View Full Version : Thermal imaging for helicopter transport?

2010-11-16, 21:48
i was kinda disappointed when i discovered that the blackhawk didn't have thermal imaging. i'd really like for all logistics/transport/non armed helicopters to have thermal imaging.

would there be any negative side effect of that? like using the helicopters for scouting etc?

Ghost Wolfe
2010-11-16, 22:06
But isn't that what blackhawks are also used for, scouting? I know that they fly para drops, rescue missions, and other things, but i would imagine that they can fly recon too.

2010-11-16, 22:08
I believe that the Blackhawk in PR is most likely a utility version and is therefore not outfitted with FLIR technology.

I'm thinking that only special purpose variants have the FLIR, and that would most likely be for 'specialized' missions, such as CAS, Recon, and/or other such specific missions. Transport is very broad.

EDIT: Ghost Wolf, the UH-60 has many variants. Not all BlackHawks are the same because that would limit it in many areas. The military only adds features to a select number of vehicles for select purposes. If a group is simply going from point A to B, they'll do it with a simple model that works. If they're flying SOG, they'll outfit it with what the SOG needs, nothing else.