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18 Jan 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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August 5th 2009 AAR
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Posted 2009-08-08 at 09:54 by fuzzhead

After Action Report

Event Date & Time:
Wednesday August 5th 2009

Game & Server Info:
Project Reality v0.86 @ Reality Teamwork Mumble |US| server

Asad Khal (AAS16)



Squad 1
Rezza - Officer

Squad 2:
fuzzhead - Officer

What Happened:

Joined Rezza's squad, there was fighting on both sides of the river for most of the round. Lots of dying and respawning, and an epic moment when we attacked the enemy with 2 transport trucks all screaming our heads off on mumble, we all died and Im the only one who made it alive to our destination, and pistoled some guy in the back who tried to kill me off when I was hiding in a house.

The round ended 15-0 for MEC, we were all wondering how we actually won cause we were dying so much....

Was a good round but too spammy for my tastes, but that is Asad Khal with a full server for you.

Muttrah City (AAS64)



Squad 2:
fuzzhead - Officer

Squad 3:
Rezza - Officer

Squad 3:
mk9 - APC Driver

What Happened:

We had an APC squad (mk9) with 2 APC's and my squad was mechanized infantry. We met up with Rezza's squad who was already inserted near the fish market via helicopter. We were driven ashore via APC. We dismounted at the fish market and proceeded down the coastal highway south towards the mosque. We took sporadic fire but the 2 APC's escorting us provided good fire support and we were able to enter the mosque.

The mosque had an enemy FOB, AA position and half a squad of hostiles which we quickly wiped out. Once the mosque was clear the APC's dropped ammo and RTB'ed for rearm.

What followed was an extended occupation of the mosque building by my squad and Rezza's squad. We held mainly the bottom floor as enemies attacked from below and above, we held that postion for about 40 minutes of continuous attacks.

Finally the rest of the team captured the other objective so we were free to move on to the south city objective. Mk9 lost an APC due to disconnects, so we had to shuttle each squad in 1 at a time. We made it to a back alley but Rezza's squad got flown in a huey and got wasted, so it was my squad stuck in the objective for a long time defending a back alley, while the rest of the team had to fall back to the other objectives because as soon as they were captured they were abandoned, and of course the enemy took them back.

Having a commander at this point would have been really useful as the rest of the team IMO was acting prety stupidly. They fought for 30 minutes to capture an objective, then as soon as they got it they left INSTANTLY, and the enemy just took it right back... I dont know how else to describe that behavior other than moronic.

So anyways we ended winning the round with around 100 tickets, it was an okay round but I felt the team was not as coordinated as it should have been, seeing how everyone was on mumble and all the SL were in the SL channel.

CAS seemed to be not very responsive and doing their own thing and frequently lost the attack helicopter, and lost the attack huey within the first 5 minutes of the round.

APC squad led by mk9 was doing okay but he was plagued with disconnects and players getting auto switched to the other side, and even mk9 himself was auto switched and unable to return to our team since the auto balance was not letting him.

Sniper squads were AWOL for USMC, very little info was being given about enemy positions.

The rest of the infantry like I said seemed to be very forgetful and generally slow to respond and did not have any kind of plan of action, it felt that most of them were simply just reacting to enemy contact rather than moving cohesively.

Not sure how we won the round with as many tickets as we did, I think the hostile APC's were the biggest reason as they were operating almost 100% as lone wolves and were easy targets for our HAT teams who did a good job.
Updated 2009-08-09 at 18:38 by fuzzhead
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    Welshboy's Avatar
    That round of Muttrah was quite fun
    Posted 2009-08-08 at 12:45 by Welshboy Welshboy is offline

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