View Full Version : Software OC and BF2 stutter-lag-problems

2011-02-12, 08:32
I have a crappy Intel mobo with no chance whatsoever to OC with bios.
Anyway, i've been lucky to get stable 20% more FSB with SetFSB program.
Only problem is that BF2 is the only program that doesn't like this for some reason. BF2-games/mods start lag-stutter when i use SetFSB, which means that if i turn my avatar by let say 45 degrees, it turns 45 degrees and then jumps back 5-10 degrees which makes it feel stutterish/laggish.

Well basically i don't need to OC to play BF2 mods but i am just curious why this happens. Cos BF2 is the only one doing this with software OC.

My cpu is Intel E6750 and mobo is dg33fb with win 7 as an OS.

2011-02-18, 07:42
Last couple of times i've OCed the cpu I have not gotten this rubberband lagging, or what ever it is called. Damn computers, they seem to work like magic...

Anyway, OCing doesnt really do that much good on those maps where i have serious fps drop cos the engine not using my cpu to the fullest w/o OC anyways, though raising the FSB should always speed up things anyways...

2011-02-19, 07:42
and now i got it again. AArgh, what is it with BF2 engine that it sometimes allows OCing and sometimes doesnt. Every other game that i play doesnt behave like this :(

2011-12-26, 08:59
you never changed its affinity have you? i also have this happen rarely. if it does it, i restart which fixes it. i set PR's affinity one time and it did it constantly till i returned it to its default.

im overclocked by fsb no problems. no software.