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23 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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August 4th 2009 AAR
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Posted 2009-08-08 at 09:53 by fuzzhead

After Action Report

Event Date & Time:
Tuesday August 4th 2009

Game & Server Info:
Project Reality v0.86 @ Tactical Gamer server

Muttrah City (AAS64)



Squad 6 (Eyes):
AlmightyLion - Sniper
fuzzhead - Marksman/Sniper

Squad 4 (INF1):
Google - Officer

Squad 8: (INF2):
BigGayAl - Officer

What Happened:

Joined the TG server and a round of muttrah was already underway. I was put on the MEC side and was not feeling like changing teams (even though P.C. was on other side coordinating on mumble) so I decided to join a squad called "Eyes" lead by AlmightyLion.

He was already on his way into the hills overwatching east and west city, I picked up a marksman and joined him up there spotting targets. We spotted many troops and Lion took down some stationary targets, they really didnt get too wise about us. Then we spotted an enemy troop passing just below us in the valley (we were situated above the construction site). Turns out the enemy troop was a lone sniper, so I quickly climbed my way down the cliffs, hurting myself a bit but I was okay. I followed the enemy sniper for a while and he was completely oblivious that he was being followed. AlmightyLion had his sites on him the whole time and could have took him down at any point but I wanted to steal his kit so we waited till I could get closer. He went up into some low hills, then realizing he couldnt climb up them, turned around to see me, started firing and AM took his shot, taking the enemy snipers head off. I went up the hill and grabbed the new shiny M40

After retrieving my new rifle, I went back with Almighty Lion and we started picking off targets that were attacking friendly units, they were all piling on top of the mosque. We had some funny incidents with medics trying to revive their fallen, and the enemy did not really get wise to us being up there so it was mostly a target gallery for us.

We had some team mates requesting info from us and we gave it out, and eventually I got on mumble channel to see google and biggayal were already there, and they started coordinating their 2 INF squads to clear out the mosque of hostiles. They eventually cleared the whole area out and the rest of the team was making a big push on North City.

The northern hotel rooftop became a murder scene as a clever squad got on top of it and had an RP, but it was completely exposed to myself and AM's magnified rifles, we made short work of the squad and they kept spawning on the RP only to be cut down, they never shot back and didnt even realize where we were, I felt prety bad but they didnt have to keep spawning up there... eventually the RP was overrun probably from too many squad deaths in the area.

Just after that, I heard some footsteps behind me and I knew it was not AlmightyLion as he was spotting targets. I spun around to see an American with no helmet and a pistol, and I immediately jumped off the cliff cause I knew he had the jump on me. Thankfully there was a ledge right below me and I survived, frantically yelling to AM about my little encounter. After a short chase AM quickly put a bullet in the back of the visiting enemy sniper, and we now happily had both enemy sniper kits.

Tip for any future would be snipers: WORK IN PAIRS!!! Me and AlmightyLion never really had any problems because the snipers that came to dispatch us always came by themselves, 2 eyes is better than 1 and when one of us was spotted, the other one usually took out the spotter, so thats why its best to have a partner.

Well we took North City but the round ended 87-0 for MEC, good round we were on a roll I think if it would have kept going the USMC would have been pushed into the sea.

Player Recommendations:

Almighty Lion: Sniper. Spotted targets for the rest of team and eliminated high profile threats. Was instrumental to clearing out the mosque of hostiles when google and biggayal's squads began their assaults. Provided mutual security and extra set of eyes when needed to help observe overall defense and fill any gaps that mightve been needed.

Ramiel INS64



Squad 4 (INF1):
Google - Officer

Squad 5 (APC1):
fuzzhead - APC Driver
Oddsodz - gunner for APC1
Welshboy - driver for APC2
Mekal - gunner for APC2
Wookie - Humvee Driver
Switch - Humvee Gunner

Squad 6: (INF2):
BigGayAl - Officer

Squad 1 (INF3): ...joined later
TheGreatNardini - Officer

What Happened:

After Muttrah City I asked Google and BigGayAl if they wanted to do a mechanized infantry squad. They agreed and we started 3 squads:

It was slow to start as we needed to recruit enough squad members to fill all the vital roles, but eventually I got my squad filled with competent players all who had mics and were mature.

We loaded the strykers and made our way to the first revealed cache that was in the southern outskirts of the main bulk of Ramiel. We positioned the strykers in overwatch along the ridge and had Squad 6 move inside the city. We were met with HEAVY resistance, and IED wiped the entire squad 6 out, squad 4 moved in for backup but quickly got pinned down and cut to pieces by multiple PKMs. I moved my stryker in to support the medic but he moved without smoke and was cut down. Both squads regrouped at the RP's and after some initial confusion and hesitation and moving in bad angles, they finally moved up and cleared the area. There was insurgents everywhere, IED's blocking off areas and it seemed almost every single house had an insurgent or two hiding inside, it felt very scary and very real.

After destroying the cache we retreated back to a firebase built near the bridge of the FOB. There we left the infantry and rearmed/repaired the vehicles back at the mainbase.

We made a intel patrol to the southern port town, discovering IED's and some insurgent activity.

IED's were cleared and from there we headed north, where some insurgent activity was reported in a double compound with a dried river bed running through the center. Sure enough we pulled up and there was tons of enemy activity here, we began engaging targets and were actually ambushed by insurgents in the hills, fortunately all squads were vigilant and defended off the ambushers while still maintaining effective fire on the target area.

Squad 1 led by TheGreatNardini had moved onto the village and was taking heavy losses but had managed to destroy the cache. He did not have radio comms but we asked him to join us and we protected him as he retreated from the compound and met us on the hill. From there we regrouped, squad1 getting a ride in the humvee. We retured to our FO which was under assault by some insurgents. They were cleared out and the vehicles went to rearm/repair.

At this point we had destroyed a few caches and APC squad took very little casaulties with Squad 4 having 13 casualties. We packed all squads up in teh APCs and headed west to a cache location in B3. We advanced slowly from south near the airport. Multiple contacts engaged and technicals destroyed, but some miscommunication had squad 1 100 meters east of the main force, which cut that squad off and they ultimately got killed off.

We entered the city with the vehicles with our infantry on point, but just as that happened a mortar strike began hitting our position, taking out the humvee and forcing the strykers forward. Just as the mortars hit and the strykers dashed forward, a bomb car came out of nowhere and took the lead stryker out (that was mine).

At this point I had to leave for work soon anyways so I appointed welshboy in charge of the squad and went AFK. On my way back I noticed we had lost the round so I assume things did not go so well once I left.

Either way it was a fun run and glad to see cooperation amougst squad leaders, even with us not going as fast paced as usual they stuck with it and followed orders as best they could.

Player Recommendations:

Sir Oddsodz: APC Gunner. Did an excellent job of providing suppressive fire, was alway firing to keep insurgents heads down and I think it helped for our INF, although they not always appreciated some of the closer rounds

Welshboy: APC Driver. Stayed cool under fire, even with RPG's near missing multiple times he maintained a stable platform for his gunner to fire and was maintaining good formation throughout the round.

Wookie / Switch: Humvee Driver/ Humvee Gunner. Did a great job covering the rear of the convoy and destroyed several attempts to end it all by destroying bomb cars that were covertly trying to smash into us :P

Google: Squad Leader. performed well under stressful situation, at first was a bit hesitant to follow orders but then improved alot and made commanding much easier. Retained a large amount of players in squad, even players who were new to the suqad

BigGayAl: Squad Leader. very keen SL that is easy to issue orders to, as well as having patience to try some new things that might not been tried before or might not work out. Retained a large amount of players in squad, even players who were new to the suqad.

TheGreatNardini: Squad Leader. took well to orders, regrouping and reoutfittig to become part of mechanized platoon even without enough vehicles.
Updated 2009-08-15 at 10:21 by fuzzhead
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  1. Old Comment
    Outlawz7's Avatar
    The USMC uses M40s, not M24s ;P

    I find it weird how every time your team pushes the enemy team out of the map, there's always some lone wolf who makes it around the map alive.
    Posted 2009-08-08 at 14:27 by Outlawz7 Outlawz7 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Welshboy's Avatar
    That round of ramiel was a nice game tbh
    Posted 2009-08-09 at 19:30 by Welshboy Welshboy is offline
  3. Old Comment
    jbgeezer's Avatar
    Too bad I am for some reason Idont even know banned from TG, hear that it is a very good server. Has too be some sort of mistake, I havent even played on that server at any point in history.
    Posted 2009-08-09 at 21:11 by jbgeezer jbgeezer is offline
  4. Old Comment
    TY2D2's Avatar
    That usually means its full, they have 2 reserved slots that down show up as reserved slots, and when you join as teh last players it says that. [I think]
    Posted 2009-08-10 at 08:18 by TY2D2 TY2D2 is offline

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