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2011-05-29, 19:21
The Gary (Explosive Garbage Truck) & Big Red


These vehicles are the most loved vehicles, at least the Insurgents love them the most. The BLUFOR hates them, they will shoot with everything they have to slow you down. Their Armor will fall back and before you know it you are dead. So now I will first direct you towards my bomb car guide (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f139-armor-tactics/72030-bomb-car-tactics.html) for the basic tricks and rules. But remember his specifications;

(+) Capable of blowing up an immense area
(+) Capable of blowing up enemy Heavy Armored Vehicles
(+) Capable of taking lots of bullets before exploding
(+) A great psychological effect on the enemy when they see it driving
(-) Bad Manoeuvrability
(-) Slow
(-) Loud and Specific Sound
(-) Number one priority to destroy for the BLUFOR

So to what do you sacrifice these vehicles, first of all, not to a lonely squad. Second of all not to Aircraft, because chances are small that you will kill a Kiowa High in the sky. So let's make a list of top priority targets (1= Most important 8= Least Important)
1. Tank (Abrahams/Challenger)
2. APCs (Bradley, LAV, AAV , Stryker, Warrior, Scimitar)
3. FOB Compounds
4. Mortar Positions
5. Pack of Humvees
6. Multiple Squads in a dense area
7. A compound filled with a squad
8. Enemy Main base (When Allowed)

I placed number 8 as last because you are not allowed to main base rape on every server, so it is not a top priority then. But when allowed, plan your attacks well for maximum effect. Wait till their (Air) Assets are in their main base and then attack. You don?t have to wait till they are all there, just a few Humvees, Logistic Trucks and their Helicopters/Heavy Vehicles. It will be enough to let them bleed

This was my Insurgents Vehicle guide, I hope that it was useful, always remember, Improvise, think and attack! B.Pronk(NL)