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2011-05-10, 00:09
Based on my previous squad leading guide, Darkpowder's VOIP guide, and my readings from Combat Orders on Advisor Home (http://www.2ndbn5thmar.com) . I will provide the format and a basic explanation of each section, then give an example of how it would be used in-game.

Critique both positive and negatives, tell me what you think and share your experiences and/or what works for you. I know some people and even myself just say "Move there", but I find these check points very helpful. I don't always do it all in one shot and still need practice, but i seem to go over the points each sooner or later even if said separately.

For example, sometimes I won't assign vehicles but then it takes longer then it should to load up in two separate HMMWVs and ensure each has a gunner. Other times people recommend another tactic without realizing the importance of an order i'll set. Other times there is armor on the map and the SL forgets to consider that. All this is to resolve these issues.


Task Organization

PRE COMBAT ORDER (Done only at a main base or FOB. Isn't something you can do when in combat.)

Task Organization

Assignment of kits and vehicles. If using vehicles, you can assign vehicles by person and position such as John and Clark get in HMMWV to left. John drives and Clark guns. This is only done when taking multiple vehicles or it's important particular persons should drive or gun.

COMBAT ORDERS (Standard: Five lines in fifty seconds, under fire.)


Have everyone look at the map as you issue your order. The orientation and situation information is provided already by your in-game map. Sometimes you can provide situation in the form of what you think the enemy will do. "I think the enemy will.." which provides reason for the mission you are about to give.


Mission is a clear statement on where your going and what your going to do there.. A mission can be "Squad, move to A5 in-order-to (IOT) build a FOB", "Go to move marker IOT clear compound of enemy infantry", "John, get to D5k1 so you can give us cover from above with your AR". This is your single most important sentence.
Concept of Operations (CoO)

CoO is how you imagine your orders being carried out. Will you take the fork in the road on the left side, or the right side? Will you take the dirt road or stay in the grass? Will you go around to the north, south, or directly to the objective frontally? This is used when your not taking point as the point man will need to know how to approach the objective.

This tells what people will do when moving out. Mission is for your whole squad, task is like a mission for your squad mates that support the squad mission. If your squad is attacking an enemy occupied building, you tell Pwner and Coolio to go through the front door while Ronnie and Gamer take the SPC grappling hook and go from the 2nd floor while yourself and your medic Uber cover the building windows from the outside.
Coordinating Instructions

I recently found a use of this that makes sense. This is when you set your squad formation, spacing, and what to do on enemy contact.
"Remember; standard is five lines in fifty seconds."
"John take AR, Mike GL, Ron SPC, Jake MD. John and Mike take first HMMWV in front. John drives and Mike guns. Ron and Jake take 2nd HMMWV. Ron drives, Jake guns. I'll take logistics truck. Spawn at south dot of main base.
"Everybody look at your map. We will move to J13 IOT secure the VCP and it's vehicles there. I want that VCP so our team has access to both it's vehicles and can flank the enemy from the south."
CoO: "We will take the main dirt road along the south towards VCP IOT to avoid all open fields.
Tasks: "First HMMWV with John and Mike, you take point and lead us to VCP. I will follow in logistics truck. Ron and Jake follow behind me and cover our flanks."
Coord. Ins.: "Move with 15 meter spacing and on enemy contact, do not stop and continue to move but open fire. Go around enemy if they are directly in front of you. Let's roll."

Redoing Format Edit


Communication Check
Rally Area
Weapons & Equipment


Assess enemy intention and composition


Squad objective
Purpose of objective


Travel route (if not defending)
Position of squad members (pointman, flank guard)
Sectors of fire to cover