ak47 and svd deploy and reload sounds respectively (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ak74m, ak74 scoped and ak74 ugl added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Made ak74m irons to have neutral zoom when sighted in (chuc)
WEAPONS: Brought ak47 and ak47 gp25 sights even closer to the camera (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked ak74m ironsight zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set ak74m cycling rate to 650 rpm (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ak74su from usi added along with new animations and synced sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked 545x39mm projectiles a bit (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Set ak74 series to use 5.45x39mm ammunition. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Set 1p29 magnification levels (4x) for ak74m (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Set ak74 series to use correct tracer intervals (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Slightly tweaked ar series reloads (chuc)
WEAPONS: Repositioned sks zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added shift delay to ak74 and ak74su series (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new ak47 model/texture (katarn)
WEAPONS: Updated ak47 with fist's new textures (katarn)
WEAPONS: New ak47 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ak47 bayonet added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Simonov bayonet deploy animation edit (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked ak74m and ak47 reload sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed minigun muzzle effect from nvst (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Slightly lowered coaxial mg deviation based on undies advice. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Updated deviation for all rifles/dmrs/snipers/smgs/pistols (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Set ironsight rifle recoil to match scoped rifle recoil (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Updated deviation for lmgs (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Lowered severity of the g3 iron zoom fire animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed up finger-on-the-trigger zoom in transistion on the sa80s (chuc)
WEAPONS: Brought g3 ironsight slightly closer to the camera (chuc)
WEAPONS: Boosted volume and tweaked grenades deploy sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set proper draw distance (cull radius) for nvst (jaymz)
WEAPONS: G3a3 hk79 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Deviation update (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Tweaked camera bone animations in some reload and deploy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set proper materials on bradley & hmmwv tow missiles (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Further adjustments to tow damage (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Deviation fix for dmrs (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Russian field dressing added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shifted minimi carry handle out of the player's direct view (katarn)
WEAPONS: Tweaked some 3p fire animations on some rifles (chuc)
WEAPONS: House-cleaning with the m249 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed m249 causing crashing because of missing files (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increase max in world for ied to 10 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Increase max in world to 10 for arty ied (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Arty ied put to weapon slot #6 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Set mortars to use a different material to prevent huge artillery style impact effects (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Slightly tweaked ar15 series reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked ar-15 unzoomed fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Improved bayonet animations on the simonov (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked lighting and colours on the ak47 texture to be less bright however slightly more reflective (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ak47 bayonet 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: New simonov 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new simonov bayonet animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Enabled ammo counter and fire selector showing for the aks-74u (chuc)
WEAPONS: Pf98 added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added brand new ar series deploy animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Bolt is now moving when firing the ar series weapons (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated ar series meshes added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated artillery ied meshes and animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed deploy sound reference for the sa80 series (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added incendiary grenade (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Created unique incendiary grenade texture (chuc)
WEAPONS: Got rid of unneeded code from incendiary grenade. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Moved gunner camera on all 50cal deployables to try avoid z-fighting issues. needs testing. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Removed damage from incendiary grenade (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added 30mm he-i rounds to bmp3. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added c7 client files (katarn)
WEAPONS: Added c7 server files (katarn)
WEAPONS: Fixed up 3p zoom and zoom fire animations for the ak74 scoped (chuc)
WEAPONS: C7 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed throwing animation for the incendiary grenade that was leftover from the other grenades but isn't used (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed slugshot breaching being extremely difficult. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added al-quds (long magazine, long barrel ak47) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited camerabone movements for machine guns (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added al-quds animations and sound refs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed ak74 being set to automatic fire by default (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shortened deployed mode timings by 1.5-2.5 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Incendiary mag sizes set to 1 and 2 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added ak74 gp25 grenade launcher files (animations on haitus till new meshes arrive) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Pf-98 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Moved g3 scoped and g3 hk79 down a bit so the scope isn't so obstructive (chuc)
WEAPONS: Improved g3 iron and g3 scoped hand positions (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lowered qbz-95 scoped and qbz-95 ugl standing animations so that the scope is less obtrusive (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed unnecessary alpha on the g3 scope (chuc)
WEAPONS: Same scope obstruction reduction treatment to the g3sg1 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked ak-series deploy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: 3p fire animations added for various weapons (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated c7 series, m16 series weapons with scopes to be lowered so that they don't obstruct so much of your view (chuc)
WEAPONS: At4 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lowered hand grenade damage. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Hand grenades given larger wound radius. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added pla frag grenade (type 86) (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added type 86 grenade black texture (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added the grenade trap to the repo, needs skinning and final code tweaking. (rhino)
WEAPONS: Tweaked some 3p and 1p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed c7's burst fire to automatic (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed various sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: M4 reload animation speed fix (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added missing spec map on the m16 series reciever texture map (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed bolt handle moving when firing the m249/minimi as it didn't actually move while firing :( (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked l85a2 series reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set all coaxial mg's to use realistic muzzle flash. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed up kit geometries snap moving when firing animation is played (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced undeployed lmg recoil (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Tweaked ironsight no. 4 enfield to fire slightly faster (1.5 second shift delay) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lowered any weapons using a susat, so its less obstrusive (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lowered explosion radius of kpvt rounds. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Scope obstruction reduction treatment to all sniper rifles (chuc)
WEAPONS: Redid lee enfield reload and other animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new lee enfield firing sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed zoom fov delay on lee enfield scoped (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ak74 wood finish variant added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated handheld deviation (rifles) (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Redid g3a3 hk79 rifle 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked m249 zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked a few zoom in animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Realigned hk21 ironsight (chuc)
WEAPONS: Deviation update to all dmr's (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Deviation update to all sniper rifles (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Deviation updates to all lmg's (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Deviation update to smg's (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Redid ssgp1 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed grenade trap index to 5 so it can fit on sapper with ied (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Put incendiary grenade x2 to weapon index 5 so it can be used with trip flare (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: New simonov 1p reload animation added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added ak74m variants for 3 mags and 7 mags (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Changed stone to weapon index 5 so collaborator can use a medic kit. (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Moved incendiary grenades to weapon index 6 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Reverted m249 zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed kit snapping with the ak74m (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set ak74m series to default to semi-auto (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Another update to rifle deviation (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Deviation updates to dmr's (jaymz)
WEAPONS: At mines laying animation extended to 4.5 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Finally fixed the g3ugl scope (chuc)
WEAPONS: Grenade trap 1p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added 3p grenade trap animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added grenade trap textures (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked the sound being played in the longer zoom in sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed artillery ied index to 8 to prevent clashing with the ap ied (chuc)
WEAPONS: Cleaned up bits of the ap ied code (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed type 86 grenade crash (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added large explosion effect to c4_explosives (falkun)
WEAPONS: Changed some weapon indexes so there is no conflicts (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Deleted vbf2 ak74u (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Updated militia anti-tank kit to 3 rpg (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed ak74m 3mag and 7mag sound issue (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Militia rpg7 anti-tank, removed the auto toggling when weapon is empty (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Decreased throw range on ied, landmine, tripflare, field dressing, c4, slams, claymores, grenade trap (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Decreased throw range on grappling hook (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Minor tweak to throw distances for c4, slams, ied's (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Removed muzzle effect from svd when sighted in (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed issue where you had to reload the insurgent rpg twice sometimes when you dont let the animation play all the way. (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Increased mag count for enfield ironsites (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Resolved weapon index incompatibility with grenade trap and insrg_ied (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed double animations playing with the stone weapon (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Attempt to force grenade trap and arty ied to only be deployable while prone. (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Updated al-quds (long mag rpk) code, with deviation, recoil values (copied from ak47) and mouse sensitivity mod (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added ak74m server files (katarn)
WEAPONS: Added ak74m client files (katarn)
WEAPONS: Removed vanilla ak101 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Added wooden ak74 version (katarn)
WEAPONS: Ak74 cleanup (katarn)
WEAPONS: Fixed mistake commit (katarn)
WEAPONS: Increased m2hb rof from 450rpm to 550rpm (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Update to rifle deviation (increased settle time required from moving to 5 seconds) (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed pf98 texture crash (katarn)
WEAPONS: Fixed up code on the ak74m and ak74m wood (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added ak74m 7mag and 3mag variants (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed zoom delay for brdm-2, btr-60, and bmp-3 bow machineguns (falkun)
WEAPONS: Added sa-9 missile (falkun)
WEAPONS: Darkened trilux scope on the ak74m slightly (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set muzzle effect to not play when sighted in for the ak74 scoped variants (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Made sure all hand held weapons are rendering at long range. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed reload issues with rpg7 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Tweaked simonov reload and fixed up ak74m gp25 rifle animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed weapon index for smoke signal green and faction smoke so officers can have both (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Made smoke grenades stay on the ground for 60 seconds instead of 30 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Attempt to remove molotov bottle sooner upon impact with ground (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Updates to eryx from dravvy-boy (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added tandem warhead version of rpg7 for russian h-at (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Ak74m gp-25 rifle 3p animations edited to use a pistol grip in the front (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new crows turret with updated 50 cal (falkun)
WEAPONS: Set pf98 to use a heavy at projectile (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added arming delay for h-at projectiles (30m approx) (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed incorrect fire sound reference on the aks74u (chuc)
WEAPONS: Minor tweaks to the mp5 animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new hk21 1p reload (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased speed of gltd projectile (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Updated hk21, m249 and qbb95 lmg 1p animations, mainly improving the deploy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: New pkm 1p reload animation added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Redid hand position on the pkm deployed mode (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated insurgent pkm pickup weapon (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shift delay on all semi-auto rifles and pistols lowered from 100ms to 50ms. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added new pkm undeployed deploy animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited sound references and sounds for the c4 pack (chuc)
WEAPONS: Brown, orange, purple and yellow smokes grenades set to use blue smoke grenade selection icon (temporary fix to prevent ctd) (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Set zis3 cannon to render at longer distance (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed ctd on russian maps wrt tandem rpg (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Removed unnecesary ammo counter for single field dressings and incendiary grenade (still need to add appropriate q-spot menu commands) (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Set mobile tow launchers to render at long range (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added aks74u fire sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed wrong mag count on auxiliary kits using the ak74m (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed ammo counter on single field dressing and incendiary grenade (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Updated a couple of reload sounds (chuc)

ATLAS: Updated manually the grenadier icon on the atlas (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated atlas with new icons and flags (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated to include removed direction arrows on infantry shown on the minimap (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated with new ammo counter hud element (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated with new icons (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated with new machine gun icon (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated for new action icons (ancientman)
ATLAS: Updated with new vehicle icons (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated with newer minimap icons (chuc)

KITS: Added copy of mec kits to be used for "rf" faction (jaymz)
KITS: Added folder for rf meshes and textures (jaymz)
KITS: Baghira pistol issued to militia snipers (jaymz)
KITS: Russian forces kit loadouts added, mec/militia mix (chuc)
KITS: Updated militia with new ak-74m weapons (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated militia with new russian field dressing (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated all russian kits with russian field dressing (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated all russian kits with ak47 bayonet (placeholder for ak74m bayonet) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed russian kits, were using v0.75 loadouts (fuzzhead)
KITS: Taliban kits added (chuc)
KITS: Updated militant icons to be correct (scope and irons) (fuzzhead)
KITS: All insurgent kits with ak-47 now have ak-47 bayonet (fuzzhead)
KITS: Reverted ak47 bayonet from russians (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added temp ak101 ugl for militia grenadier (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added taliban medic, tweaked taliban kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added arty ied to ambusher, tweaked insurgent kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed bundlemesh texture referencing causing crashing if taliban were put into a map (chuc)
KITS: Fixed ctd with mec_at_nvg. (egor)
KITS: Added russian kit textures (chuc)
KITS: Updated all faction engineer kits (still need to create timed c4 weapon and maglink with remote detonated c4) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added new specialist rifleman to all factions (faction shotguns still need to be sorted out) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated all chechen/georgian militia kits. (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added incendiary grenade x1 to all faction riflemen (fuzzhead)
KITS: Increased smoke count on most limited kits to 2 (was 1) to help with ammo problem with only 1 in weapon (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated taliban kits (still need to add limited kits) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated insurgent kits (still need to create new spawn kits) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added med kit to collaborator (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added new insurgent g3 and insurgent sks classes (fuzzhead)
KITS: Insurgent officer given shovel (fuzzhead)
KITS: Cleaned up menu hud files references a bit (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed menu hud name and icon for specialist riflemen. (fuzzhead)
KITS: Removed scout for meinsurgents (fuzzhead)
KITS: Replaced meinsurgent_civilian with meinsurgent_collaborator (fuzzhead)
KITS: Militia medic now has ak47 and bayonet (fuzzhead)
KITS: Militia sapper using proper hud icon now (fuzzhead)
KITS: Militia scout given incendiary grenade x2 (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added type86 frag grenades to pla kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated specialist name (fuzzhead)
KITS: Insurgent collaborator filename reverted to civilian (file use only) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated some militia kits to try to solve crashing issue (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated kit icon assignments (chuc)
KITS: Rpk pickup to use new long magazine rpk (chuc)
KITS: Updated militia kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated russian kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Update to militia kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added incendiary grenade to most infantry kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Removed mountaineer engineer variant (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added shovel to crewman (fuzzhead)
KITS: Remove ghille suit from all snipers (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave pla riflemen and officers correct frag nade count of 4 (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added pf98 to pla anti-tank and eryx to ru anti-tank (fuzzhead)
KITS: Us army medic no longer named "corpsman". (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added gltd to snipers (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed militant not using right kit icon (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added ziptie and nvg variants of specialist rifleman (fuzzhead)
KITS: Resolved some weapon index issues with civilian and medic kit (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added new pickup insurgent kit "demo expert" with the arty ied (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated militia and insurgent sapper kits with the new hgr trap (hgr trap needs some work) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave demo expert correct drop kit geometry (fuzzhead)
KITS: Small update to sapper kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed rpk pickup kit using old vanilla rpk drop geometry (chuc)
KITS: Gave crewman repair ability (for shovel) (fuzzhead)
KITS: Remove ammo ability from specialist (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed kit geometry for specialist (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave insurgent rpg, sa7 and sniper kits stone weapon (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated all kits with new references to ak74m (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave medic 1 x incendiary grenade (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave engineer 2 x incendiary grenade (fuzzhead)
KITS: Updated smoke grenades for officers, gave officers incendiary grenade (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave militia medic incendiary grenade (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave snipers green smoke and faction smoke (fuzzhead)
KITS: - gave militia sapper 2 x ied instead of 1 (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed spawn menu names for taliban (fuzzhead)
KITS: Added taliban limited kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Taliban request kits updated (chuc)
KITS: Added gp-25 ak74m grenadier to the appropriate kits (chuc)
KITS: Renamed militia and taliban sapper so it will work properly with request kit python (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed the gb kit ctd, nvg version of the gb_specialist kit was using the same crate name as normal. (rhino)

COMMON: Added ru rallypoints (ancientman)
COMMON: Added russian and taliban rallypoints. (dbzao)
COMMON: Small fix to russian command post (fuzzhead)
COMMON: Added taliban command post and spawners (fuzzhead)
COMMON: Tweaks to repair drop (jaymz)
COMMON: Added west fallujah's sky texture to the repo (rhino)

MATERIALS: Made h-at missiles set apc's on fire instead of insta-destroying them. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Doubled l-at damage vs sandbags. twice as effective against bunkers and emplacements. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Doubled l-at damage vs dirt. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Changed default material on bunkers,firebases and hideouts from concrete to sandbags. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Added incendiary grenade materials (katarn)
MATERIALS: Fixed up incendiary damage (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Changed default material for deployable 50cals (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Set knife to do 0 damage to fo radio. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Tweaked grenade damage vs fo's. two grenades should now destroy one. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Reverted grenade damage vs fo's. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Increased grenade damage vs cars/jeeps/trucks (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Increased damage of l-at projectiles vs light armour slightly (to allow one to set an aav on fire). (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Set knife to damage radios again (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Attempt to make shovel disable landmines (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Set 14.5mm to do very little damage against apc armour (still effective against stryker,lav25,scimitar,btr-60) (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Boosted aa missile damage against jets by 50% (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Set attack helicopters to use jet material for armour (damage reasons) (jaymz)
MATERIALS: C4 and incendiary grenades will now destroy ammocaches (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Grenades now do very little damage to ammocahces (jaymz)
MATERIALS: All projectiles 50cal and lower will now do no damage to the sandbags, nor to the dirt parts of any deployable assets. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Changed apc default material to prevent them being destroyed by incendiary grenades. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Prevented 5.56,7.62,9mm from destroying iron fences (jaymz)

SOLDIERS: Added copy of mec soldiers to used for "rf" faction. (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: Added folder for rf soldier meshes and textures (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: Taliban soldiers added (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Edited 1p chinese soldier texture (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added newer type 07 digital cams for pla faction (chuc)

SOUNDS: Doubled the mindistance on hmmwv engines and increased all others by about 50% (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Attempt to resync hk53 firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Ak74m firing sound added (jaymz)
SOUNDS: General sound overhaul of ak74's. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Raised volume of ar15 deploy sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Rpg26 deploy resync (jaymz)
SOUNDS: All tank engine and track volume distances increased (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New 3p coaxial mg firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Attempt to add in "rocket engine start" sound to missile projectiles. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added ru voices and win/loose music. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set proper distance delay as suggested by zangoo (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lowered volume of ar15 reload (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to tank reload sounds to match new loading times. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Apc firing sound overhaul part 1 (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Apc firing sound overhaul part 2 (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Increased volume and distance of tracks on various tracked vehicles (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Increased volume and distances on civilian vehicle engines (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed up svd firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Minor tweaks to cobra/apache gatling gun firing sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lowered volume of m35 engine (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lowered volume distances on all jets and helicopters to help mask the distant crossing sound bug. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: La72 autocannon sound re-commit. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed hmmwv avenger engine sound distance (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Filtered 1p firing sound for bmp-3 frag shell (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Filtered 1p firing sound of kpvt (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Volume tweaks for hmmwv avenger 50cal (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set 50cal sound on hmmwv avenger to come from tip of barrel. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New coaxial mg reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Specific right panned 50cal firing sound for avenger (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New aav 1p missile firing sound. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to aav 3p missile firing sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed loop marker on avenger 50cal 1p sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Right panned 1p coaxial firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added 1p ammo drop sound. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Raised 1p stinger missile firing sound volume for for mech warrior cockpit. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Testing new sonic crack system (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New 1p firing sound for bow mg's on bmp3 (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Minor tweak to l85a2 reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added new "zoom in" sound for optic rifles. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Assigned longer "zoom in" sound to all optic rifles, lmg's and dmr's. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added grenade trap sounds (deploy sound needs to be looked at, needs a "thunk" sound where the grenade goes into the can) (chuc)
SOUNDS: New ar-15 firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Specific 1p coax sounds for gb armour (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New enfield firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set 14.5mm kpvt to use a reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Gave jihad music to all civi cars as horn. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Coaxial mg volume overhaul (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to mec scout chopper sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Silenced all "mine here" voice commands. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Silenced "running low on reinforcements" voices. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Removed calls for "mine here" and "low on reinforcements" voices. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New russian sl and grunt voices from nosferatu & co (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Volume mastering on russian voices (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Applied radio style filtering to russian sl radio commands (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Applied radio style filtering to russian grunt radio commands (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New ar15 1p and 3p firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed a few sound problems with the hmmwv crows (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set crows systems to use coax mg reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed new russian sl & grunt voices not playing. (jaymz)

SPAWNERS: Updated spawner files with new kits and removed unused vehicle spawner files. (fuzzhead)

EFFECTS: Added artillery ied explosion effect (chuc)


HUD: Fixed field dressing single Q menu (ancientman)
HUD: Shrunk the dirtbike minimap icon (chuc)
HUD: Added generic APC passenger HUD (falkun)
HUD: Changed Taliban and Chechen engineers to use dynamite plunger icon (chuc)
HUD: Added new Attack Helicopter HUDS. Needs extensive testing! (jaymz)
HUD: Removed TV distortion from Attack Helicopter gunner cams (jaymz)
HUD: Removed radio squeltch when hovering around the comm-rose (chuc)
HUD: Matched the ingame scoreboard icons for points, kills etc with the ones in the end-game scoreboard (chuc)
HUD: Removed unused code (jaymz)

STATICS: Added missing textures required for Dragonfly statics. (rhino)
STATICS: Added missing statics required for Fallujah and DF. (rhino)
STATICS: Added carrier protection to the repo (rhino)
STATICS: Added missing Fallujah textures. (rhino)
STATICS: Small fix to the new OG fields to stop them from casting shadows, no need to delete the fields before generating LMs now. (rhino)
STATICS: Increased cull on cable statics (rhino)
STATICS: Increased cull on militia blockwalls (rhino)
STATICS: fixed cols on one of the Russian apartments used in Fallujah. (rhino)
STATICS: Stopped dest fences from casting shadows on LMs and gave dynamic shadows to them. (rhino)
STATICS: Removed explosion damage from destroyable shed_v1 (jaymz)
STATICS: Changed shed_v1 material so that 1 shotgun shell won't destroy it. (jaymz)

ASSETS: Added Stigger's version of the chinook to the repo without LODs and deleted IceKillers model. (rhino)
ASSETS: Added new version of the Chinook with LODs to the repo from Stigger. (rhino)

HUDS: Added crosshair to WZ-11 HUD (falkun)

LOCALIZATION: small edits to tad sae CP names (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: more updates to cp names (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: small adjustments made to end of round team names on scoreboard (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated to 852, reworded some commo messages (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Fixed crashing on prmessages.utxt (ancientman)

PYTHON: Updated training to have sv.novehicles = 0 while all others sv.novehicles = 1. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated random cps to consider the second digit in the supplyGroupId as the number of CPs to be left in the group after the random removal. So if sgid = 21, then group = 2 and leave = 1; sgid = 22, group = 2 and leave = 2; sgid = 2 or sgid = 20, then group = 2 and leave = all (not random). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added APC category to the constants. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated death ticket handler. Insurgency should work better now, without the weird ticket numbers sometimes. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated deployable asset rules to not allow building Forward Outposts close to main base (400m for 2Km maps or lower and 800m for bigger). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed jeep spawning from FOs. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated some code in attempt to avoid spawning in wrong squad rally points. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated kit request to allow SLs to request the officer kit if they lost it even if it was allocated before. (dbzao)

MENU: Updated main menu and game modes (ancientman)
MENU: Removed player direction cone from minimap (ancientman)
MENU: Fixed medic action icon (ancientman)
MENU: Updated Chechen and Taliban flags (ancientman)
MENU: Fixed favorite button on favorite menu (ancientman)
MENU: Updated atlas with new attack heli huds (ancientman)

VEHICLES: Removed extra rear seats from GB logistics truck (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added alternate exit point to Stryker (falkun)
VEHICLES: Removed T-72 cupola 3rd person camera views (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed BRDM-2 Gaskin third passenger head position resetting (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added burn marks on some wreck textures (chuc)
VEHICLES: Edited CROWS textures (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added the WZ551A APC with 12.7mm MG Turret to the repo, needs textures and the correct MG etc as well as a load more coding. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Fixed US logistics truck being invisible (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed up materials on T72M1 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set reload time on T72M1 to standard "manual loaders" style (6 seconds). (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added a few more wreck textures (chuc)
VEHICLES: Custom fitted 3p pilot animations to the little birds (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added wreck textures to most GB land vehicles (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed Stormer using incorrect minimap icon (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added new WZ551A Textures and fixed a few sound path bugs with it. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Set BMP3 30mm muzzle flash to come from tip of barrel. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set BMP3 30mm shell casings to eject from where they do IRL, approximately :| (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set BMP3 100mm muzzle flash to come from tip of barrel (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set BMP3 bow mg bullets to fire in 1p camera in order to avoid aiming issues. Muzzle flash should still come from barrel. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Tweaks to overheating on HMMWV Avenger (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Doubled cooldown rate on BMP3 30mm cannon (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Colour adjusted the warrior, challenger and british trucks to match the nicer green on the stormer and scimitar (chuc)
VEHICLES: Realistic values given to Mi-28 "Havoc" 30mm cannon. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Further tweaks to Huey flight mechanics. Reduced max speed and acceleration by 50%. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed positioning errors on muzzle and shell casing effects for AH1Z "Cobra". (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed positioning errors with muzzle and shell casing effects for WAH64 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Applied the same muzzle/casing effect fixes to the US AH64. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Moved BRDM2 gunner camera forward to avoid z-fighting issues. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed outside sound obstruction from Militia Technical. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed dodgy front passenger camera on Gaskin. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Got rid of duplicated periscope code on Gaskin. Should be a smooth transition to periscope view for driver. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Periscope view for Gaskin driver should now be "x". Not "2". (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Driver periscope key on Spandrel should now be "x". Not "2". (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added truck canvas files to the repo (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added canvas covering to all logistics trucks (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added air vehicles wreck textures (chuc)
VEHICLES: Yellow and black hazard lines painted into the rear wheel flaps on all logistics trucks (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added PR version of the UAV with 2 hitpoints. Should blow up instantly upon spawning to prevent UAV hackers. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Re-referenced the logistics trucks back to its own mesh (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added supply crate (double) to all logistics trucks (falkun)
VEHICLES: Modified BMP-3 main cannon to be more realistic (can no longer destroy armor with it and reduced muzzle velocity to 350 m/s) (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed CROWS turret not rotating in 3rd person (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added misc vehicles wreck textures (chuc)
VEHICLES: Gunner position of Stormer no longer has third-person camera views (falkun)
VEHICLES: Scimitar (should?) have full smoke coverage now (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed BMP-3 auxiliary coax passenger icon positions (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed invisible US Logistics Truck. Serious this time! (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Lowered BMP3 hitpoints (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Lowered Truck hitpoints. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: VEHICLES: Attempt to fix the invisible US logistics truck again by adding missing ustrk_m35_logistics .con file (chuc)
VEHICLES: Re-re-re-reverted the us m35 logistics trucks to reference the logistics mesh including textures (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added the Lynx to the repo for testing. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Added update of the Lynx from Trahn. (rhino)
VEHICLES: LAV-25/Bradley HET rounds have more realistic detonation radius (from 7m to 4m) (falkun)
VEHICLES: Standardised APC 25/30mm cannon overheating. 15/16 shots maximum to overheat. 20 second cool down time. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set BMP-3 100mm Frag shells damage radius to 18m (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Greatly lowered the speed at which the TOW and 9M117 missiles are initially launched at. They should now launch at a slow speed and accelerate quickly to top speed. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Made WZ-11's tracers more prominent (falkun)
VEHICLES: Tunkguska updates from CAS (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed explosive force from Tunguska projectiles (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Reverted sound changes to Tunguska (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updates to J10 handling from CAS. NEED TESTING FROM PILOTS! (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Reverted sound changes from J10 update. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Reverted sound changed to Tornado (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Reverted sound changes to SU30 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set HMG style overheat to 14.5mm KPVT's (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Modified WZ551 cannon HET projectiles to match those of Bradley and LAV-25 (falkun)
VEHICLES: Set BMP3 100mm Frag shells to use XLarge impact explosion effect. (jaymz)

GENERAL: updated guiindex with Spandrel (jaymz)
GENERAL: fixed ctd with medium explosion effect (jaymz)

WEAPONS: Added new shotgun fire and cocking sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Attempted fix to the floating pin on the 'Iraq' smoke grenade (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed One of the L85A2 ironsights using wrong deploy sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added textured bullets to AKs74u and Long magazine RPK (chuc)
WEAPONS: Redid a few reload sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Redid Field Dressing Animations and added a tearing sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added PF98 deploy sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added sounds to grenade trap, mines and artillery IED (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added correct M24 zoom in animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: finally.. finally.. FINALLY fixed the grenade trap laying and detonation code (chuc)
WEAPONS: Greyscaled the medibag texture (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed 8 second arming delay from incendiary grenade. Should ignite within a few seconds. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Extended grenade trap deploy time to about 7.5 seconds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added sticky physics values from other plantables like the tripflare and grenade trap to the mines so they don't roll about on uneven terrain (chuc)
WEAPONS: Made tripflare have same movement trigger properties as the grenade trap (prone movement won't set it off) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Made tripflare able to be disabled by shovelling (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set arming delay to 5 seconds for the grenade trap (chuc)
WEAPONS: Attempt to fix collision mesh problems with TOW (jaymz)
WEAPONS: another attempt at fixing the double reloading of the RPG7 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Quietened shovel sound in 1p and 3p as well as resynced it (chuc)
WEAPONS: Artillery ied sound name fix (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed trip flare ammo counter (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Redid RPG26 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed F1 grenade not mag linking to the grenade trap (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set AK74U to default to semi-auto. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed bug where scope reticles on AK74MGL variants were transparent (katarn)
WEAPONS: Set loop count to 700rpm on the AKS74u fire sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed alternating magazine colors for first and third person on wooden ak74's (katarn)
WEAPONS: Mapped supply crates (double) to key 3 and repair crates to key 4 (falkun)

WEAPONS: Fixed kit geometry 'snapping' on the AK74m scoped firing animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Detached bolt and ejection port from weapon in 3rd person (katarn)
WEAPONS: G3 ejection ports detached (katarn)
WEAPONS: NSVT reload time is now synced with reload sound (falkun)
WEAPONS: Reverted increase in speed for GLTD lasing projectile. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Set shotgun breaching round to reach minimum damage at 10 meters. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: New QBZ95 3p fire and reload animations added to suit newly separated meshes (chuc)
WEAPONS: G3A3 3p fire and reload animations tweaked to accomodate the new bolt (chuc)
WEAPONS: G3A3 iron 1p zoom animations fixed (chuc)
WEAPONS: HK79 UGL 3p animations added, adapted from the G3A3 rifle animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited G3A3 UGL rifle fire and reload 3p animations to accomodate for the separated bolt (chuc)
WEAPONS: c4 max in world 10 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Set incendiary grenade to use new effect (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Set RKG3 to use new impact effect (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed default missing texture reference on the AK74m and AK74m GP25 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Standardised 50cal overheating. 25 rounds to overheat. 5 second cool down time. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Moved camera on AA emplacements forward to avoid z-fighting. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Tweaked grapple hook latch sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed incorrect zoom in animation for the M40A3 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added different run animations for deployed machine guns so you can tell the difference much more easily (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased mag count for all light machine guns as per Fuzz's suggestion (and yes I've been popping them pillz) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaks to 2-seater jet weapons systems. NEED TESTING FROM PILOTS! (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added new L85 series reload animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed floating bolt handle on the G3A3 iron while reloading (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted changes to TOW/9M117 travel speed. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Cleaned up PPSH 1p animations (should fix that run issue) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaks to DMR deviation (jaymz)
WEAPONS: New Sniper kit geometries added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed up ze G3 (katarn)

ATLAS: Updated atlas (ancientman)
ATLAS: Updated atlas (ancientman)

VEGETATION: Increased draw distance on ME Olive vegetation. (jaymz)

KITS: removed wrench and shovel from collaborator due to conflicts with medkit (fuzzhead)
KITS: Set Russian Crewman to use AK74U with 2+1 mags (jaymz)
KITS: fixed kit bags for specialists always showing chinese flag (fuzzhead)

EFFECTS: New explosion/impact effects from Alex (jaymz)
EFFECTS: New Helicopter sand draft effect from Alex (jaymz)
EFFECTS: New weapon effects from Alex. Including new Tank/AA/Helicopter cannon muzzle flashes, new incendiary grenade effect, new missile trails... (jaymz)

COMMOM: fixed naming error with chechen and taliban engineer kits causing the kits to appear invisible. (fuzzhead)

MATERIALS: Set incendiary grenade to do full damage to civilian vehicles. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Set proper material for Canvas (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Further increased incendiary damage vs ammo caches. 1 should take out a cache now. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Prevented 50cal from damaging penetrable cloth material. Shooting Logistic Truck canvas with 50cal and lower projectiles should now do NO damage to the truck. (jaymz)

SOLDIERS: Russian uniforms and kit textures added (chuc)
SOLDIERS: UN Soldier added (...) (chuc)
SOLDIERS: All dead bodies should now stay for 3mins and not become ghost-like. NEEDS TESTING! (jaymz)

SOUNDS: Added missing "need extraction" voice for Russian SL (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Boosted volume of Russian Grunt Radio transmissions (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Boosted volume of Russian SL Radio transmissions (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed up AR15 1p reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Boosted volume of Enfield firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set all BMP3 firing sounds to come from the same position as the muzzle effects. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaked QBZ 1p reload (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to AR15 1p firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed win/lose music not playing for US Army. Also set Chechen Militia to use MEC win/lose music as placeholder. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Boosted sprint footstep sounds by about 40% (chuc)
SOUNDS: New AK74M and AK74U sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Boosted run and prone ground impact sounds by about 40% (chuc)
SOUNDS: Boosted volume of projectile impact and ricochet sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added Russians and Taliban to the music list. Using Brit music as placeholder. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added "Generation Kill" style radio filtering. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added Karbala loading music from PirateX (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Reverted volume boosts to footsteps and movement to preserve volume dynamics. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added 1/2 second of silence to the start of air asset lock warnings. This means that AA missiles should be headed your way before you get the warning. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New voip activate/deactivate sounds when speaking to Commander "V". (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added Russian Commander GPS ambience. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added MEC Commander GPS Ambience (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added zis3 reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New ZIS3 reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Reverted new Russian voices back to old ones (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to all 1p Main Gun firing sounds for tanks. (jaymz)

VEHICES: Fixed positioning on Spandrel gunner view to avoid z-fighting issues. (jaymz)


PYTHON: Updated forward outpost rule to not allow deploying too close to command post. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated CnC with new bleed logic. If your team has 4 FOs and the enemy has none, the enemy will bleed one ticket per second. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added ticket loss to different vehicles types for all game modes (-10 = armor, jets, apcs, helicopters, forward outposts, -5 = transport jeeps/trucks, -3 = ground defenses, -1 = soldiers). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated training to not lose any tickets for death or vehicle destroyed. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Attempt to fix spawning in wrong rally point. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added civilian kit to the kits allowed to place forward outposts/hideouts. (dbzao)
PYTHON: If a coalition player kills a civilian outside the ROE, his score is reset to 0 (and all other penalties applied as well). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Attempt to fix the issue of kills not being counted if the enemy didn't respawn and the round ended. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Increased kit request distance from bunkers/firebases to be 10m instead of 5m. Added fixed_carrier as 200m radius kit request location to be used at carriers. Added m2a2 apc as kit req location to usmc if needed at some maps (fallujah). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to spawn the rpk in the caches. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to zero the score of the insurgent traitor that destroys a cache. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Update to make sure the insurgents don't lose tickets for anything but caches destroyed. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added the new soldier bodies to the constants file. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Increased wounded time to 3 minutes. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated taliban to have hideouts and no other deployable asset. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added crewman restriction to the logistics truck and removed the restrictions from normal trucks. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to reveal the first objective to the coalition only ~4 minutes into the round. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added a bunch of new vehicles to the kit requirements list and startup delay (some will not lock the turrets yet). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Replaced sandbags with the pillbox for deployable asset. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated soldier bodies naming. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated ticket penalties of deployable assets to only count if it was destroyed by the enemy. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added spawn points to caches in Insurgency that will be deleted if the cache is revealed or destroyed. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added different message for insurgents trying to deploy assets with the wrong kit. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed pilot kit request from militia and taliban. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added the two new soldier mec bodies to constants file. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Attempt to fix issues with not being able to delete some markers. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Some changes to markers to try make them more reliable. You may need to wait 5 seconds to do an action like delete one so the code can load it. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed the crewman kit requirement to logistics truck. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to delete the cache spawn point only when the coalition gets the revealed message. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated kit request rules to only accept requesting from APCs and SUPPLY CRATES. Updated deployable assets rules to check for factin specific supply crates. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added limit of 16 players to public training servers. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Renamed realitycommander to realityassets just because I want to and I can, and nobody will do anything about it. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added code to disable forward outpost spawn if enemies are close. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Lowered distance between FOs to 300m from 400m. Also lowere distance of assets from FOs to 150m from 200m. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added the two new british soldier bodies to constants file (dbzao)

MATERIAL: Updated wreck to only be destroyed by C4, SLAMs, Tank rounds, bombs, heavy missiles. (dbzao)

KITS: Mixed around with the kit geometries on the meinsurgents (chuc)
KITS: gave militia rifleman at scoped ak74 instead of ironsites (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave crewman 2 smoke (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed crewman kits not having repair ability. (dbzao)
KITS: Added AKM Bayonet to the taliban, iraqi insurgents and chechen militia where applicable (chuc)
KITS: Fixed russian pilot pistol in position 3. (dbzao)
KITS: Switched out weapons on pickup kits to Iraqi insurgent geometries to prevent cataclysmic events from taking place (chuc)
KITS: Taliban dropbags added, with taliban flag on it (chuc)
KITS: Added individualised kit icons on the drop bags (chuc)
KITS: Server kit files for the Chinese, Taliban, Iraqi Insurgents, pickup kits and Chechen militia have been updated with individual icon configs (chuc)
KITS: US Army and USMC kits updated with new dropbag configurations (chuc)
KITS: Russian kits updated with new dropbag configurations (chuc)
KITS: MEC kits updated with new dropbag configurations (chuc)
KITS: British kits updated with new dropbag configurations (chuc)
KITS: - gave insurgent cell leader G3 (fuzzhead)
KITS: Set the MEC specialist to use the Saiga 12k slugshot (1+1 mags) (chuc)
KITS: Iraqi insurgent AK47, Taliban LAT and Taliban Insurgent 2 now have AK47; Chechen medic has AKS74U and Chechen militant AB has Bayonet AK47 (chuc)
KITS: updated taliban riflemen soldier names to warrior (fuzzhead)
KITS: Set all conventional riflemen AT kits to use normal rifleman kit geometries (chuc)
KITS: Gave Iraqi insurgent SKS spawn kit the slugshot shotgun and index 5 RKG3 (chuc)
KITS: Retextured RPG on back kit geometries to look the same as the RPG rounds currently in use (chuc)
KITS: Norinco buckshot added to Insurgent SKS, replacing the SKS (chuc)
KITS: Insurgent1 given the slugshot shotgun, insurgent2 given the grenade trap (replacing the smoke grenade) (chuc)
KITS: Gave RKG3 to Taliban insurgent1 and Iraqi AKs74u insurgent (chuc)
KITS: Faction specific weapon pictures added to drop geometries (chuc)
KITS: Cleaned up Taliban kit texture references (chuc)
KITS: Fixed kit bag icon on the US army pilot kit (chuc)

DEPLOYABLES: Fixed camera positioning on new deployable AA assets to avoid z-fighting. (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: New AA deployables should spawn as a wreck now and need construction. (jaymz)

ATLAS: Updated atlas (ancientman)
ATLAS: Updated atlas (ancientman)

SOLDIERS: Fixed lighting issue on the Russian light soldier (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added re-prefixed soldiers for USMC, China and Russia (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Renamed soldiers to new prefixes (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Server soldier renamed files added (Client files soon) (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Sprint standardization for all soldiers. 30 seconds of sprint with a 100 second refill time. Only exception is Civilians which have 15 seconds of sprint. (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: Client files for the new renamed factions added (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Deleted old named factions (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Renamed soldiers for PLA, Russia and USMC to alternative names because the underscore made the game still recognise that the original prefix still exists, this locking the kits AGAIN. (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Renamed soldiers for PLA, Russia and USMC to alternative names because the underscore made the game still recognise that the original prefix still exists, this locking the kits AGAIN. (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added more faces for the USMC and USA factions (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Taliban and meinsurgent civilian textures green jumper, nike shoes replaced (chuc)
SOLDIERS: More variants added for the meinsurgent soldiers (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added 2 more chinese soldier variants (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Renamed soldiers all to standardised pr_(faction), also reverted chi_pr/usmc_pr/rus_pr to pr_ch/pr_us/pr_ru (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added 2 more MEC soldier variants (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Tweaked a little the russian uniforms (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added 2 more Russian soldiers (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Sharpened textures on the Russian soldiers and kits (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Fixed Russian soldier 4 causing crash (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added 2 more Chechen militia soldiers (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added 2 more british soldiers (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Reduced time needed before standing up after going to prone back to 0.8 seconds (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Reduced length of hypershaky sprint animation when going from prone to standing (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Final standardisation of sprint times. 30 seconds of sprint time (15 for collaborators). Refill time is 80 seconds. (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: Changed out a US face to look Asian (ish) (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Changed UN face to look Indian (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Desert type-07 digital camo skins for the PLA added (woodland skins now have _woodland suffix) (chuc)

SOUNDS: Tweaks to shotgun sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to Enfield 3p firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added missing sound to large explosion effect (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set all shotguns to use the same firing sounds (a modified remington one). The new sounds weren't working out. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lowered volume of optics zoom in sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaked Enfield firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed bug with missile engine sounds by adding silence to the beginning. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New Enfield firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Boosted volume of H-AT & L-AT/RPG firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Changed deploy sound of AK47 bayonet. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaked RPK/Al-Quds firing sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Numerous tweaks to volume and distance of missile engine sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm distant sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Standardized 50cal sound distances (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Complete standardization of volume and distances for handheld & stationary weapon firing sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Boosted volume of 1p firing sound for BMP3 Bow mg's. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed sound for the large explosion effect being insanely loud. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Reverted back to the good'ol distant sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Awesome new 50cal distant sound from Chammy. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New British Commander voices from TwistedHelix. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set distance delay to only happen when sound source is 200m or more away. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Stretched out EAX air absorption distance to 300m before it's at max. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Raised volume of distant sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Increased distance of 3p reload sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Raised volume of distant sounds slightly. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lowered really loud engine noises on Trucks. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added hi-frequency tinnitus masking to the tinnitus sound (chuc)
SOUNDS: Reverted change to tinnitus sound back to shell-shock effect. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to distant sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lowered volume of walk & sprint sounds. Part 1 of dynamic range overhaul. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Dynamic Range overhaul Part 2 (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Increased distance of 3p reloads on lots of handheld weapons (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Corrected loads of 3p reload sounds not being in sync with animations (jaymz)
SOUNDS: More high-end added to 3p 25mm firing sound. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed AK74U 3p reload sound not being defined as a 3D sound. (jaymz)

HUD: Brand new Russian HUD's, complements of Geze and Alex. New Spandrel gunner sight, Fixed BMP3 Gunner sight. Brand new Russian Tank/APC commander sight. (jaymz)
HUD: Updated weapon selection icons (ancientman)
HUD: Fixed ctd with BMP3 9M117 missiles (jaymz)
HUD: Added cease fire message to comm rose. (dbzao)
HUD: Darkened outline on the compass slightly (chuc)
HUD: Added special ability icons to grenade trap and RKG3 AT grenade (chuc)
HUD: Added a few new vehicle passenger icons (chuc)
HUD: Added different extract requests (apc and helo) and repair request to SL comm rose. (dbzao)
HUD: Added new UAV trailer and repair depot icons to Chuc's Icons folder (chuc)
HUD: Added unique Warrior seating icon (chuc)
HUD: Added a number of new vehicle passenger icons (chuc)
HUD: Updated shotgun selection icons (chuc)
HUD: Redid M249 Para selection icon (chuc)
HUD: Added new selection icons for AK47 no bayonet (chuc)
HUD: Added 2 new action icons from [R-COM]VoXiNaTiOn (ancientman)
HUD: Gave Artillery IED its own icon (chuc)
HUD: Added and updated a whole bunch of selection icons (chuc)
HUD: Changed GuiIndex on generic APC HUD to avoid conflict. (egor)
HUD: Added breaching slug special ability icon (chuc)
HUD: Updated a few selection icons (chuc)

BUILDS: Fixed bug where python assets weren't deleted from core build. (egor)

VEHICLES: removed militia support jeep, no longer used due to buginess and crapiness (fuzzhead)
VEHICLES: Set vehicles to lose only 5hp when upside down so they'll last much longer. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed TAS_Warning object that doesn't exist from F16. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Fixed zoom.cameraInput issue in ru_apc_bmp3. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Removed uneeded project looping sound from avenger. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Fixed lock tone/boxes for stormer and gaskin. (egor)
VEHICLES: Updated stormer to use new (fixed) hud. (egor)
VEHICLES: Added fixed up spec map on the russian logistics trucks (chuc)
VEHICLES: Lowered projectile drop on Attack Helicopter cannons to simulate auto-range finders. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added fixed Lynx textures to the repo. (rhino)
VEHICLES: New BTR-60 added (jaymz)
VEHICLES: New BTR-60 added (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Some general PR'ization to the new BTR-60. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated vehicles to deploy faction specific supply crates. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: lods added to BTR-60 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed damping on BTR-60 wheels. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed up BMP-3 damping. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated the Lynx mesh and textures. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Updated supply crates to be default right-click on logistics trucks. Removed backup beep from trucks. Added the repair crate to Flare key. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Updated the Lynx from Trahn and also added the tweak back in that I by mistake deleted hehe. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Added generic, unmovable, APC passenger viewing port to Bradley, LAV25 and WZ551. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added a "woodland" version of the Lynx without air filters to the repo, present on Qinling AAS 16p, needs testing to confirm its fully working thou shouldn't have any problems. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Repositioned the two douchebags sitting on the back of the Mi17 to be sitting down on the benches. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Gave a lesson in "using a seat 101" to Merlin passengers. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Put Blackhawk passengers 1 & 2 into seats (Passenger 2 is so exited he's on the edge of his seat, literally!) (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added generic passenger HUD to Bradley passengers (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added cupola to T-62 (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added zoom capability to Gaskin gunner (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added 3 rear seats to UAZ jeeps (egor)
VEHICLES: Fixed camera positions of WZ551 in order to avoid z-fighting issues. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Repositioned Stryker passenger views to avoid z-fighting (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added generic passenger HUD to WZ551 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed random duplicate of T62 cupola. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed passengers rotating in their seats on the Mi17 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Stopped UH-60 passengers rotating in their seats. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Colour adjusted the Huey to be closer to the bluish metal on the Cobra (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added desert/woodland texture variants for various air vehicles (chuc)
VEHICLES: Set cannons both Apache variants to reflect their RL counterparts. (jaymz)

GENERAL: - reduced wreckExplosionRadius to 2 for all vehicles (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: - all vehicles with wreckdecay time 1200 and wreck HP 1200 (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: Fixed issue with build script archiving .svn files in the (dbzao)
GENERAL: Attempt to load PR shaders without using pr.exe. Removed warning video. (dbzao)
GENERAL: Set repair drop template to use new repair drop from Rhino. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Added repairing code to new repair drop. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed repair drop sliding down hills. NEEDS TESTING. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Only one repair drop allowed at a time. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Set repair drop to disappear after 20mins. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Pillbox update from Fox. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Reduced decay timer on repair drop to 5mins. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed supply crate crashing because of texture references (chuc)
GENERAL: - gave insurgent sapper SKS (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: - gave insurgent ak74m ironsite (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: reverted last (jaymz)
GENERAL: Updated soldier prone and jump delays to be longer between transistions, should solve a lot of the dolphin diving as there's a 2 second delay from landing a jump to going to prone, as well as standing up from prone (another 2 secs) (chuc)

OBJECTS: Fixed issue with supply_drop_bigtruck_one. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Fixed issues with taliban and meinsurgent spawners. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added fixed_carrier object. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added pillbox dummy object. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Fixed deployable 50cals and pillbox texture crashing (where is my F drive? D:) (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added new fixed_spawn object to create invisible spawn points. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added the "repair_drop" to the repo, needs coding. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Update pr_supply_crate to be a supplyObject. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added faction specific supply crates. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added the faction specific supply crates "weapons" to be added to the trucks/helos. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Updated faction specific supply crates to only give ammo to his own team. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Attempt to make supply crates not destructible by small arms. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Updated server files for supply crates to use individual geos (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added faction specific textures to supply crates (chuc)
OBJECTS: Updated the Ammo Drop textures thou they will need another update in due time. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Added the Vehicle Deport to the repo. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Attempt to fix CTD of missing texture by the vehicle deport, unsure as to why its exporting the object like this. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Added taliban supply crate (needs texture Chuc). (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added taliban supply crate texture (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added fixed_supply_crate and the faction variants to be placed by mappers. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Fixed razorwire dummy object. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added updated ammo drop box texture from drav (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added new Deployable Stinger to the repo. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Added new Deployable IGLA DJIGIT AA to the repo. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Updated supply crate texture with drav's straps and rings (chuc)
OBJECTS: Fixed missing British flag on the British supply crate drops (chuc)

LOCALIZATION: updated archer and some other cp names (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated map names for fallujah, updated version number to 0853 (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated cp names for kozelsk (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated some tips (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated some maps cp names (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: Removed unneeded CNC messages. (dbzao)
LOCALIZATION: updates to some cp names (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated cp names (fuzzhead)

FONTS: Updated cp font again, now it's perfect :) (ancientman)
FONTS: Updated CP font colour to white (ancientman)

WEAPONS: Moved to bolt to proper positions on the PPSH (chuc)
WEAPONS: Attempt to fix firing/planting sound being heard by everyone with the grenade trap and tripflare (chuc)
WEAPONS: increased tripflare magcount to 2 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Attempted to fix the 3p global dressing tear sound (aka the fart sound) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed some coaxial projectile issues. (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Fixed ak47_bayonet projectile issue. (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Removed arty_ied onlyFireWhenProne. (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Removed sticky properties from mines collision component. (dbzao)

WEAPONS: Added mouse sensitivity mod to scoped enfield (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed incorrect spawn selection screen icon for the AK74 (wood) scoped (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added updated eryx deploy animations, with new eryx tweak file from drav (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted eryx tweak file (chuc)
WEAPONS: New ERYX Reticle from Dravvyboy (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Head bobbing added when sprinting added only to M16A4, binoculars and GTLD for testing (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added head bobbing to numerous weapons (not all of them yet) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added head bobbing in sprint animations to all weapons (phew) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed Skorpion firing sound and tweaked some of its animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set all AK74 variants to use 5.45x39mm ammunition (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Lowered shift delay on Benelli M4 shotgun since it's semi-auto. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: All 25mm/30mm HE-I rounds given realistic explosion radius'. 25mm = 5m, 30mm = 7m. Explosion damage doubled, projectile damage reduced. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added from Pride the resaved 1P29 scope texture (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed floating bolt on the idle animation for the GP-25 by removing the idle animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added simplier sprint animation on the M16A4 scoped for testing purposes (chuc)
WEAPONS: Toned down all sprint animations camera movement to just an up and down axis of movement, should be less nauseating (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed the shininess on the AT-4 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Standardized overheat on LMG's. 50 rounds to overheat. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Halved intensity of sprint head bobbing for all weapons (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted sprint animations to neutral. (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added AKM Bayonet from USI (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added missing collision meshes (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed AT mine sprint animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed bolt position when moving in zoom for the PPSH (chuc)
WEAPONS: Empty hands added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased maximum range of MANPADS from 750m to any viewable distance. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added moving bolt to L86 and L85A2 AG36 while firing (unable to put it on the standard rifles as they don't have the bolt separate) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new M14 reload animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added 3p healing animation for the medibag (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p shovelling animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked slashing knife animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased ROF cap of the M1014 Benelli shotgun to keep with the intended semi-auto fire rate (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed magazine size to 7 rounds, 5 spare (12 total) on the M1014 Benelli shotgun (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added a more precise shift delay to the pump action shotguns (chuc)
WEAPONS: Dragunov 1p reload redone (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lowered recoil on the AK74 and AK74m series (chuc)
WEAPONS: Cleaned up RPG7 animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Pitch tweaks on the AK74m and AKS74U fire sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked some sound references and sounds on the GP25 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Saiga 12k reanimated (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated QBZ bullet textures from PRCheavy (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new M249 deployed deploy sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set the M249 to use different prone handling animations between deployed and undeployed (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set the HK21 to use different prone handling animations between deployed and undeployed (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set the PKM and Alquds to use different prone handling animations between deployed and undeployed (chuc)
WEAPONS: Cleaned up Resuscitate 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added no bayonet versions of AK47's for both insurgents and generic russian weapons. (katarn)
WEAPONS: Added the no bayonet ak47 geometry (katarn)
WEAPONS: Updated the L85A2 ironsights and susat version bundledmeshes with detached charging handles (katarn)
WEAPONS: Bayonetless AK47 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated L85A2 iron and susat animations with the separated bolt (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated M14 skins (chuc)
WEAPONS: Redid AT4 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed ammo counter for russian tandem RPG (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: removed ammo counter for rkg-3 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p PF89 animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p PF98 animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked 3p standing and fire animation on the Stinger and SA-7 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Realigned AK74m scope and UGL zoom and fire 3p animations so that the eye is looking through the scope (chuc)
WEAPONS: Realigned QBZ95 scope prone still and fire 3p animations so that the eye is looking through the scope (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased field dressing replenishing strength from 20% to 25% (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added index 5 RKG3 variant (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked round with some animations and sounds on the Norinco shotgun (chuc)
WEAPONS: QBZ95 UGL prone 3p stand and fire animation realignment (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked round with some 1p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited SVD texture (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shotgun buckshot batch sizes increased to 12 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased buckshot dropoff distance for damage to 30m (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lowered damage of buckshot from 40 per pellet to 20 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Grenade launcher impact explosion properties matched to that of hand grenades (chuc)
WEAPONS: Adapted AK74m GP25 reload animation to the QBZ95 LG1 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new 1p AG36 UGL reload animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added 2 stage zoom capability to stationary ATGMs and added smooth zoom transistions for ATGMS and AA (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked AR series 1p reload animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Deviation update for buckshot shotguns. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Tweaked around some 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added 3p animations for the Artillery shell IED (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed Alquds deployed being able to sight in while standing (chuc)
WEAPONS: More 3p animation tweaks (chuc)
WEAPONS: Shifted AK74m ironsight closer to the camera (chuc)
WEAPONS: Synced L85 3p reload animation with the reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reynced AK47 and AKs74u reload sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited Empty hands animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added custom G3SG1 3p prone still and fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added custom QBU88 3p prone still and fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added custom M24, M40A3, L86 and AG36 3p prone still and fire animations (chuc)

MUSIC: New Russian win/lose themes. (jaymz)

STATICS: Added new deployable 50cal nest and pillbox from Coderedfox. (jaymz)
STATICS: Fixed the terrain cover and added lods and increased the cull distance for a few objects. (rhino)
STATICS: New dual-purpose deployable razorwire from Fox. (jaymz)

ASSETS: Added new lynx textures I just made for Trahn in .psd format to the repo. (rhino)
ASSETS: Added repair crate and both requesting transport icons to Chuc's Icons (chuc)
ASSETS: Updated new razorwire to spawn as wreck. Fixed some dummy objects. (dbzao)
ASSETS: Reverted razorwire spawning wreck as it actually doesn't have a wreck model. (dbzao)

MENU: Updated fonts used in menus (ancientman)
MENU: Updated CP name font, should be easier to read on more maps now (ancientman)
MENU: Updated credits (needs a good look at for any corrections) (ancientman)

PROJECTILES: Increased 5.56 damage drop off from 200m->400m (jaymz)

MATERIALS: Wrench is now used for Mine Removal, nothing else. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Reverted wrench being used for Mine removal. Not needed... (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Set Incendiary grenade to destroy mines. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Prevented shovel from disarming landmines. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Lowered damage of Breaching rounds vs Metal Plating (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Headshots from projectiles lower than 50cal no longer cause un-revivable deaths. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Another attempt to make incendiary grenades destroy mines. (jaymz)

EFFECTS: Fixed issue with exp_large effect. (dbzao)
EFFECTS: Set C4 to use XLarge explosion effect (jaymz)

VEGETATION: Fixed some debug assertions in wildgrass_clump (Rhino, plz check to make sure it's working ok). (dbzao)


SOUND: Added new overheat sound extended to 30 seconds (chuc)

ROADS: Added the missing intersection on muttrah, very surprised no one saw it was missing before hehe. (rhino)

HUD: Added new repair depot and UAV trailer icons (chuc)
HUD: Fixed grunt sending laser target radio message without filter. (dbzao)

ANIMATIONS: Fixed ctd wrt incendiary grenade. (jaymz)

LOCALIZATION: updated some map cp names (fuzzhead)

LOCALIZATION: Updated all files (dbzao)
LOCALIZATION: Updated for 0.854 (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: Updated all files (ancientman)

PYTHON: Increased to 4 the max number of automatic riflemans in the kit request pool and lowered infantry kits to 5 min reallocation time. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Increased total amount of automatic rifleman to 6. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added both lynx variants to require pilot kits. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added kit limiting to ru btr90, ru btr60, mec btr60, mec t72, ru t90, mec gaskin, ru gaskin, us avenger. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated the assets code to spawn the sandbag wall instead of pillbox until we get the new version from coderedfox. (dbzao)

OPTIMIZATION: Deleted old BTR-60 files (jaymz)
OPTIMIZATION: Removed v22 Opsrey (jaymz)
OPTIMIZATION: Optimized the new supply crates. (rhino)
OPTIMIZATION: removed a bunch of unused / buggy statics (rhino)

VEHICLES: Removed post processing from Apache and Z10 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Attempt to fix invisible T62 cupola gunner (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set zoom on Gaskin gunner to be "x", not right click. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed exit positions for UH60 and Mi-17 from Trahn. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Extra seats added to HMMWV and Landrover unarmed variants. Compliments of Trahn. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed up T62 and T72 cupola gunners from Trahn. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Increased damage radius of BMP3 100mm frag shells. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed explosive force from Cobra and Z10 cannons. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Set overheat pattern of attack helicopter chainguns to 30 rounds, upon reaching the threshold, it will take a rate of 1.5 seconds per shot to cool down (chuc)
VEHICLES: BRDM and BTR60 main guns set to use HMG overheating patterns (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed the HAT switch camera bug on the lynx where the view would stick on the HAT switch view and not go back to the normal front view. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Fixed crashing with the militia logistics trucks (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed crashing with the 4x4 SUV wreck texture (chuc)
VEHICLES: Updated Huey & Merlin with FLIR from Trahn. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: BTR-60 overhaul by Trahn (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed the cannon, the co pilot 3p views and the lock on tone (thou needs testing) on the Tornado GR4. (rhino)
VEHICLES: MEC variant of the BTR60 added (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed btr60 objects naming. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Added turret collision to T72. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Fixed up overheating and cooling rates for helicopter guns (chuc)
VEHICLES: Set HMMWV Avenger to use the correct horn. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed coax on BTR-60 (jaymz)

OBJECTS: Fixed CTD bug with supply crates. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Fixed the deployable AA, it now can be constructed etc. Need to fix the 1p model on the djigit thou. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Fixed 1p model on the deployable djigit (rhino)
OBJECTS: Removed help messages from vanilla. (dbzao)

GENERAL: Added in new PR splash screen (ancientman)
GENERAL: Removed splash screen being set by clientarchives.con (sry AncientMan). (dbzao)

WEAPONS: Gave the grenade trap the same gui index as the mines, so you can place mine warning markers via q-comm rise (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced max projectiles for grenade traps to 4 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed wrench index number to 4 to prevent clashing and crashing (chuc)
WEAPONS: Synced and tweaked some sounds with the Alquds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Synced wrench deploy sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated textures on some shotguns (chuc)
WEAPONS: Extended range of bayonets to be nearly double that of knives (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p Simonov animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked M24/M40A3 3p prone bolt animation so the left hand is on the stock (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added different slash animation for the AKM bayonet (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted C4 and pipebomb IEDs to .8 level velocity for throwing (5) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Resynced M249 reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked epipen 3p stabbing animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set M14, QBU88 and M24 rifles to use correct zoom values and transistions (chuc)
WEAPONS: Brought proximity IED up to scratch in terms of code (chuc)
WEAPONS: Index 9 TM62 mine added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Saiga 12k slugshot batch size fixed (reduced from 8 to 1) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced buckshot subdeviation to 0.8 under nedland's calculations on spread (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added slugshot texture variant where the shell is coloured white, and the buckshot is coloured red (chuc)
WEAPONS: New 3p L115A1 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added unused 3p throw animation for the incendiary grenades (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set overheat pattern of light machine guns to roughly 200-300 rounds, upon reaching the threshold, it will take a rate of 2 seconds per shot to cool down (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set overheat pattern of coaxials to 300 rounds, upon reaching the threshold, it will take a rate of 2 seconds per shot to cool down (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set overheat pattern of HMGs to 30 rounds, upon reaching the threshold, it will take a rate of 2 seconds per shot to cool down (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set overheat pattern of HMGs to 150 rounds, upon reaching the threshold, it will take a rate of 2 seconds per shot to cool down (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed the overheating penalty for all weapons to be a severe 30 seconds, but reduced cooldown period to nil to be 1 minute (significantly faster than values of around 10 minutes heheh..) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Light machine guns overheat penality changed to 30 seconds, but cooldown rate increased to accomodate for 10-15 round bursts with 3 seconds between (chuc)
WEAPONS: Coaxials overheat penality changed to 30 seconds, but cooldown rate increased to accomodate for 10-15 round bursts with 3 seconds between (chuc)
WEAPONS: Miniguns overheat after 300 rounds, 10 second overheat penalty, with a sustainable burst of 10 rounds with 3 second cooldown (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked round with the standing grenade throw animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Attempt to fix the funny sounds on the camera weapon, for the camera kit (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted necessary deleted animations for the M249 deployed (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced number of rounds fired before overheat by about 30-40 rounds for LMGs, to conpensate for the amount of cooldown experienced during reloading (chuc)

ATLAS: Atlas updated with additional proximity IED icon (chuc)
ATLAS: Atlas updated with new repair depot and command post icons (chuc)

KITS: All Russian kits using kits_2 variant now have brown flora camo kit geometries (chuc)
KITS: Gave all conventional engineers a wrench instead of SLAM's (since SLAM's are pointless and unrealistic). (jaymz)
KITS: Switched out the brit L115A1 for the placeholder SV98 on the Russian sniper (chuc)
KITS: Gave Taliban engineer a slot 9 TM62 mine (chuc)
KITS: Gave pickup demoman and insurgent sapper proximity IED (chuc)

MUSIC: Fixed Taliban win/lose music (was using GB music, now using MEC) (jaymz)

EFFECTS: Removed XLarge effect from repair drop. (jaymz)

DEPLOYABLES: Fixed deployable HMG iron sights from Trahn. Needs testing to make sure they all work nicely (the Kord, the M2 and the Type85). (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Fixed up meshes for 50cals from Fox (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Deployable 50cal ironsight views are now perfectly aligned. (jaymz)

MATERIALS: Prevented the wrench from repairing vehicles. Only useful for mine disposal now. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Fixed bullet vs head damage. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Changed the default material on the new deployable AA's so they can actually be built. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Fixed up pillbox materials (small arms should no longer cause loads of damage, if any). (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Prevented 50cal and lower projectiles doing damage to solid metal. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Fixed up deployable razorwire materials. (jaymz)

SOLDIERS: Russian soldier 4 edited to have brown flora camo body armour (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Fixed up US asian face again (chuc)

SOUNDS: Fixed up 1p Attack Helicopter cannon firing sound to reflect changes to the weapons themselves. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed truck sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added separate overheating sound for vehicles (chuc)
SOUNDS: New overheat sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Touched up M24 firing sounds (jaymz)

OPTIMISATION: Removed USI's AT mine (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed clones deployed QBZ95 LMG (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed LAW80 (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed old 2d ironsight textures (chuc)

OPTIMISATION: Removed deployed variants for the sniper rifles (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed Javelin (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed old vanilla GP-30, GP-25 smoke and RPK74 (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed Crewman wrench, M82A1 Barret, M95, MK12, FN SCAR and vanilla M203 1p animations (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Deleted M82 and M95 pickup kits (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed tear gas launcher, SMAW, deployed vanilla M249 and P226 (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed flashbangs, mosin sniper and index 4 medikit (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed defibrillators (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed M16A2 and old M4 textures (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed zipline (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed vanilla AKs74u sounds (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Removed L119A1 (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: Reverted Index 4 medibag (chuc)
OPTIMISATION: OPTIMUS PRIME changed vehicle wreck structure to use original colour maps (chuc)


TEXTURES: Added removed black wreck texture from the ZPU4 and colour edited its textures (chuc)

PYTHON: Added vehicle_deport to kit req list. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added kit req locations that don't check for team ownership of the object (fixed_supply_crate). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added check for command post existence before placing FOs/hideouts. If it doesn't exist, don't check for distance from it. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed insurgent kits not respawning. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed issue when caches are destroyed in taliban insurgency maps. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed spawning on forbidden rally points. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated default server settings to use the "ranked" setting for filtering Training servers. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Attempt to make spawn points on FOs work as intended all the times. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Attempt to make area attack requests more stable. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added missing vehicles to constants file. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated ticket loss. (-10 for jets, helicopters, tanks and -5 for apcs, aavs). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated ticket loss for jeeps/trucks to -2. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added bmp3 and bradley to tank category to cost more tickets. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated ticket loss with attack choppers being -10 while transport ones are -5. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated all vehicle categories. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated TK penalties to consider player forgiving or punishing. Also every time you TK two players during one life cycle, your score is zeroed. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added engineer as special kit instead of infantry one. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated constants file. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated civilian logic to make the screen black if civ entered a vehicle weapon. (dbzao)

LOCALISATION: Updated for 0.855 (ancientman)

KITS: Russian sniper fixed to have 3 field dressings (chuc)
KITS: Fixed Pickup kits not showing up with proper icons when initially spawned (chuc)
KITS: RPG26 switched out for 2 round RPG7 for the Taliban Rifleman AT kit (chuc)
KITS: Gave Taliban Anti-Tank a 2 magazine AKS-74U (chuc)
KITS: Added reskinned USMC pilot helmet and vest from Pride (chuc)
KITS: Rifleman AA, Anti-Tank and Crewman classes all given 6+1 mags because Eddie is a whiny little bitch (jaymz)
KITS: All British kits updated with appropriate bayonet configurations (chuc)
KITS: USMC kits updated appropriately with the M16A4 Aimpoint (chuc)
KITS: fixed errors with certain kits not having the repair and ammo ability - chuc dont overwrite this plz :P (fuzzhead)

DEPLOYABLES: Razorwire should now be destroyable by incendiary grenades but NOT by smallarms. (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Re-aligned camera on MEC deployable 50cal (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Razorwire should now require construction. (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Razorwire hitpoints increased from 500 - to 800. (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Alpha fix for 50cal from Fox. (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Added the foxhole from coderedfox. (dbzao)
DEPLOYABLES: Updated razorwire to be buildable. (dbzao)
DEPLOYABLES: Reverted razorwire to not be buildable since its buggy. (dbzao)
DEPLOYABLES: Fixed foxhole materials. (dbzao)

ATLAS: Updated with the empty hands selection icon (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated atlas with fixed soldier minimap icon (ancientman)
ATLAS: Updated atlas with edited selection icon (chuc)
ATLAS: Updated atlas (ancientman)

SOLDIERS: Added 1p ACU skins from Pride (chuc)

SOUNDS: Fixed 3d sound problem with field dressing. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Heavy compression on Russian Commander Non-Filtered voices (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Heavily compressed Russian Grunt Non-Filtered voices. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Possibly fixed the scoped Enfield shift sound. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed zis3 cannon not playing proper reload sound. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added in missing AK74M 3p deploy sound. (jaymz)

GENERAL: Removed vegetation and effects from coderedfox. (dbzao)

HUD: Added selection icon for empty hands (chuc)
HUD: Avenger crosshair resized to 196^2 to prevent corruption (chuc)
HUD: Avenger crosshair resized to 128^2 to prevent corruption (chuc)
HUD: Avenger crosshair resized to 256^2 to prevent corruption (chuc)
HUD: Fixed up soldier minimap icon so it's centered (ancientman)
HUD: Sharpened BMP3 gunner's reticle and Bow gunner's crosshair (chuc)
HUD: Removed "N" from MP5N since that signifies the US Navy variant. (jaymz)
HUD: Updated MP5A3 selection icon's name (chuc)
HUD: Added "need repair" messages when deploying new deployables that need to be shoveled. (dbzao)
HUD: Added L85A2 bayonet fixed selection icon (chuc)
HUD: Selection icon for M16A4 Aimpoint added (chuc)

VEHICLES: Set BMP3 weapons to: AP 30mm - 1; HEI 30mm - 2; 100mm Frag - 3; ATGM - 4; Smoke - 5 (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed 1p coaxial sound not playing for the Challenger 2 (chuc)
VEHICLES: Made every round a tracer on the Mi-28 HAVOK (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Changed materials on SUV. It was made out of fraking Armour and Solid Metal! (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated 25/30mm cannons with improved "Chuc-esque" overheat/cooldown code. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Halved explosion radius on suicide bomber car (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated BMP-3 with realistic tracer intervals. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Attempt to fix dodgy BRDM2 damage (jaymz)
VEHICLES: swapped out minimap start icon for car icon on the SUV. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Fixed entry/exit positions on BTR-60 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated lynx textures from Pride. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Updated jets to not have wreck to avoid bouncing issues. (dbzao)

LOCALIZATON: update to kit request message (fuzzhead)

OBJECTS: Fixed MEC flag on Russian rallies (chuc)
OBJECTS: Some team locking. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Locked weapon caches to supply ammo only to team 1 (insurgents/taliban). (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added minimap icon to the vehicle depo, needs testing. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Added Russian flagged command post (chuc)
OBJECTS: Changed Chechen flag on command post to new flag in current use (chuc)
OBJECTS: Increased supply crates hitpoints to make it harder to destroy with frag grenades (don't wanna spend time trying to figure out why it's still being destroyed by them). (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Updated Supply Crates with new fixed textures and new meshes with fixed UVs etc. (rhino)

COMMON: Set vehicle depot to supply infantry as well as vehicles. (jaymz)
COMMON: Overhauled materials on supply crates so that they can't be destroyed by smallarms. (jaymz)

STATIONARY: Fixed camera positioning on zis3 in order to avoid z-fighting. (jaymz)

LOCALIZATION: updated pr tips (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated all files (dbzao)
LOCALIZATION: Updated all files (dbzao)

FONTS: Updated ammo counter font to be a power of 2 to avoid corruption (ancientman)

WEAPONS: Fixed up M203 3p animations with the reload not having the barrel moving (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed missing projectiles on the GP-25 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed missing projectile and incorrect velocity for AKM bayonet (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reduced recoil zoom modifyer on the AK74m and AK74 series from 1 to 0.6 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Attempt to fix strange white box or spot in the empty hands and invisible weapon weapons (chuc)
WEAPONS: 2 round RPG7 added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed insurgent RPG7 weapons index to 4 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set MP5 to only have semi/auto trigger groups (burst is US Navy only) (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added bayonets onto the SA80's. Chuc, get on the anims for 3rd/1st (katarn)
WEAPONS: M16A4 aimpoint variant server files added (katarn)
WEAPONS: M16A4 aimpoint variant client files added (katarn)
WEAPONS: Removed missile ignition effect from all TOW variants. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Updated M16A4 Aimpoint 1p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Upped magazine capacity for the QSZ92 to 20 rounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added 5.8mm pistol round projectile for use on the QSZ92 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Reverted L85A2 iron and susat rifles to bayonet-less meshes (chuc)
WEAPONS: SA80 Bayonet 1p and 3p animations, sounds and meshes added (chuc)
WEAPONS: L85A2 bayonet spec map fix (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed zoom modifier on the M14 to 0.6 (chuc)
WEAPONS: increased landmine maxinworld to 20 and decay time to 20 minutes (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed projectile material on RPG Tandem warhead. Should do the same damage as other H-AT projectiles now. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed crashing with the incorrect SA80 bayonet texture reference (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased incendiary radius by 1/2m (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed floating zippo on the molotov 3p (chuc)

MENU: Updated menu to use ranked instead of noVehicles (ancientman)

WEAPNOS: Fixed incorrect projectile on the G3SG1 (chuc)

PROJECTILES: Slight damage decrease to Buckshot pellets (jaymz)

MATERIALS: Fixed RP taking several knife slashes to destroy. Should now take one. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Hideouts should be destroyable by incendiary grenades now. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Repair Crates should be destroyable by incendiary grenades. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: A few fixes (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Fixed default material on foxholes. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Lowered incendiary vs jeep/truck material damage by 60% (jaymz)

EFFECTS: tweaked smoke effect used on fallujah and ramiel that was causing major lag to be much smaller etc so with any luck it wont lag. (rhino)
EFFECTS: Fixed issue with cisternSmoke effect. (dbzao)
EFFECTS: Added new effects from coderedfox. (dbzao)
EFFECTS: Reverted Cistern Smoke to prevent crashing (chuc)

VEGETATION: Added new deadcrop texture/mesh from coderedfox. (dbzao)


HUD: Fix for selecting a kit slot that doesn't exist on the other team, team swapping, and spawning, resulting in a server crash. Now it selects slot 3 every time you change teams. (ancientman)
HUD: Fixed medic map icon still having direction arrow (ancientman)

LOCALIZATION: Updated for 0.856 (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: updated cnc breifing description (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: cp name update (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated all files (dbzao)

PYTHON: Removed ranked setting for server browser. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgent logic to have wounded time. Updated civ logic to not give penalty to coalition if civilian was using medicbag/epipen for the last minute and got killed. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed lock for avenger gunner because it was causing issues. Will still get wrong kit message, black screen and arm delay for the guns. (dbzao)

MENU: Updated main menu to fix up the training and normal internet browser filters (really this time) (ancientman)

VEHICLES: Prevented dirtbike passenger from using weapons. (egor)
VEHICLES: Set BRDM-Spandrel to use the right missile projectile. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added delay to use to Avenger and Gaskin. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Optimized blackhawk extras texture by saving it in DXT 1 instead of DXT5 which it didn't need. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Added the Discoball to the Lynx. (rhino)

GENERAL: Moved pr.exe to assets as it is no longer needed (ancientman)
GENERAL: Deleted old manual. (dbzao)
GENERAL: Updated 0.85 manual from spearhead. (dbzao)

WEAPONS: Fixed 3p M14 missing scope texture (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed grenade trap material so that it can be disarmed with a wrench (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added 7 mag and 9 mag version of aks74u (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: added grapple hook variant for weapon slot 8 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: RPG-7 projectiles now do half the damage as conventional L-AT. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Jacked up damage slightly for the 5.8mm pistol round (chuc)
WEAPONS: added spawn menu icon for emptyhands (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed index 8 grappling hook (fuzz you noob). (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Updated arty_ied to only be placed while prone. (dbzao)

ATLAS: Updated atlas with fixed medic direction arrow (ancientman)

KITS: gave taliban officer shovel instead of pistol (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave taliban at kit weapon with 7 mags to go along with other at kit loadouts (fuzzhead)
KITS: added epipen to collaborator (fuzzhead)
KITS: Removed sprint dissipation code form all kits. Only reference to stamina will be in the soldier files from now on. (jaymz)
KITS: Attempted fix for the MEInsurgents crashing issue (chuc)
KITS: Added back the repair ability to insurgent officer. (dbzao)
KITS: Fixed some insurgent ability numbers. (dbzao)
KITS: Fixed taliban AA not having a primary weapon. (dbzao)

EFFECTS: Added back old smoke effect, ppl who thought they lagged on it in the past on fallujah please test it. (rhino)

DEPLOYABLES: Razorwire updates from Fox (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Removed new razorwire because it was causing the game to instantly crash as soon as the "create" button was clicked. (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Fixed foxhole material order. (dbzao)
DEPLOYABLES: Razorwire fixes from Fox (will need texture update) (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Fixed razorwire objects. Looks like it doesn't have a wreck geometry... spawning with 0 hitpoints but it just stays the same. It will just "bleed" out for 5 min until it disappears. (dbzao)
DEPLOYABLES: Even newer razorwire from Fox (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: Fixed razorwire objects... again... (dbzao)
DEPLOYABLES: Updated razorwire meshes. (dbzao)
DEPLOYABLES: Fixed razorwire materials order. (dbzao)

MATERIALS: Set 5.56, 7.62, 9mm to not damage penetrable cardboard material (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Supple crates now only destroyable by 50cal or higher projectiles + explosives and incendiary grenades. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Shovel should now build razorwire. (jaymz)

SOLDIERS: Sprint times fixed (jaymz)

SOUNDS: Minor tweaks to bog and buzzing ambient effect. (jaymz)


[I]A special thanks to Deepsix, ReaperMac and crazyasian for assembling this comprehensive list of 0.85 features :)[/I]
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