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2011-01-16, 21:11
Hello everyone.

So I have been playing PR since 0.91 and lately I fly a lot of choppers, especially the attack helicopters like Mi-28 Havoc and AH-64 Apache.

But I have one problem. My game is very unstable and get CTDs very often.
I have a very good gunner and we communicate on teamspeak very well and usually get good results.

Occasionally I get CTD when in the pilot seat. I tell my gunner through TS that I CTD'd and he switches over to the pilots seat. Sometimes he manages to save the chopper or doesn't when we were flying low.
I haven't flown in an attack helicopter IRL so I won't go into further details there. I have seen a lot of pictures of their cockpits and have seen a Mi-24 on an airshow.

And I see that all of them have flying controls for the co-pilot in case the pilot is incapacitated or his controls malfunction. The co-pilot can't use his weapon systems but he can fly the heli back to the airfield/helipad safely.

I remember that vanilla bf2 had a warm-down feature on attack helis which resulted in exploit of lone-wolf pilots who could switch to copilot, fire a TV missile and back to pilot.

Seeing as this exploit is impossible in PR I ask that atleast the warm-down feature is brought back so the chopper doesn't simply drop from the sky when the pilot is killed/disconnected. Happens very often with the Kiowa (yes you can see the copilot also has a cyclic stick) the pilot gets insta-killed inside the cockpit and death for the co-pilot too.

I would also like if some source from the air service can shed light into whether the co-pilot can actually fly the whole attack chopper incase pilot fails.


Edit: I don't have enough post count to post in suggestion area, and I thought that this is a good feedback of pilot/copilot problem. I wouldn't mind if the thread was moved in general discussion or suggestion area.
Apologies if I have done wrong with the post area.

2011-01-17, 00:44
My thoughts exactly. It's unrealistic that you can't save the helicopter because it instantly shuts down if the pilot dies.

2011-01-17, 07:07

The pilot sits behind the gunner in the cockpit. Each seat position has redundant systems allowing the gunner to fly the aircraft if necessary or allowing the pilot to fire the weapons. (http://www.aviationexplorer.com/apache_facts.htm)

Yep, both crewmen are pilots and can fly the aircraft equally well in either seat. Landing's a little easier in the back seat, just cuz you've got that PNVS turret right in your face that blocks your downward visibility, but its ok.

Could be a nightmare to put ingame though.

I know someone that has flown it, and was heavily involved with buying it for the UK, I'll check with him too.

2011-01-17, 10:03
U picked my thoughts outta my head . Especially with kiowa part . It's just so frustating to get killed in the chopper and losing it when u have a co-pilot who can take over the flyin .

2011-01-17, 10:26
how about something like if it's flown for more than 5 mins for the rest of the flight it has no warm up time unless it is abandoned for more than 2 mins or something?

2011-01-17, 10:50
just remove the warm-up in flight and put a delayed warmup as soon as you're switching to gunner/co-pilo seat.

2011-01-17, 11:27
Still wouldn't be a bad thing to add the time back in. I mean so the chopper doesn't drop like a brick. Back in the vbf2 days choppers would just keep on going if the pilot jumped out.

2011-01-17, 11:46
It was possible to do in vBF2 so it will be possible here. Seems like the most realistic and logical way for a copilot to regain control of the helicopter. Most of the ingame helicopters have a control stick visuals for the copilot. Even the transport helicopters.

2011-01-17, 14:18
Well I`m no rocket surgeon but doesn't helicopters have this autorotation thing IRL. So seeing helicopter fall like a brick in PR isint really...real ??

2011-01-17, 16:23
very good SUGGESTION. i can't think of a reason why not.....

2011-01-18, 19:33
Well I`m no rocket surgeon but doesn't helicopters have this autorotation thing IRL. So seeing helicopter fall like a brick in PR isint really...real ??

If the pilot is shot instantly dead i'm sure the co-pilot would regain control and pilot the helicopter.

Autorotation is for a total loss of power, ironically the pilot makes the helicopter 'drop like a stone' to store energy in the rotors by making them spin very fast as the craft loses altitude.

When he nears the ground he feathers the rotors, which will slow them down but also generate lift, allowing a well-timed landing.

2011-01-20, 22:34
I am writing this after a round of Muttrah City on -=RuleZ=- Server.

This time I was the co-pilot (gunner) of the Cobra attack helicopter.

In the middle of a strafing run my pilot (=RSP=Captain_Chaos_NL, admin of the server) gets a freak disconnect by punkbuster saying theres some packet loss so I hit the F1 key to go in the pilots seat.

I manage to straighten the heli so it doesn't land on its side and crash land on some roof with no ladders somwhere in East City.

I'm saying that there is no chance to salvage the situation and fly away. Our team loses 12 tickets and 20 minutes without CAS just because the chopper drops like a stone and the engine turns off when the pilot disconnects. At least something, reduced warm up, less damage on crash landing or the likes.

2011-01-21, 01:36
I agree as well. Especially in cases of CTDs/DCs while flying in fully loaded transports... Maybe 20 seconds after the pilot exits/is killed, then the helo should lose power. (And ensure that all weapons in the gunner's seat have the 30 second warm-up time.)

2011-02-03, 16:27
I'm another one that would like to see this, i can't see how it would affect gameplay in a negative manner at all...

Maybe the DEVs can shed a bit of thought on this for us?

2011-02-16, 11:21
Happened to me few times, though only ONCE I've been able to save the attack helo from crashing.
Would be quite useful add for the attack helos, not sure would this be suitable for transport helos though.. Then again, I haven't seen many CTD's with the pilots that fly those birds.

But if the EA coded this warm down feature, wouldn't that make it bit tough to recode?

2011-02-20, 11:43
Good suggestion. You cant save the chopper unless you are flying really high. Too many times my kiowa pilot have been shot by small arms and kiowa falls down and explodes.


2011-02-21, 01:54
Autorotations for those that don't know what they are.



Had to put links, videos wouldn't embed for some reason.