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30 May 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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August 8th 2009 AAR
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Posted 2009-08-08 at 23:50 by fuzzhead

After Action Report

Event Date & Time:
Saturday August 8th 2009, 1730-1900 EST

Game & Server Info:
Project Reality v0.86 @ Tactical Gamer server

Battle for Qinling (AAS64)



Squad 1 (WARRIOR):
Sandiford - APC Driver
fuzzhead - APC Gunner #1
AlmightyLion - APC Gunner #2

Squad 2 (WAC MECINF):
fuzzhead - Officer
steven-essex - Medic
passwordwech - Auto Rifleman
Hooti_McBoob - Heavy AT
JouninSpriggan - Rifleman AT
PIE - Rifleman

Ground Vehicle Support:
1 x Warrior

Air Vehicle Support:
1 x Tornado


- Capture Hill Objective

Plan of Action:


What Happened:

Joined TG for a round, came in the middle of a Qinling round that was well underway. Our team appeared to be doing well, having pushed the enemy back and attacking the CP before the final base.

I wanted to create a squad but all 9 squad slots were taken, most by 1 or 2 man squads that didnt seem to be doing anything. So I joined with Sandiford who was doing an APC squad and whos gunner just got killed/disconnected. I met him at main base and we got in an APC and headed off to support Squad 9. Soon after we had a rush of requests to transport various squads, a sniper squad and 2 infantry squads (one let by mat552). There was also a transport helicopter operating but from the look of the text chat, he didnt really know what he was doing and most squads opted to be driven by APC, if that was any indication of how poor his flying mustve been


It's very rare to see squads actually REQUESTING to be driven by APC so I was pleasantly surprised by this.

We drove mat552's squad to an overwatch position around a destroyed enemy FOB and searched for any enemies. None were present so we moved on to a staging area close to the Hill objective.



There were reports of an enemy APC roaming the area, so we went to investigate its last known position, but we did not find it.


Now we were in visual range of the objective area so we could begin supporting squad 9 who was fighting by themselves near the objective and taking heavy casualties. We did our best to target hostile infantry but there was lots of places for them to hide.


We decided to maneuver forward and around to try to slow down the enemy reinforcements and give our infantry some breathing room. Some hostile infantry were engaged and killed, and we spotted an enemy firebase being constructed.



We pulled back behind friendly lines and approached the enemy firebase in defilade.


The enemy firebase was destroyed along with some infantry.

We then moved directly onto the hill to support infantry up close, but we did not have much cohesion with the infantry on the ground and they were getting destroyed. An enemy attack helicopter came to the area, it was scared off temporarily but came back later with vengeance.

A hostile APC was engaged and destroyed by myself, but we (stupidly) ran out of ammo and nearly died. The infantry in the area were asking for APC evac, Sandiford wanted to bug out to get the hell outta there since we took damage from the APC duel. I requested to pickup the friendly infantry since I know how bad it feels to be deserted out there and left to die. Sadly we didnt get there in time and the ones that requested the APC pickup were long dead, and all the other infantry in the area were just clueless and getting slaughtered. Then the enemy Attack Helicopter returned and we were destroyed.



Back at base now, I decided to make a mechanized infantry squad since all the other squads seemed sluggish and none were using mumble so coordinating with them was a pain. It took about 10-15 minutes to finally assemble and pick up my entire squad which was literally scattered across the entire map!



Not sure why they were so spread out but they were. By the time the whole squad was picked up, we had lost all flags and the Farm was going neutral. We tried to move up to attack it but the enemy had already been entrenched there, and we ended the round just as we were finally clearing out the farm but due to the strong ticket bleed we had lost the round.


Areas of Concern / Improvements:

- Big lack of cohesiveness with the infantry and the rest of the assets. It felt like each squad was doing their own thing with no organisation or communication between the squads

- No defense. We had 3 squads attacking PLA FOB before the other objective was captured, this ultimately led to our downfall. When the Hill objective went back to enemy hands, we had all our man power sitting on their uncaptureable final CP. This meant the enemy was free to walk through the other flags and cap us out, and all these squads were always 2 steps behind and had no transport.

- Helicopter Transport was abysmal. Crashed alot of helicopters and never did much usefulness besides inserting squads at flags that could not be captured (ie: PLA FOB)

- APC Gunners should pay alot closer attention to their ammunition levels especially before engaging high threat targets...

Positive Sustains:

- Good coordination between Sandiford and our mech inf squad at the end, we had a really hectic battlefield in front of us with tons of targets, lag and nasty air units and Sandi kept his cool and helped us the best he could.

- Nice FOB position built near the coal mine even though it was unused from what I could see.

- Good comms between the CO (royal marines joe) and the jet which bombed the tank in the last video clip. It was a hectic environment and proper comms was not followed but regardless the jet knew what he was doing, and joe relayed info very quickly.

Player Recommendations:

Sandiford: APC Driver. always a pleasure to gun for him, he knows when to move, when to stay put (and provide stable firing platform) when to fall back to base, best places to get good lines of fire, spots targets consistently with attack markers... overall excellent APC driver.

Royal marines joe: Commander. relays info quickly and effectively and gets the job done but does not talk down to squads but rather tries to work with them, recommend as CO anytime.


Overall, it was an okay session but prety forgettable. The lack of cohesion and all squads doing their own thing really makes this map and other 4km maps feel prety hopeless. More squad leaders using voice comms like mumble or TS would help this greatly.
Updated 2009-08-15 at 10:01 by fuzzhead
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Total Comments: 3
  1. Old Comment
    echo's Avatar
    Yeah, I kinda screwed up in the tank. I mean I could have gotten that tank (PLA) who was attacking farm outpost with our challenger 2 tank, however I failed miserably, when I should have easily got the tank with the first shot. If I did get the tank, I would have easily killed the infantry who rushed farm outpost to the west of the enemy tank.

    It was a sad day, but I guess you learn from mistakes like these, however in reality, we should have won. But yes, the rest of the team were clueless, with like half the team being at PLA FOB and only a handful of people being at farm outpost defending.

    When me and namebot lost the tank, we switched to an AA role and managed to kill an APC with AA missiles. I managed to shoot the APC, right up the arsehole of the APC, it was sooo, so funny, never knew AA missiles were so effective agaisn't enemy armour. - It was like we were in a version of the spadrel, to which end, fired undirected missiles.

    To be honest, I think I should have stepped up to squad leading as I think ANOTHER coordinated squad, would have done a great deal to pan the game out to our favour.
    Posted 2009-08-09 at 08:27 by echo echo is offline
  2. Old Comment
    UncleSmek's Avatar
    Its impressive with what PR becomes when you have all SL's in mumble.
    Why not turn off VOIP and just make mumble mandotory?
    Posted 2009-08-09 at 09:56 by UncleSmek UncleSmek is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Outlawz7's Avatar
    Because you can't communicate with members that aren't near you using Mumble?
    Posted 2009-08-09 at 11:49 by Outlawz7 Outlawz7 is offline


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