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2011-05-05, 15:19
i havent used one in a regular server in a while, but are they suposed to be crap? i dont mean to be insulting, but you cant hit sh*t with their TOWs. i know theres the new 7 second rule, but i must have been parked for 10 minutes before i fired one, and i completely missed. i tried fireing one at long range and couldnt even see the missle.

is this intentional?

2011-05-05, 21:48
What does this have to do with SP/COOP?

2011-05-05, 22:07
Same on Ramiel Singleplayer COOP :roll:

It is a bug, in MP the TOW is very accurate. And when the TOW is loaded you can shoot instantly
But in MP is another Bug: The Bradley on Qwai River can shoot a tow while driving, the Kashan Desert Bradley can not --> (it sucks on Kashan, because you cant even kill the BMP3)

2011-05-05, 22:07
ballard_44;1588902']What does this have to do with SP/COOP?

Square root of bugger all?

Moved to the vehicle feedback section.

2011-05-05, 23:06
So you guys are saying the _bf2 version, where you the driver and gunner are combined has issues?

2011-05-06, 00:28
ive only seen it in coop in the vBF2 driver/gunner versions, so i assume those are the only ones. and i didnt know if it was intentional to keep human players out of it or whatever. this is why i posted it in SP feedback.

2011-05-06, 03:19
The TOWs in the SP/Coop version fire at a 30-40 degree of elevation even if you are level and pointed directly at a target. It takes around 500m for the missile to come back to your cross-air.

2011-05-06, 05:53
Oh, that's an issue for sure...thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it.

2011-06-13, 02:27
Makes for a large dead range, when guidance dead range makes it more like <100m IRL.

Bob of Mage
2011-06-14, 17:08
I would say this is really a Co-op only bug. Like a number of other things in Co-op the Bradlys were changed for bot use. However they were poorly done so we now have a problem.