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02 Jul 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Scott Tobin - Map Loading Music Preview
Posted in: Other
Posted 2009-11-21 at 21:55 by Alkali

Here are a few songs for Project Reality 0.9. Still not 100% or mastered. The main theme is featured at 2:05 in one of the map loading musics.

The main menu music themes will be uploaded when PR 0.9 is released.

Listen in HD when its ready!



Updated 2009-11-21 at 22:13 by Alkali
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Total Comments: 34
  1. Old Comment
    Welshboy's Avatar
    Sounds pretty awesome
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 22:28 by Welshboy Welshboy is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Zrix's Avatar
    Sounds good man, sounds good.
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 23:04 by Zrix Zrix is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Snazz's Avatar
    Very good
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 23:22 by Snazz Snazz is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Very nice :D
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 23:32 by Arnoldio Arnoldio is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Bringerof_D's Avatar
    i like it, changes over from a slow and peacefull feel to a, "allright fun times over lets move" kind of feel. then to an "on the roll" then to, "check your corners cqb room clearing"
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 23:32 by Bringerof_D Bringerof_D is offline
  6. Old Comment
    Adriaan's Avatar
    Wow, fantastic! I love it
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 23:47 by Adriaan Adriaan is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Here are a few songs for Project Reality 0.9. - Those are parts from different music, not 1 loading music...
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 23:47 by Arnoldio Arnoldio is offline
  8. Old Comment
    good job man.
    and little suggestion:
    piano ) some tech sounds make this more epic
    Posted 2009-11-21 at 23:59 by [wow]titan [wow]titan is offline
  9. Old Comment
    Bamtoman's Avatar
    Epic music !
    Posted 2009-11-22 at 00:00 by Bamtoman Bamtoman is offline
  10. Old Comment
    agentscar's Avatar
    sounds wonderful man,love ur music work..can't wait to hear it in HD!
    Posted 2009-11-22 at 00:05 by agentscar agentscar is offline

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