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2011-02-21, 22:58
This post is just a version of the post "Novo Fuzil da IMBEL" updated with more details and pictures
This rifle has the "mission"to replace the FAL in units of the Brazilian Army and everything indicates it will also replace the Air Force G33 rifles, FAL and M16 beyond the Navy and Marine Corps. The rifle IMBEL IA2 will use polymer in the hand-guard, wrist and butt.

Key features:

*Family rifle in two Calibers: 5.56 and 7.62 mm;

*Use of polymer in the hand-guard, wrist and butt;

*Insulating sleeve (in red color) between the pipe and hand guards can be seen in the image detail of the barrel of 5.56. The glove is also available in 7.62;

*"Zarelhos" for the establishment of the bandolier 5.56 different from 7.62. This last zarelho is rotational and stuck in the barrel. At 5.56, is arrested by the hand-guard and located on both sides of the body of the weapon (butterfly-shaped);

*Picatinny rails for attaching various accessories;

*The butt of 5.56 (with photo detail) retractable and folding;

*New ergonomic handle with a very different angle from that used in the FAL and PARAFAL;

IA2 762

IA2 556

Details of the stock (5.56 mm)

Some pictures



The IMBEL IA2 For while it is in testing phase and will soon be taking action in the Brazilian Army, Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Air Force

2011-02-22, 06:13
Irrelevant information and there is already another topic with the same discussion.