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2011-05-29, 19:09
The .50cal technical


This is the most used technical, it has 2 guns on it. One is a .50 calibre "Dshk" (if I am right) and the other is a RPK. This techy is seen in different colours , but since the release of v0.9 the developers gave us a special technical. It is a camouflaged, desert coloured technical having a 3-man crew. The best way to use the .50cal technical is to use it as a defensive weapon, sitting still behind cover, or cruising around in Urban areas defending caches. Only get on the offense when you don't have to drive through open areas and when you are with more techies at a time, otherwise try to use it as a defensive tool.
Now let?s talk about his specifications. The "C" marker stands for the camouflaged techy only. The "O" for original techy only.

Weaponry: .50 calibre Dhpshk and a RPK
Capable for transporting 3 extra guys (O)
(+) High Top-Speed
(+)Great Manoeuvrability
(+) Suited for Anti-Infantry role, AA role and Anti-Light Vehicles.
(-) Lack of armour
(-) Flipped easily, drifting too
(-) Not suited against armoured vehicles or heavy weaponry
Suited for 3 man (C)

Tactics: Techy vs. Infantry
This is probably the easiest battle, you got an advantage due to the fact that you fire your bullets more accurately than a standard rifle, and because of the fact that you have more bullets to shoot without reloading. Don't think that you are invincible, because an enemy BLUFOR squad often has a Light AT, AR , Marksman or Grenadier ready to hurt your crew. So make sure you got some cover, take out the earlier mentioned guys before you tear them apart. When they are running aim a little bit in front of them, then they are standing still just shoot straight at them. Your RPK-Gunner can take care of them when you are reloading or cooling down. Over long-ranges (Op. Archer / Kokan) your driver can direct your fire, but in closer battles, he must stand ready to leave the area quickly.

Tactics: Techy vs. Light Vehicles
This is a almost equal battle, since the BLUFOR vehicles are often armed with a .50 Caliber Browning or an LMG such as the M249. But there is a difference that give them an advantage, their gunner is covered and you are not. Luckily their trucks aren't armed, that makes them an easier target so don't scared of them. But when attacking humvees, use your RPK to get more firepower, try to hit and run, take cover and wait for them. The best way to engage them is by surprise, try to kill the driver or gunner and they will be a dead man.

Tactics: Techy vs. Helicopter
When placing yourself in the right spot you can take them down easily, aim in front of the helicopter otherwise you will miss. Try to hit the pilot and they will crash. Make sure you position yourself into cover, behind buildings, beneath trees or a spot they won't expect you. So don't stand in the cache compound for example, but surprise them while they are en route to the cache area. Try to fire in burst, in case it is a though pilot, so it won't get overheated fast. When driving around, and you get spotted by a Kiowa, try to fire at them while zigzagging or driving to cover. So they have a hard time hitting you, while you can still spray their cockpit. Don't get scared of experimenting, put an AA-Guy in the back of your techy and start attacking!

Tactics: Techy vs. Convoy
This is not the situation you want to be in, especially when the enemy sees you coming. This is why I don't recommend attacking convoys. But sometimes there is no other option than attacking, or your team isn't doing well forcing you to make the enemy bleed more. So let?s get into the tactics, first of all make sure that you are in a group or "Pack", second thing is to make sure that everyone has a gunner and a driver so you can avoid bullets and missiles. The third one is to make sure that you take out the Light Vehicles with weapons first (Humvees/Jeeps/CROW Humvees) . The fourth is to fall back as soon as you see their armored vehicles or when they see you, I would recommend not attacking at all when they have Armored Support with them. The second last one is to attack by surprise, try to get enough cover, to attack from above and to attack from a not expected position. The last one is fall back fast, you often see that techy "Packs?"are trying to kill the whole convoy, but get killed often. Try to get some vehicles down, and let the rest flee if they do so, otherwise try to get one ?loose? from the group, so you get the advantage by firepower.

Tactics: Techy vs. Armored Vehicles
I have only one thing to say: ,,Are you crazy soldier, are you crazy?? Just don't attack them, leave them alone and kill the infantry or light vehicles. The only armoured vehicle you can probably handle with multiple techies is the Stryker (If I am right).

Tactics: Techy "Pack"
This is an effective way to be more effective, driving in groups around the map, killing light vehicles, infantry, or aircraft. This is all because you have more firepower and the enemy has more vehicles to shoot at. If you combine the .50 cal "Pack"with an SPG-Techy you might be effective against armored vehicles, but I can't guarantee it......

We all know it, the BLUFOR hates this vehicle, join me next time when we are covering the SPG-9 Technical, B.Pronk(NL)