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A big hand to Octo-Crab

Posted 2010-04-01 at 01:21 by Masaq

A big hand please to Octo-crab, one of our PR:BF2 Beta Testers...

He'll need to it wield his new banhammer, as he's joined the [R-MOD] team.

Octo think twice, infract once and you'll be fine. DuneHunter and his boys will...
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WHAT!!! chinese beach assaults

Posted 2010-03-29 at 11:02 by motherdear
Updated 2010-04-05 at 09:19 by motherdear

a long time ago before i even became an r-con i was working on a proposal of making the PLA Navy Marines.
my contribution to that at the time was inspired by this picture
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Trying my hand at high Poly modelling

Posted 2010-03-28 at 22:43 by Matrox
Updated 2010-03-28 at 23:01 by Matrox

Well, it's been a few weeks, probably months since I've put anything really worthwhile into my blog. My life in university has been 110% studying at the moment. My other shortfall at the moment is that they have invested in a firewall that blocks out...
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New to Project Reality Sound Dept

Posted 2010-03-20 at 14:07 by Mark XIII

Well, first entry into the blog.

I'm greatly excited at what can be done with the sound within this mod. Over the last few years I've learnt a great deal about how to use and abuse Arma 2's sound engine. Now I'm looking forward to putting...
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Project Reality OST 0.9 Bonus Tracks

Posted 2010-03-20 at 01:27 by Alkali
Updated 2012-02-14 at 12:34 by [R-DEV]2Slick4U

The bonus tracks from 0.9. Thanks to (R-DEV)Chuc for doing the artwork for the album, looks great.

Im looking to have the album online by next week, and then for physical release over the next month.

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