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2010-11-24, 12:16
My 2 part video tutorial of how to use Bf2_Tpaint.



This is my first video Tutorial and some feedback would be useful so that I can make more tutorials in the future. :smile:

How to use Bf2_tpaint, a useful tool to easily paint maps for battlfield 2 and its mods.

Tpaint link

Winrar link
WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files (http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm)

DDS plugin
NVIDIA Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop (Normal/Cube Maps, DDS) (http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html)

EDIT: Updated with new improved videos.

2010-11-24, 12:29
lookin good some small notes:

- posted in the wrong section ;)
- maybe record your voice a bit louder, its really hard to understand if you are already on maximum volume
- record in higher quality because sometimes its neccessary to see some file names etc and switching to fullscreen gets me a blurred screen

2010-11-24, 12:39
made a few quick edits and moved the topic into the tutorial section :)

Amok@ndy;1495957']- posted in the wrong section ;)

Normal users can't post in there :p

2010-11-24, 12:55
Rhino;1495968']Normal users can't post in there :p

didnt know that :D

2010-11-24, 13:00

Next time I think ill narrate over the video afterwards instead of talking while recording through Fraps.

Do you know of any good recording software?
Ive seen some screen capture videos where they're able to zoom into the mouse pointer and back out into full screen.

2010-11-24, 13:13
i have been using Camtasia Studio 7

2010-11-24, 13:23
Woah that progam looks great, thanks heaps :D
My next videos are going to be much better.

2010-11-25, 13:36
Just uploaded some new videos, this time I used Camtasia to record and edit and uploaded in 720 HD. Videos are much more clear and easier to hear.

2010-11-25, 17:46
You newest videos look great! The only thing I'd add to the OP is a bit about what TPaint does and how to set it up (in your map's folder, for example).

But yeah, great job!

Edit: Or add a link to the BF2 Paint text tutorial: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f189-modding-tutorials/58863-tool-bf2-tpaint.html

2010-11-28, 01:01
great tutorial man

2010-11-28, 02:38
Thanks a bunch! The original TPaint tutorial was hard to understand, this explained it.

2011-01-22, 18:31
is it possible to edit the colourbig file and have that be loaded into your map? Or am I just being stupid :P

2011-01-22, 18:34

2011-01-22, 18:39
and I found that about a minute after I posted. Thanks anyways Rhino

2011-01-22, 21:12
Great tut Vapo it is easy and fast to follow.