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23 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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New sprint animations for Project Reality (WIP 1)
Posted in: Animation
Posted 2016-03-11 at 23:13 by KaB

Here's a first overview of new sprint animations I'm working on:

Hope you guys will like them!
Updated 2016-03-12 at 09:01 by KaB
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    KaB's Avatar
    Thanks for feedback everyone! As I said in the vid it's WIP and will most likely be reworked (with the weapon aiming down for rifles).
    Posted 2016-03-12 at 09:02 by KaB KaB is offline
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    sweedensniiperr's Avatar
    I've never understood why you'd see your gun like that when sprinting (or even walking for that matter)
    Posted 2016-03-12 at 09:47 by sweedensniiperr sweedensniiperr is offline
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    CG-Delta's Avatar
    I agree that you'll not point your rifle upwards. But remember we are talking about sprint here. Default movement in PR is running (tough world), where you can easily keep your rifle pointed almost straight down (two hands on; combat ready), although some might keep it inside and between your two elbows; not combat ready, longer runs, different people, different methods, jada jada.
    Sprinting is resembling moving like your life depends on it. Using you rifle like a power pendulum can add some extra thrust to those steps, anyhow it feels natural to do so. You probably point your rifle down by... ~40 degrees from horizontal.

    My own feedback: I'd like to see more aggression in the animation. "power pendulum" (something I just made up) Maybe by putting the swing-end right before the step, so the swing doesn't just follow the step, but kind of drags the step.
    A bigger swing (you know; in length) will be more realistic. I don't know how well it fits to the PR-screen, but it is to small to really do anything, and it doesn't look like it does much to the sprint.
    Also the animation may be a bit soft, maybe not can't tell for sure.

    This is constructive criticism and is supposed to be taken that way.
    Thanks for your work KaB These kinds of "details" adds a lot to the atmosphere of PR.
    Posted 2016-03-12 at 11:57 by CG-Delta CG-Delta is offline
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    Sgt.BountyOrig's Avatar
    Will you be fixing the 3p anims for Machinegunner run or just updating 1p?
    Posted 2016-03-12 at 12:21 by Sgt.BountyOrig Sgt.BountyOrig is offline
  5. Old Comment
    professional soldiers are trained to keep barrels pointed towards the ground, like the marksman.
    looks pretty though.
    Posted 2016-03-12 at 19:28 by FLAP_BRBGOING2MOON FLAP_BRBGOING2MOON is offline
  6. Old Comment
    You guys tak about the carather holding the pistol up and not facing the ground and no soldiers does that, but if you take in consideration that only tankers, pilots, officers and i think im forgeting someone, but only a few kits get pistol, and the squad leaders goes in the front of the line so no chance of shooting the teammates, and the rest of the kits operates alone almost all the time without teammates around, for the other guns, its like real life, weapon close to the chest facing left in perpendiculer chape to the body, im liking it a lot and i dont see anything wrong
    Posted 2016-03-12 at 21:04 by Blueforcee Blueforcee is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Agree with Bluforce.

    Probably if you are playing with the pistol you are going down on some Spec-op stuff. And that is a great thing about PR, it is possible to play sneaky and infiltrate behind enemy line, the feeling is just great. Having you'r pistol holded MetalGearSolid style is really stylish and I like that. In my opinion you could even try to replicate Solid Snake motion it would be neat! :D

    CG-Delta also bring good points, If we could feel that the character is sprinting to save his life, it would increase the immersion. (Since the stamina bar is kinda short, I imagine it is not a simple Jog to run over long distance, it more like a hell of a sprint) :D
    Posted 2016-03-13 at 14:02 by W.Darwin W.Darwin is offline
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    thelastvortigaunt's Avatar
    Wow! These look really good - they definitely feel more energetic and immersive.
    Posted 2016-03-13 at 18:48 by thelastvortigaunt thelastvortigaunt is offline
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    Madar_al_Fakar's Avatar
    Originally Posted by sweedensniiperr View Comment
    I've never understood why you'd see your gun like that when sprinting (or even walking for that matter)
    So I can look at it and admire the work of the modeler :P Weapon models along with vehicles and uniforms are the best looking part of this game.
    Posted 2016-03-14 at 11:22 by Madar_al_Fakar Madar_al_Fakar is offline
  10. Old Comment
    Is it just the video or does everything here look more detailed?
    Posted 2016-03-14 at 12:54 by phoenx phoenx is offline

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