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Blog Category: Coding
Developer Blogs related to coding.

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Good news everyone! (X2)

Posted 2010-01-21 at 07:15 by Jaymz
Updated 2010-01-22 at 04:21 by Chuc


[B][SIZE=5]Part 1 : The "D" word........[/SIZE][/B]

Apart from the previously mentioned "prone spam"...
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Retired PR Developer
Posted in Coding
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A little fun with Dynamic Objects

Posted 2009-11-06 at 11:31 by [R-DEV]Rhino

Just trying out dynamic objects with the new football model Stigger made for the ACVs. Video shot on a local server so its nice and smooth thou online it would be a little...
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PR:BF2 Developer
Posted in Coding
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Over 10,000 revisions since 2007

Posted 2009-10-26 at 04:07 by dbzao

We passed the [b]10,000 revisions[/b] mark today and the lucky DEV was Chuc with the following ground breaking change:

[quote]HUD: Added Type 82 selection icon[/quote]

This is definitely not our overall 10,000 mark as this...
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Posted in Coding
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My First Vehicle

Posted 2009-10-11 at 08:12 by [R-DEV]AncientMan
Tags bomb, truck

With my first real venture into the BF2 Editor (believe it or not, I've done all this work on PR without actually doing anything in in the editor ), I decided to spice up a vehicle I found in BF2.

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Posted in Coding
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1.5 prone deviation....

Posted 2009-09-05 at 04:02 by Jaymz

After [R-CON]nedlands1 suggested to the team that the new 1.5 prone deviation may use the same value modifier it does in BF2142, I downloaded 1.5 to test it out.

Turns out that's exactly what they've done and that's good news for us PR...
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Posted in Coding
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