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2011-02-22, 19:38
Hello, i'm just giving a lil feedback about vehicles in PR, R-Dev should correct the sighting camera position on many vehicle, as example, the Leopard 2A6M in-game have the right sight position, the M1A2 Abrams dont, same apply for LAV25 and LAV3 wich also had wrong placed sight view, and my list can go on and on...

Please for god sig's dont told me its a low priority, actualy fixing the camera position will balance all the vehicle sight, cause for now, the Leopard2A6M gunner will see higher than M1A2, and he will also see a bigger FOV from the battlefield, since he dosent have he's barrel doing a dead angle from 2 to 5 o'clock.

Its not a caprice, its more about reflecting the reality more effeciently, and be fair giving all gunner about the same level, ofcourse they can just change Leopard2, Challenger 2 ( etc..." ) to make it look like the "vbf2" ( even if some are not ) vehicle that just have a wrong placed cam... so every one the same... just like in "reality".

2011-02-22, 19:54

I think your previous thread fulfills your needs, no one has commented on it, doesnt mean it has not been read.

Though please next time, for vehicles for which you don't have real life experience with (by that I mean the non-Canadian ones ofc), use a source.

Please for god sig's dont told me its a low priority

The people who do the actual work of putting it ingame will decide what is high priority and what isnt

2011-02-22, 19:58
If you have created a thread in the suggestions forum and it hasn't been approved do not create a duplicate elsewhere to circumvent that rule. For your reference your original thread was not approved because it is a change relating to a faction for which we have an active MA, and because you did not use any sources.