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2011-04-12, 21:08
Ok I will try to explain this to the best of my ability... I have 2 connections going into my computer. 1 on Ethernet port 1 and the other on Ethernet port 2. I want to set it up so the Firefox, Chrome, Pr, Bf2 ect run on Ethernet 1, wile uTorrent and a few other download managers run on Ethernet port 2. The reason for this setup is so that I can download my torrents with out the feel of my connecting slowing down on the web. (I have a SLOW SLOW SLOW!!! internet for my main surfing. but a faster~ connecting for downloading on Ethernet 2) So how would I do this??

Ethernet port 1 runs on a static Ip of:
Ethernet port 2 runs on dynamic IP.

Ok if this makes no sence tell me and ill try to reexplain

2011-05-13, 16:04
This does not make sense to me as both those will probably link to the same router and that one only has one internet connection. So you are just splitting up your one high way into 2 high ways to then rejoin them into a dirt road (modem)...

Your speed will not enhance unless you acutally are using multiple internet connections (modems/routers).

If this is the case your ready to go... However I do not know of any tool for windows that would split up traffic like this (maybe a firewall).

The easiest way might be to actually install a virtual machine like VMWare, install an OS (eg. linux, install the download clients) and the important thing: only allow the virtual machine access to Ethernet 2 - this is possible for VMWare.

2011-05-16, 18:47
As the above post states, there will be no speed improvement... The only advantage is that you will be able to trasfer files faster over the ethernet ports to another pc on the ethernet ports (assuming the other pc has two connections aswell) although even this is limited by the HDD.

Also if you really want to, you can use port forwarding(on your router) to forward all the games and what have you, to the static IP on ethernet port 1, then forward the rest to ethernet 2.

2011-05-16, 20:34
They are 2 differnt modems ex. 1 is a t1 line on 1 modem another is an air card from verizon

2011-08-07, 22:52
Since you have 2 connections then a VPN or VMware is the way to go. The suggestions aboce are about as good as you can get. (Lol on the highway to dirt road sniping)

Designate what you want on etho port 1 (Games, Browsing) and then the same for etho 2. Linux would really be the way to go here as it is just so much more versatile than windows on a daily basis. A good friend of mine does this because he has 6 computers in the house along with 5 servers on 3 connections. It's a networking nightmare when something breaks.

2011-10-18, 23:20
If you have Windows 7, read this about Network Load Balancing.
I have 2 connections as well:



Now, I have only combined them once to test proof of concept, but you can do it. I have no need to leave them combined.

2011-12-26, 08:37
also if your torrent is messing with your gaming you can set maximum upload/download (on BitTorrent). if you dont feel like messing with 2 connections that is.