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30 May 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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August 14th 2009 AAR
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Posted 2009-08-15 at 00:20 by fuzzhead

After Action Report

Event Date & Time:
Friday August 14th 2009, 1800-1900 EST

Game & Server Info:
Project Reality v0.86 @ Tactical Gamer server

Operation Archer



Squad 9 (FOB):
R.Sughart - Officer
Beckwith - Auto Rifleman
Outlawz - Rifleman
gcat2 - Rifleman
fuzzhead - Medic

Ground Vehicle Support:
Humvee x 1

Air Vehicle Support:
Transport Huey (crazy) x 1

What Happened:

Loaded onto TG for a quick round before work. Joined R.Sughart's squad as he was the only one not in the main base. He was at an Forward Outpost and constructing defenses with his squad, I joined in as a medic.


At this point I realized my VOIP wasnt working. To record in xfire I have to "enable" my microphone, so that I hear my own voice in my headphones. Its a bit annoying but you get used to it, and its the only way to record your own voice AFAIK.


I had to go AFK for 10 min, came back to see that everyone was dead at the FO and it was completely wiped out, I assumed he got hit hard by the Talibans. Sughart stopped the Humvee he was driving to let me spawn on an RP, I got in the car and we pulled up to a village as a firefight was already underway, heres what happened:


Since Everyone got wiped out by me and Outlawz, we fell back along the river to a halfway point between our RP and the village. We waited there in cover until our Squad Leader arrived with reinforcements.


In hindsight, I should not have tried reviving someone in such a hostile area, as well I should not have went upstairs without proper support or getting a grenade up top, things probably would have gone better if I wasnt so rash in that building, I wasnt really thinking that was the cache building hehe. It was definitely my fault for going first and not being cautious enough or requesting backup.

After destroying cache, we wanted to get extract via chopper. What follows can only be described, as retarded:



Good game, was short but kind of fun, if somewhat disorganized. The cache destroyed was literally the ONLY cache destroyed that whole round, So I wonder what the USMC team was doing before I joined, other than sitting there with a finger up their ass?
Updated 2009-08-15 at 11:07 by fuzzhead
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Total Comments: 7
  1. Old Comment
    Anhkhoa's Avatar
    Huey Fail!!
    Epic lol
    Posted 2009-08-15 at 00:27 by Anhkhoa Anhkhoa is offline
  2. Old Comment
    mmm, I much enjoyed being taliban and defending that cache in the village. That was me you shot at 3:08 in the 4th video .
    Posted 2009-08-15 at 02:05 by google google is offline
  3. Old Comment
    NyteMyre's Avatar
    Do a barrel roll
    Posted 2009-08-15 at 02:35 by NyteMyre NyteMyre is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Dougalachi's Avatar
    one more reason to hate pilots that can barrelroll / fly upside down but can't get you a safe landing in the LZ
    Posted 2009-08-15 at 03:17 by Dougalachi Dougalachi is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Outlawz7's Avatar
    15 minutes of playing with 12 kills and taking out the only cache ^_^

    Also the fb got wiped out by one SA7 guy or maybe a few more after we built it, I know one was SA7 because the Huey got locked on and half the passengers got killed after we got picked up by the pilot at the fb.
    Posted 2009-08-15 at 09:24 by Outlawz7 Outlawz7 is offline
  6. Old Comment
    I was on the taliban side defending the cache in the south-east that round. It was pretty funny to watch you huey try to drop you off but everyone die. The American team really didn't seam organized for any of the round and the amount oh hueys shot down needlessly that I saw was atleast 4(one crashing).
    Posted 2009-08-15 at 17:12 by chrisweb89 chrisweb89 is offline
  7. Old Comment
    rofl that crazy looping had me cracking up! then he drops you riight into the middle of the taliban stronghold !

    That can defifnantly be described as Retarded!
    Posted 2010-01-23 at 02:06 by SilverJohn SilverJohn is offline

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