View Full Version : Thermal Vehicles should see Lazes

2011-04-07, 03:34
Why is it that thermal vehicles dont see lazes. they should be able to see them so that squads leading mechanized infantry can relay the position he wants them to shoot with the laze box from the GLTD. It doesn't have to lock on to it. Just make it visible to relay information

it dosnt make since that instead of a directional arrow, it should be a box which is much more accurate, all it does is act as a box(target)

Haji with a Handgun
2011-04-07, 05:35
Do I smell a suggestion? This is a good point.

2011-04-07, 05:42
Suggestion outside of suggestion forum. Locked.
If you decide to suggest it, find some sources. So far your suggestion has no base under it at all, it is almost as relevant as seeing lases through regular infantry scopes.