View Full Version : Suddenly high ping

2011-05-15, 12:48
This is the problem. I have been playing project reality for a while now, but last week my ping suddenly rise from 100-200 to 500-1000. This problem has reoccured several times now I don't know what to do. I' usuall plays on german and UK servers so it is far more ping than usual. My overall internet connection is slower to. The windows task manager says that I am just using between 0 % to 1 %of of network utilization. I'm using a Wireless G access point for my network. Sorry for some bad english


2011-06-10, 07:24
were you always using Wifi if not did the problem start when u switched to wifi? how many PC/laptops are connectedto internet? speedtest? oes the ping stay at >500 all the time or does it just peak up and then go down?

2011-06-11, 20:06
have you downloaded a large volume of stuff recently? I dont know what your usage policys are like there, but normally there's a boundary... If you cross that line, they'll throttle your internet connection for a few days..

2011-07-05, 13:23
Do you have Telenor/GET?

they are still having subtle internet problems(after a huge problems with phones and internet in Norway recently), and I still loose internet sometimes at night. the High ping as happened to me as well.

2011-07-26, 18:47
Your ISP might be doing maintenance, give them a call.