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29 Mar 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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August 12th 2009 AAR
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Posted 2009-08-15 at 00:06 by fuzzhead

After Action Report

Event Date & Time:
Wednesday August 8th 2009, 2330-0030 EST

Game & Server Info:
Project Reality v0.86 @ Tactical Gamer server

Fools Road

Chechen Rebels


Squad 1 (WAC MAT):
fuzzhead - Driver 1
SilverJohn - Driver 2
Briznead - Gunner 1
Wookie - Gunner 2

Later on in the mission:
Squad 1 (WAC INF):
fuzzhead - Officer
SilverJohn - Auto Rifleman
Briznead - Rifleman
Wookie - Medic

Squad 5 (BRDM 2):
Sandiford - Driver 1
Lokka - Gunner 1
NorthPlum - Logistics


Ground Vehicle Support:
2 x BRDM Spandrel
2 x BRDM

What Happened:

We started as a BRDM Spandrel squad, to take out hostile armor. Sandiford had a BRDM and was

escorting us in a BRDM. We drove east to cover the eastern pass



No armor came so we moved on to overwatch the next objective area.


We moved onto a ridge over looking the next objective, and Sandiford started engaging some infantry there, and we heard some armor movements but it was out of range. There was some FAIL driving by SilverJohn, but admittedly it was not the best choice to bring these highly sensitive vehicles up a big mountain, but to my credit I WAS following Sandiford's lead :P


We took alot of damage coming down off the ridge and nearly exploded but SilverJohn managed to get us upright with his new BRDM that NorthPlum kindly lended our squad. This is when we realized what a clusterfck the rest of our team was. They were all holed up at Estate with no means to attack, and had basically built their own grave. All logistics trucks and technicals were abandoned haphazardly around the map. The nearest logistics to us was at Estate but it was trapped inside because the ones who built the defenses didnt think about if the rest of the team might have needed it :P So we waited a long time for our repairs to arrive while the enemy gained ground.


We finally got repaired and headed to the east end of the map again to go hunter-killer on the tanks. We got near the eastern checkpoint but our team had blockaded it quite extensively, but just as we got there APC contacts were called in and were circling the Estate. We made our way towards contact and succesfully destroyed both APC. Sadly I didnt record that Shortly After destroying the 2 APC's another APC was hidden in woods and succesfully destroyed both our BRDM's. Was definitely my fault for being a bit too reckless driving through an open area, sadly I dont have video of that either.


After this I was getting a bit frustrated with lack of comms from rest of team so decided it was easier just to go as an Infantry squad. Sandiford took over the Spandrels and I formed an infantry squad with the following:

Squad 1 (WAC INF):
fuzzhead - Officer
SilverJohn - Auto Rifleman
Briznead - Rifleman
Wookie - Medic

Our team (predictably) lost the Estate and now our Main Base was being over run. My squad tried desperately to fend off the attackers, coordinating with Techmaster's infantry squad to try to clear out the hostiles.



After getting roughed up at the Chechen Fortress, we used the momentary lull after the artillery to flank north and try to find the enemy Rallypoints or FO that the enemy was pouring out of, here is the video of what followed on that flanking attempt:


After getting whopped on that hill we decided to do something more humble and simply clear out a sniper that was firing on our troops at the Chechen Fortress. He was a sneaky one, we killed him but we didnt know it right away. Big "dumb dumb" points for myself for being the first in a patrol line and looking BEHIND me... got to learn to stop doing that so much when Im close to enemy contact, I was checking to see if the rest of my squad was following as they were lagging behind often, usually only SilverJohn was in formation with everyone else kind of trailing waaay behind. Not sure if it was my fault for not dealing with them properly or if they were just not paying much attention.


After killing the sniper, we found a much better overwatch position for the advancing Russian Forces, and we decided to make a hasty ambush. Commander had mortars avaliable and I had a good opportunity to use them. I ended up getting hit like a dumbass cause I wanted to get some nice footage of the mortars slaying bodies :/


After the Mortar strike, we quickly crossed the road and headed into the area where we expected the enemy RP's and FO's to be:



The round ended 5-10 minutes after this, Chechens lost I think Russia had about 100 tickets left, I forgot to snap an end game photo, Ill try to do this next time.

Player Recommendations:

SilverJohn: Auto Rifleman. Had to be on the phone multiple times but was always sticking close and following orders, did a great job on the PKM surpressing targets. You dont notice in the video but all targets we were engaging had scopes, while poor SilverJohn had only ironsites on his PKM. He did a great job all things considered. And dont worry about flipping the car lol I did as well :P

Sandiford: Spandrel Commander. A pleasure as always, excellent support role in the Spandrel, he picked up our slack and accomplished what my squad failed to do, good job!

MixOlydian: Commander. Great job on commanding, pleasure to have a good commander that listens and responds very quickly. He seemed to be getting disconnected constantly but always joined back, would play under him again in a heartbeat, its always more fun to have a Commander, and him stepping up IMO was the only reason our team did not lose ALL our objectives.
Updated 2009-08-15 at 09:58 by fuzzhead
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  1. Old Comment
    Hey just checked this AAR out, Finally made a new account from the old ivan_the_bad one to save a little confusing but name changed are always confusing. I'm surprised you managed to catch so much footage and recorded your voip too thats pretty awsome!

    That was a pretty fun round althought got pretty hectic, and spammy at times. Lack of rallies will probably make those sort of firefights a little more enjoyable!

    About the squad at times lagging behind: I gues it happens with people who arent used to moving at a really fast pace or arent used to breaking contact. You need to do more training sessions like you used to do back in 0.5. They were really good i know theres still those old videos on youtube, but i gues we need the new features updated version. If you feel like making some for 0.9 give me a shout id be happy to help out!

    Right at the end.

    Fuzzhead- 'John heres a good setup position'
    SilverJohn- 'I cant see them?'
    Fuzzhead-'Arghhh,Fuck...well hes shooting at you'

    Well Looking forward to seeing you on the server again! you seem to get on at crazy hours, altough i gues it would only be like 8-9pm down there in Canada!
    Posted 2010-01-23 at 01:51 by SilverJohn SilverJohn is offline
    Updated 2010-01-23 at 02:01 by SilverJohn

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